Thursday, 15 May 2014

The Bird Table

Here I am painting again in Acrylics this is a close up shot of my latest canvas .... these lovely light nights provide me with lots of space and time to paint 
 this is quite a large canvass, I have called it the 'Bird Table' its nearly finished just a bit more work, I used a lovely old patch worked vintage cloth over a table for my still life background.  xx
Have a a lovely weekend xxxxx
I just thought I would add this to my picture......

' Thanks for commenting Susan, I love birds and find dead ones even more fascinating....I feel it is because its the only time I truly see them still and not busy with their amazing lives, I also feel we don't see the eggs like we used too..when I was a little girl we would hunt them out in the Spring, not to steal but just to look at.. to visit their beauty and stillness and be amazed at the nest... now of course this is frowned upon and I understand you see for me I wanted to show and honour in my picture the hidden, the secret, and the things we don't always see...'
Hugs Lynn xxx

Hugs Lynn xxxx


Jess said...

It's gorgeous Lynn. x

Kay said...

love it lynn...xx

Jayne said...

I do love your paintings Lynn. I love the subtlety of the colours you have used. A perfect title too! You are such a talented lady x

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Just gorgeous Lynn and the colours are perfect ….. is there anything arty that you DON'T do ?!!!!! You are so good at everything ….. I always love eveything that you show us. XXXX

Seawashed Kerrie said...

I always love your art. I would like this painting even if it was just the table with all those white details of the table cloth... It would be beautiful in any room!

Susan McShannon-Monteith said...

I love the texture you have captured in the lace fabric that covers the table.
The wee bird surrounded by the flowers is being honoured I assume even though it has passed.
Enjoy the weekend Lynn
Susan x

Lin from A {tiny} Cottage In The Woods said...

Gorgeous, Lynn. I had to click on the image and study it a little closer. You've captured the soft light and textures so beautifully.

I hunt for nests in the spring, because I love seeing/photographing them so very much.

Your painting is inspiring!

Hugs from across the pond,

Gail said...

such a pretty picture Lynn and how strange that you should mention finding birds nests and my sister were just saying how we used to roam in the local fields and hedgerows when we were kids and often found little nests which we would love to quietly peep into ...there was such a lot of wildlife around then hedgehog nests, field mice etc ...happy days ! enjoy your weekend..Gail x

wanda miller said...

ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS and soft and "textury"...this is so beautiful Lynn. xo

Vicki Boster said...

Ohhhhh I love it!! Love the bird-- the nest-- the magnificent tablecloth-- you have truly created something beautiful:)


Ps---- I wish I could paint!