Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Home made marshmallows.....and Gentlemen rabbits

Sorry I have not been visiting just lately, I haven't had a minute to spare, I suppose you are all in the same boat, I hope this small post brings us up to date xxx

 You must try Home made vanilla marshmallows with twinkly glitter, I have been up to my eyes in boiling sugar and egg whites, I have been cutting a tray this morning and dusting them with cooking glitter..... can you just see it in the picture it is so pretty.
I have been making lots for gifts as I wanted to try them out on some friends first xx

What are the rabbits doing with the marshmallows though ?.........

I love the natural themes this year soooo much I have put the sweets in tree bags and I have made card Gentlemen rabbits with real vintage collars to sit on top of them... my Woodland Winter theme....

This is the lovely sparkly sweets in the bags.

When I was out running last night, I nearly fell over this amazing branch, 
 it is full of beautiful moss and lichens, so it inspired me to take it home and use in my Woodland theme, I shall cover it in tiny lights put it in a zink tub and use it as a Christmas tree....

I was so excited yesterday about making and creating I could hardy sleep,all my plans and ideas going round my head I was so tired this morning ha ha serves me right !  But  it is First Advent on Sunday and I am allowed to play some carols then (I drive everyone mad with them if I start to early)
how fabulous is that xxxx

Hope you are loving the cold frost mornings and having lots of joy planing for the holidays..
this home made Christmas is fun but hard work. xxx
Love Lynn xx


lemonade kitty said...

Only you could make a cellophane bag
look that pretty, wish I was on your Christmas present list!! lol, xx

Keith@Vintage Crab Jewelry said...

Your little gentlemen are incredibly endearing! Have a wonderful day!

Sandies' Patch said...

Ah! the snow is back on your blog!
Love your packaging, you are so talented and clever!
Is it easy to make marshmallow?
Don't think I have a recipe for it, will you share please? pretty please?

Sandies' Patch said...

Love the snow back on your blog.
You are so clever and talented!
Was it easy to make the marshmallow?
I don't think I've got a recipe for it, would you share please? Pretty please?!
Can you get the edible glitter from a regular supermarket too?

Sandie xxx

Jayne said...

Absolutely gorgeous gentlemen rabbits such an original idea Lynn, I wouldn't want to open the packaging, I would just look at it! I must admit I do not look forward to winter but today the sun has been shining and the sky was full of cotton wool balls, just amazing. Mr T has just brought me a giant contorted willow branch so I am going to use that as a Christmas tree this year too. I have to get all of the leaves off first. Jayne x

Thea said...

I love the idea of making sweets and presents for friends and have made some magical little gifts..I will have to try and make some marshmallow too
Happy Week
Thea xx

Kay said...

So much a fan of lichen covered twigs and branches....always hauling and gathering something home!! xx

Maria said...

Lovely gentlemen rabbits and gift bags. So inspiring! I just love the song playing as well. Who might that be?

Maria said...

Lovely gentlemen rabbits and gift bags. So inspiring! Love the song playing s well. Who might that be?

Dan said...

Oh Lynn,
Love everything you do. Your site is amazing to come to-a treasured moment in my day. Love the Mr. RABBIT idea. Any chance the printable is available? I am a rabbit freak as they say. Have a wonderful day and season.
Laurie Hodson

Dan said...

Oh Lynn,
I love coming to your site and look forward to a treasured moment in my day when visiting. Love the Mr. Rabbit and am wondering if the image is available? I am so fond of rabbits and this is so precious. Thanks again for sharing and have a wonderful Christmas Season.
Laurie Hodson

A Mermaid's Tale said...

You package everything soooo beautifully Lynn, and yes, you're right, making gifts for Christmas is very time-consuming, but ever so much more meaningful. Like you I love to use a twiggy branch for my tree. What a great find! I look forward to seeing how you decorate it x

The Cloth Shed said...

