Sunday, 15 September 2013

The Goddess turns, she blows a kiss and the shadows fall..............


 I find myself stopping to watch the Geese fly south, I look to the sky and the swallows have flow, the nights draw close and the land smells earthy and rich.
I love the hips in the trees and my heart skips a beat to see the colours changing.
The time has come for the equinox  about a week away.
The land is resting its bones
the time has come for change
I can feel it in my blood.

             Now is the time of balance, when day and night face each other as equals.
            At this season the night is waxing and the day is waning;
            For nothing ever remains without change, in the tides of Earth and Sky.
            Know and remember, that whatsoever rises must also set,
            And whatsoever sets must also rise.

            The God has descended into the land
            And now He makes His journey to the Underworld.
            Days grow dim, nights grow long, but we who are wise do not weep,
            For behold He has left behind His seed and His promise of return.
            Blessed be the Great Mother, Blessed be the Harvest God.

                           Blessed Be
                           Lynn xx


manon 21 said...

C'est beau Lynn de te lire.
Merci pour ces mots.



The Fairy Glade said...

What a beautiful post. I watched the moon weave her way across the sky for a while last night. Everyone else was asleep and I just had the owl for company. Dev x

Kay said...

Oh Lynn you sent shivers down my spine with this post.....I spent part of the morning harvesting vegetables from the garden....feel the change coming.....and so grateful for the bounty laid at our feet....xx

Hannapat said...

What a very moving post with the most wonderful images. Thanks for sharing this with us. Hope you have a wonderful week Lynn and may the changes in season bring you joy from within xoxo

Madelief said...

Oh Lynn, is this yours? It's absolutely beautiful, like poetry!!!!!

You described the changes in nature so well. It feels like standing right beside you. Experiencing it with you.

Happy week!

Madelief xox

Jayne said...

A beautiful moving post, thank you so much. I do miss summer, swaithed in linen, bare feet paddling in the sea but autumn also brings so many things to look forward to. I love to kick my boots through the leaves and pick up some lovely ones to take home, going blackberry picking and making a crumble with them when I get home. Jayne x

The Cloth Shed said...

Beautiful Lynn... Your words are so ethereal and calming as we move into a new season.
Blessed Be
Julie x

Thea said...

Beautiful words, change is on her way, but we shall not weep
Thea xx

Lesley Austin said...

Gorgeous, Lynn, and somehow...comforting. A storm is brewing here, the cicadas have gone quiet tho' I can hear the crickets. I shall think of you when I watch the flocks of geese flying high overhead. xo

Marilee said...

I live in Eugene, Oregon, one of the places where Canadian geese winter over, and they have been arriving for the past few weeks. Part of their flight path, from several of the various protected wetlands that they love, is over our house. They are noisy but I love it.

Shell said...

A beautiful post.

Chatelaine said...

Sweet Autumn, I love it! My favorite season.

Your post is so beautifully written as are the images. Thanks for sharing.

Gail said...

Oh what a lovely post Lynn ! must be that lovely dreamy time of year ...have a nice weekend ..Gail x

flowers on my table said...

Beautiful words Lynn, so fitting for the changing seasons. You are clever!
So glad I put you in the Christmas mood,I must be feeling it myself!
Wishing you a wonderful weekend, love Linda x