Monday, 22 April 2013

I will wear a dress!

I have started on my Spring/summer wardrobe so for a few days I am making some poplin dresses.
I love the vintage styles but I am a 12 to 14 and they are hard to find.  I also like to make the skirts less full and arrange the gathers where they flatter the most and cover the tummy ha ha  so making my own is ideal.

I also bought  a second hand roll neck cashmere jumper that I though I could upcycle into a pretty cardigan with lace pockets maybe to go with my dress, the colour is a good match and will go nice with my fabrics...what do you think?
Do you make your own clothes or up-cycle them.
I just need a tea party to go to when they are made xxx
Have a lovely week
Hugs Lynn xxxx


Jema Rose said...

This will look so pretty!

I am not good at sewing,
I really wish I was...

Happy Earth Day & have a lovely new week!

Hugs, Jenny

manon21 said...

C'est charmant ,moi qui ai travaillé dans la mode je ne sais même pas monter une robe...

Un peu de soleil de Provence pour toi.


Get Crafty said...

This fabric looks beautiful and we love the colour of the jumper-soon-to-be-cardi!

Kay said...

Hi Lynn,

The dress looks great, and the cashmere a brilliant know I used to make a lot of mine and the girls clothes but hardly ever do now, although I have been watching the great british sewing bee and have almost been inspired to give it a go again....i bet you will look fab!!
xx Kay

Jess said...

I had a bad experience knitting for myself last year, it put me off a bit! I used to make all my own clothes, so lovely to have a unique piece that you can't find in the shops. :)You're going to look gorgeous in your new things!xx

Fundy Blue said...

Hi Lynn! Your fabric and denim go together very well. Your pictures brought back so many memories of when I used to sew. Now that I've recently retired, I hope to get back into it again. Thanks for the great post!

Fundy Blue said...

Oops! I saw denim, and it's cashmere! Either way the fabrics are complimentary!

Noelle the dreamer said...

Love the colour choice and I would definitively wear this if only Spring was a tad warmer (maybe with wellies since it is de rigueur here).
I was looking at the embroidery (machine and hand) featured in your sidebar...Beautiful!
Thanks for sharing,

Madelief said...

Hi Lynn,

You chose such pretty fabric for your vintage style dress! I used to make lots of clothes for my daughters and myself, but nowadays I cannot find the time for it. I do sew, but mostly aprons, curtains and bedlinen made of vintage fabric. They are easy to make and it doesn't take long.

Looking forward to see the result of your creativity. Hope you will show us!

Madelief x

Thea said...

Hello Lynn
I love the fabric you have chosen, I plan to make myself a dress or two this year, I am always messing with my charity finds to make them me (I just love being a little bit different)
Happy Sewing
Thea x

Josie crafter said...

Lovely Lynn
You can come to a tea party at mine in your pretty frock ;-)
Such lovely fabric! I'm like you, size 12 to 14, and I tend to use 1970s patterns. Seems the 70s style flatters my wobbly bits! I must get sewing and make some new outfits. Though I don't find it easy tracking down the right fabrics, do you?
Much love and hugs

Maria said...

~ We need some sunny days, so you can wear these lovely dresses, Lynn! I am a bit of every thing really...Make~ and up cycle and really seem to keep dresses season after season, year after year....I do wonder if this is due to the poor summers... Or my age! haha....~ with kindest thoughts...Maria x

sarah said...

What lovely material. I used to make all my dd's dresses, but never for myself. These days I'm always complaining that I can't find clothes I like. Maybe I should be courageous and try making myself something.

I'd love to see how you change the jumper into a cardigan.

NanaDiana said...

Lynn- That is going to be a beautiful summer dress. I am going to make a couple of caftans for summer evenings. Great job so far there! xoDiana

flowers on my table said...

Hello Lynne, your dress and cardi are so fresh and pretty and go really well with your header.
I never seem to be happy with clothes that I make. I wish I could be, as there are so many gorgeous fabrics about. I do like to embellish and improve upon things though.
Have a happy day, love Linda x

Vicki Boster said...

Lynn- these fabrics are so YOU!! I love the flowered print- so perfect for spring---- and I love the idea of creating your own little cardigan. I'd love to take a peek into your closet--- I love your fashion sense-- your vintage style is perfection.

Happy spring sewing!!


Streetcomber said...

I would love to know how to turn a roll neck into a cardigan.
Your fabrics and colours are really lovely.

shirley said...

Desperate to see the finished items!!

Hannapat said...

Hi Lynn, I love the fabric you chose, where did you get it from. It will make the most gorgeous dress. I love the style of these vintage dressed and I equally love wearing them. I can't believe you are upcycling the cashmere polo-neck into a cardi, I can't wait to see the end result, make sure to share as I am waiting with bated breath. Warm wishes on a not so warm day Hannapatxxx

Jayne said...

The dress looks lovely and I look forward to seeing the finished outfit! I have no sewing machine skills but wish I did, would be lovely to make an outfit and wear it, must be so satisfying. x

Thistle Cove Farm said...

You are SO clever to make your own dresses; well done!

The French Bear said...

Lynn, how lovely the jumper matches the dress perfect, your eye for color is exceptional! I just love the dress fabric, how pretty and sweet.
I received my parcel after I got back home and I was so happy when I opened it!!!!!! Thank you for all your hard work, oh my I love that bunny!!!! Did you know I love bees? I will have to post photos after I frame the bunny, he's way to delicate to put in a in love!!!
Thank you visiting my blog and asking after me, that is very thoughtful, which is you!!!
I must make sure to add your blog back to my favourites now that you are back to blogging, I have missed you so much!

lynn cockrell said...

This dress is on the way to becoming a real beauty. The fabric is wonderful. Yes, I am one of your readers who shares your love for sewing. I find I make more things for others, including my grand-children, than I do for myself. I plan to work on some short-sleeved tops for myself for this summer, in a longer length, to hide some things around the stomach and hips. Thanks for sharing all this with us!

Annie said...

I don't sew. Much. And certainly not a pretty dress. I love the fabric and the sweater will be the perfect touch. I hope we will be able to see your creations.

Gail said...

Hi the fabric..... I haven't sewn any clothes for ages ...maybe it's time to ! Think the cardigan will look fab ! Have a nice weekend ..Gail x

Half-heard in the Stillness said...

Hello again Lynn, it was lovely to hear from you, I hope your rest did the trick! You are SO good at sewing I think your things are exquisite. I used to sew quite a bit and always recycled vintage, my middle daughter caught the bug early and she's does loads now too. The material you chose looks fabulous, I think you will look charming!
Hugs to you,
Jane x