I love your posts Lynn... They never cease to amaze me with your creative talent. The gentlemen are so dapper with their high collars...
Enjoy your build up to Christmas and fill your house with music!
Julie x

Pilgrim at Kerjacob said...

Adorable Lynn - LOVE the rabbits - I haven't seen any around here wearing collars but then again they're country cousins !

I'm wishing I could arrive like magic to see your house all dressed up for Christmas.

I will however be over in the Spring so we can meet then.
I'm making my Christmas cards at the moment.

Love and hugs.


Rosemary said...

...the most treasured gifts are those from the heart! Your debonair gentlemen rabbit bags are delightfully inspiring! ~ and glittered marshmallows are divine:)
happiest holiday festivities dear one...
xo, Rosemary

Madelief said...

Hi Lynn,

Thank you so much for popping over to my blog while you are so busy! Those hares look beautiful!! You always find the prettiest images.

Love your branch too. I took some branches with me from the cemetery and the garden and sprayed them with fake snow. I have to find two more though. The vase still looks a bit empty :-)

Missed your post today in the colour collaborative!

Hope you will find some time as well to relax. Take care!

Madelief xoxox

Dan said...

Hi Lynn,
This is such a great idea. I've tried marshmallows before and they are so much better than store bought. Love Mr. Gentlemen rabbits.
Any chance that the pattern is available for the heads? I am a rabbit fanatic. Have a wonderful Christmas Season.
Laurie Hodson"
The google account is my husbands' and I can't get any of the other ones to work for me.

Streetcomber said...

Very beautiful. Your house always looks so calm.

flowers on my table said...

O.M.G Lynne, the rabbit bags are just fabulous, and I can just imagine the smell of the marshmallows when you open the bag, and trust you to add glitter!
Christmas does make one go into hyperdrive doesn't it, but it is wonderful. I am like you with the Christmas music too. Enjoy it all my creative friend, love Linda x

Janine Marques said...

Good morning my dear friend :) i love your post, the photo´s are very beautiful :)I love to visit your blog :)
Wish you a peaceful day
Love and hugs
Nina ***

Hannapat said...

Oh my these are amazing Lynn. Only you can make a bag look this amazing. I'm trying to find your etsy shops but seeing I'm doing it from my phone I can't see the link on your blog. What is if called?? Sentient warm wishes xoxo

Veronica Roth said...

Hi Lynn, those are beautiful gifts and I love the rabbits as decorations. :) Looking forward to being in England in a week! Hope the weather is lovely for us over Christmas.

Hannapat said...

Hi Lynn
Sorry to pester you. I have found your shop, but notice it is closed. Do you still have any angels left that you would mind posting, if not I completely understand. thought I would try. Sending much love xoxo

The French Bear said...

Beautiful!!! Do you ship to Canada? I'll wait!!! It warms my heart to see your wonderful creations!

Gail said...

these are adorable Lynn! such a lovely idea for a present ...I would never think to make marshmallow...
have a nice 2 Advent weekend...Gail x

Lobster and swan said...

I always mean to make homemade marshmallows, but never have even though they are my favourite sweets, yours look so lovely in their bags!

les fifoles said...

Oh Lynn! Your comment makes me feel so happy! It's like meeting family after a long time. Thank you!

Your beautiful home seems ready to very Happy Holidays!

Hugs. Anne

les fifoles said...

Oh Lynn! Your comment makes me feel so happy! It's like meeting family after a long time. Thank you!

Your beautiful home seems ready to very Happy Holidays!

Hugs. Anne

kerrie of sea cottage said...

A merry christmas to you too. It is about the simple joys, breathing in life, good will and peace on earth xxo

Anne Jeffries said...

I'm a bit late to the party but arrived to find exactly one marshmallow left to enjoy. It was just enough.

Funny how making the simplest of things is often not considered. Making ones own saltine crackers or graham crackers comes to mind as well.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas with your gentlemen rabbits.

ullam said...

Everything you touch is magical!
Blessings sweet Lynn!

mana said...

Amazing work!