Sunday, 17 November 2013

Finding contentment in a simple life............

Low on kindling and a cold front coming in, I  headed  out with my large sturdy bag. The air this morning was very quiet and cool and the colours intense, it didn't take long to collect and bundle up the twigs, better than parting with my hard earned penny's and looks so much prettier than shop bought sticklets in the zinc buckets next to the wood burner. I think they will be used quickly next week...brrrrr

I am so happily and cosy sewing, making my gifts as the days grow shorter. I can find so much peace and contentment in simple home crafts.

 This is a lovely old piece of linen that I have embroidered my winter girls onto, then I bead them and appliqué the net and sequins,  I sit next to the window and watch the leaves fall while listening to old radio recordings from Sunday Irish Miscellany...beautiful.

 I have been trying to make our Christmases more wholesome, trying to make more and buy less from commercial sources, yes its hard, a lot of work, and the marshmallows I made this morning are a tad unusual ha ha ...but oh the satisfaction to make and to give is amazing. I am working 4 days so it is not always easy to fit it all in, though as you can see I can still achieve a good deal.

I want some new plates for Winter so I am transferring images onto some odd and old china that I have here and there, I have lots of ideas of images for this so I will show you more when I have made them. xx 
I don't think they will be perfect but I don't think that matters at all.

I hope you are enjoying this time as much as I am
Hugs Lynn xxx


Noelle the dreamer said...

Christmases are much better when there is not so much commercialization, very true!
Love the stag plate!
Enjoy the Season and blessings to you and yours,

manon 21 said...

Hello Lynn,

J'imagine avec bonheur tes journées à coudre et à broder devant ta fenêtre ,
j'aime ton travail comme toujours.

belle soirée
ton amie française

Liz said...

Lovely post. Your winter girls are beautiful.
Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

Jayne said...

Oh your winter girls made my heart beat faster, they are so, so beautiful, love the detailing. There is something very special about your work Lynn, and your blog, I really look forward to your posts. I agree, giving and receiving something handmade is so special. Christmas has become far too commercial. Jx

lemonade kitty said...

Aw you make everything look so lovely... Batten down the hatches and light that homely stove and sit and sew....bliss. xxx PS Handmade goodies are so the best!! x

sarah said...

Lol ... I opened your weblog in a new tab while continuing to browse my feedly, and just about had a heart attack when your music suddenly started playing!

Lovely craft work :-)

Kay said...

def think the simple life is better....makes you think of what you spend and makes you more creative in all areas!!

Annie said...

Your plate is spectacular, Lynn.

Kate said...

You are making such beauty, and today I particularly enjoyed sprinkling the sparkles from the mouse key all over your pretty pictures. x

Tammie Lee said...

ahhh, our sticks are covered in snow, nice that you can still find dry ones. Stay warm.

your house looks lovely
as does your stitching.

i have made two batches of marshmallows, using some marshmallow root in the recipe, yum!

sweet storm to you.

Madelief said...

You have been so busy Lynn. That plate looks beautiful! Love the deer....The pillows are very pretty as well! I can imagine you being happy, sitting on the couch with your needlework, seeing the beauty of what you create.

I am so very pleased that I may join you in your colour collaborative. Don't know what to post yet, but I hope I will get some inspiration before next week :-)

Have a great week!

Madelief x

The Cloth Shed said...

Beautiful as always Lynn..... It is a pleasure to read your blog posts. So calm and inspiring....
Julie x

Pilgrim at Kerjacob said...

Hello Lynn
Just love all you are making.
I'm about to start making Christmas cards.
I'm getting better everyday - sometimes though I seem to be so tired.
I'm looking forward to getting the fairy out you sent me - I LOVE her.
Did you put any of the moths by for me ?

Love and warm hugs.

Gail said...

what a perfect way to spend a Sunday Lynn ! I agree Christmas is so much more enjoyable when it's less commercial your linen ladies and the plate is great (I think that rhymes !!) have a nice week...Gail x

Maria said...

Oh Lynn, I LOVE coming to visit you here....Your blog is every thing as it should be for the forth coming season...Beautiful!!! hugs and twinkly kisses *** Maria x

tam said...

Awwwww I love love love this sequinned girls and the plate is awesome!

the woolly dog said...

Your girls are absolutely beautiful, so delicate and fragile.

flowers on my table said...

Hello Lynn, I love your post and the sentiments behind it. You are a special human being. The plate is amazing, I love, love love it!
Your winter ladies are just so delicate and lovely, and I see some interesting mushrooms above the fireplace. It all looks fab!
Many thanks for your kind words. Keep warm and cosy, love Linda xx

BusyLizzie said...

It is a long time since I visited your lovely blog..but soooo delightful and beautiful as always. Lizzie

Jema Rose - The Bohemian Girl said...

I love that plate!

Hugs & Blessings from Jenny

Jess said...

Your home looks beautiful! I love your embroidery too. I feel the same about christmas this year. It's difficult when my children are asking for specific things though but when it comes to the adults, that's another matter. ;)
Jess xx

Lucinda Saunders said...

Love the fairies on the fabric, so pretty and gorgeous! you know i am a fan of beads and lace!
Sesmae and Lilly

Julie Whitmore Pottery said...

The plates are just gorgeous, perfect for this time of year!