Friday, 30 October 2015

Long shadows on the edgelands

I live on those edgelands, passing from brick to wood from drains to rivers.
I wonder if the wind recognises the empty spaces where the leaves fell yesterday, or if the rain prefers to fall softly onto a field or a hard stone pavement that could be a sheet of granite... where do I search for the faces of my Gods... in the misty forest at twilight... or a solstice gathering at home.
Country or town our houses are no more than sophisticated and heated caves, our skyscrapers no more than soaring cliffs to birds.
Beauty is everywhere

Have a lovely week-end
Lynn xxx

Friday, 16 October 2015

For Beverley xxxx

The shorter days of Autumn have been wistful and gentle in the North West
lulled in on cool breezes and warm lazy sunshine, I've even car booted later in the year than usual. 

I have repainted the kitchen in darker colours


                              Done some more painting this is a painting of an old button card

Developed some new bags

Spent time with the Goddess trail running, and herb gathering
such joy.

I'm sorry I don't post much any-more, I have no excuse, except I probably spend far to much time outside, kicking up leaves.. or trying to catch them as they fall. Looking for mushrooms and berries and getting dirty..but I just wanted to say hello and give a wave and thank you so much for dropping by.
Blessed Be
Lynn xx