Saturday, 28 March 2015

Satisfaction for the soul..............

I really recommend this lovely magazine....quote
Within are tales of warriors, vagabonds and battle-ready clans; of artisans gourmands and monsters from the deep.............
This magazine gives me the same satisfaction as making bread or watching seagulls soar across a deserted beach, or looking at hand sew stitches across a piece of linen, this magazine is good for the soul.
You can buy the mag here

Our kitchen looking more springlike, I found some lovely fresh garlic on Islington Market... and I have been painting some buttons for my Etsy shop. Easter soon xxx

Sunday, 1 March 2015

Textile much more than that .......... last..........

I want to say today was amazing,  not because of the Textile Fair, not because of the wonderful fabulous finds. But because of the special ladies that introduced themselves to me. Lovely ladies that I have only known across my glass pages, you made my day so much more than a visit to a textile fair, you made my day special , full of warmth and smiles, you made it rich with your presence and I was thrilled to meet you, so thrilled.
Thank you so much for saying hello xxx
Lynn xxx