Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Where is the magic hiding

I know I've not written a post like forever!! fair enough but I am back and asking questions.....though I am not sure there is an answer, but where has the magic gone?? or rather where has the belief gone?

 Do you still catch falling leaves and make wishes...if not why not?
We all light candles, when you light them, do you still remember this is a magical act of homemaking of welcome and of remembrance........
Are you truly grateful for all the magical things that happen, the wonderful find in a charity shop..the car that just misses you when your distracted, the way the sun shines through the rain, say thank you, and really mean it, truly mean it and more magic will come.

Try visualisation try imagining things how you want them to be, if it helps make a mood board, stick your favourite pictures to it , look at it every day imagine those things into your life... they will come try it and see.

Hugs Lynn xxx

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