Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Pretty finds for Tuesday xx

Some faded curtains

rather pretty pyrex

a lovely Gypsy Girl (sorry she is sold and has a new home xx}

Isn't funny how we find and even buy things in colour story's, within minutes  I had bought the pyrex dishes in mustard and turquoise just after buying this 1950's Gypsy Girl Picture, I love her but will probably sell her in my Etsy shop, I quite fancy selling the occasional pretty vintage item I come across. 
I shan't be selling my lovely vintage faded curtains though not yet anyway xxx.

Hope you are having a few sunny days they make such a difference don't they

Hugs Lynn xxx 


Merlesworld said...

Lovely picture.

Janine Marques said...

My dear friend
Lovely decotation :)

thriftwood said...

Lovely finds indeed! xxx

flowers on my table said...

Lovely Lynn! It is funny how we get into a certain colour or set of colours mode, isn't it. Your curtains are very pretty, and I like the idea of you selling some vintage items in your Etsy shop too...why not?
Thank you for your kind comments. I am very much looking forward to a little r&r it's true. Have a wonderful week, hope the sun shines on you.
All my love, Linda xx

Shell said...

I love the Gypsy Girl painting. If you do sell that on your etsy shop, I love to have that.

Jayne said...

Such lovely finds Lynn, and how strange to find the same colour palette!

Vicki Boster said...

Lynn- the curtains are SO pretty- love the delicate print.

The gypsy girl is gorgeous- someone will want to take her home for sure! I love her yellow dress:)


Anne Jeffries said...

What a beauty. Happy she is out of the thrift shop and in a very appreciative home