Wednesday, 23 July 2014

All whites...........

 Inspired by my vintage French wallpapers in shades, of chalky whites and greys with metallic touches I have begun work on a new range of Winter Items in these romantic me to start on Winter as this heatwave is washing over us....ha ha

This is one of my new cushions in milky whites and greys, vintage hemp and printed poetry stuffed and soft perfect for Winter and candlelight evenings

Talking about candles I have been really fortunate to buy some really lovely things this week ( back being MUCH better and wanted to share,
One is my new French walnut table totally in a dilapidated state, but needed a good home, and a very very shabby pair of Toile ware candle holders, all flaky paint and just what I like. I have popped the table next to our  bed, I haven't a clue  where I shall put the candle holders... 

                                                           Happy sunshine days
                                                              Hugs Lynn xx


Seawashed Kerrie said...

Your pillows have been a favorite of mine ever since I first saw one on your blog about 4 yrs ago? I like the quotes that you use them and your bags.

You found amazing treasures. Your bed is a dream!!!!! I can't believe you have never shown it before. The walnut table is perfect beside it. So happy to hear your back is getting better.

Have you made it to the seaside yet? The salt air seems to heal just about everything :)

helle said...

Love your linen!


tam said...

In love with that table!!! Very nice x

The Cloth Shed said...

Fabulous Lynn... As always!
Glad to hear your back is getting better too.
Keep creating, I am ready to pounce when another of your brilliant cushions comes up for sale. The last two I got from you are beautifully made.
Hope you are enjoying this lovely warm weather xx
Julie x

sarah said...

So lovely.

Lin from A {tiny} Cottage In The Woods said...

Your work is so very beautiful, Lynn. I love that I can click on the images for a closer look. Just gorgeous.

Pilgrim at Kerjacob said...

Hello Lynn.
Didn't realise you'd sent me a post - I've sent you an email.
Love the new things you've been making.

Hope to see you very soon.


Jade said...

Oh Lynn, I looooooooove that cushions - so beautiful, what a peaceful place! Have a wonderful weekend,

hugs Jade

Jayne said...

ooh I love that cushion Lynn, gorgeous colours. Your bedroom looks so calming and restful, the table looks perfect next to your bed x

Jayne said...

ooh I love that cushion Lynn, gorgeous colours. Your bedroom looks so calming and restful, the table looks perfect next to your bed x

Vicki Boster said...

Oh Lynn-- the pillows are simply beautiful-- you do amazing things with white tones. Your bedroom looks so lovely-- a sanctuary of loveliness-- my bedroom looks like a bomb exploded in it!!

Love, love

Burlap Luxe said...

Returning for another visit, it's so inspiring to see the aged pieces of beauty adding soul to the home in where you create.

Love every inch of it, in fact every piece in your post would look great mix in my homes design. Love your bed would love to see more of where sleeping beauty sleeps :)

Beautiful weekend to you.

Chatelaine said...

Your pillows look so peaceful. Perfect for sweet slumber or just relaxing.

Nice find on the French table. It fits your room perfectly.

flowers on my table said...

Hello Lynn, your new creation is ethereal and just so soft and lovely. I love your purchases and your bed is gorgeous.
Thanks for your visit and very sweet comments. You are so right about the desk colour being slightly autumn. I painted the walls of my shop lavender, as I wanted to ring the changes, not go completely autumnal but late summery!
I shall take your advice about the cake stall, sounds good to me.
Have a great week Lynn. So glad you are beginning to feel a little better. Much love to you, Linda xx

Seawashed said...

Lynn your new blog banner is beautiful in its grey hues. So so lovely my friend. xx

Anne Jeffries said...

Good morning, Lynn. As you may notice, I've been doing some catching up here. It's been a while. Love the interesting shape and flow of the candle holders.