Sunday, 22 May 2016

Who are we ?


 I went to the wonderful Selvedge Fair yesterday, yes it was amazing and yes I had a lovely time......the best thing though was the beautiful and creative clothes that people wear. I make no judgement only observations.

                                                         From the Sartorialist

Without always realising we are so defined by our style...this does not come down to quality or cost, size or gender  but who we are, the hidden bits, no matter what, it bubbles to the surface with our choice of garment, the colours we wear  hairstyle, jewellery, or even the lack of it. Our loves stand out......the creative, the artist, the mum, and so many more.

 More so than any other creature we have a choice, all be it we are still bound by who we are and have the confines of what we feel comfortable in. So my question is ' do we have a choice!!!'


Yes we do and its ours. Its is our creation it is who we are, and its beautiful. xxxxxx


Susan McShannon-Monteith said...

My goodness how are you?
I'm a blue jeans gal, I wear them for every occasion. (with a few exceptions of course ... not to bed or in the humid heat of Summer)
When I die I want to be buried in a pair so I'll be ready for whatever comes in the great beyond!
Take care, Susan xx

Mrs Bertimus said...

Clothing has always fascinated me.
I have just spent the afternoon mending and altering a beautiful old French smock, and I think putting love into your clothes is the most stylish thing you can do xxx

Debbie said...

Totally agree we certainly have a choice about what we wear and how we put it together, even if we can only afford the charity shop, love the first outfit. I have worn long skirts since about the age of eighteen when maxi skirts were the rage, I get teased sometimes about maybe not actually having any legs but I see they are in fashion again now.

Madelief said...

A beautiful post. I couldn't agree with you more! What a beautiful skirt the girl is wearing in the 2nd photo. It's unique. Have a good week.

Madelief x

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

I can wear any of these fashions, depending on my mood. I particularly love that photo of the dark-haired woman with the glasses: a classic, chic simple black top and a dramatic, puffy floral skirt. The rest are such comfortable and classic outfits and I LOVE IT! I've missed your glorious posts! Anita