Monday, 26 May 2014

Influences of Edith

Now I have started painting I can't stop.. I have fallen in love with the American artists this time and really wanted to paint a more vintage style girl.. so here she is xxxxx

Thursday, 22 May 2014


I am really pleased with her, I wanted to capture that lovely colourful Bloomsbury era  just around 1918 ish
Have a lovely Bank Holiday  xx thank you so much for all of your lovely comments, and obsessions ha ha  xx
Hugs Lynn xxx

Tuesday, 20 May 2014


    Starting to paint a new face today I like her already, she is peaceful and gentle, I have to be careful not to become to obsessed when I am painting or I forget to eat, drink, and cook tea..this does not make me popular at home with a hungry husband .... 
I was playing about drawing and painting buttons the other day,those to the right of my painting the laundry ones, I adore the mix of fabric and metal I am pretty obsessed with them too...(oh dear)
At the weekend we went to a fabulous salvage and home-ware  Fair at Ripley there were lots of gorgeous stalls selling wonderful French fabrics, pictures,another obsession..

do you have any obsessions or is it just me ?

Thursday, 15 May 2014

The Bird Table

Here I am painting again in Acrylics this is a close up shot of my latest canvas .... these lovely light nights provide me with lots of space and time to paint 
 this is quite a large canvass, I have called it the 'Bird Table' its nearly finished just a bit more work, I used a lovely old patch worked vintage cloth over a table for my still life background.  xx
Have a a lovely weekend xxxxx
I just thought I would add this to my picture......

' Thanks for commenting Susan, I love birds and find dead ones even more fascinating....I feel it is because its the only time I truly see them still and not busy with their amazing lives, I also feel we don't see the eggs like we used too..when I was a little girl we would hunt them out in the Spring, not to steal but just to look at.. to visit their beauty and stillness and be amazed at the nest... now of course this is frowned upon and I understand you see for me I wanted to show and honour in my picture the hidden, the secret, and the things we don't always see...'
Hugs Lynn xxx

Hugs Lynn xxxx

Saturday, 10 May 2014

Summer dresses.....

Guess what I have been doing....yes! I have been slaving over a hot sewing machine creating bags and summer dresses from scratch from  my stash of vintage linen fabrics and lacy treasures, I have been cutting out dress pieces all week printing some by hand and then hand dyeing others to get the right effect. Some fabrics are more difficult to cut and handle especially the silk ones. Then assembling them and fitting them its been like an atelier in our home. After I have finished making them up I wash them and leave them to dry in the sunshine I like the vintage crumpled effect ha ha . I like to use paper patterns by Merchant and Mills and Tina Givens  and  play with their divine designs  I hope you like the results, I do  xxxx