Thursday, 24 March 2011

A peep through the Jeanne d'Ark window Spring is on its way..............

You all know I love this magazine well the Spring time April issue is due out, I have put more pictures on my other blog for you to see more...........

and what I wouldn't give for a mirror like that..........
..........Just changing the subject did you know Spring has come early this year... and thats official
today whilst I was out running the blossom was falling like snow, and I was surrounded by a gorgeous almond perfume...Wild Plum and was warm and quite wonderful..
have you got blossoms yet...
Lynn xxxxx

Saturday, 19 March 2011

ooop's a little early but........ Sunday sale..................

'Running Hares'
Printed by me
15 inches long and stuffed with filling and Lavender,backed with vintage Fabric
£9.50 Each plus £2.00 postage UK email me for other areas
Two reserved
Many thanks xx
Thank you I have now sold out of all my Hares including 
next weeks stock thank you xxx

We are off to celebrate the Spring Equinox with our lovely friends
 Tonight our beautiful Lady Moon is the closest to the Earth in 18years..
leave out a glass of cold tap water tonight while you whisper your wishes to the moon
 and let the water soak up the moonshine,
 then drink down your moon dreams early in the morning.

Spring is singing at our doors
and we intend to welcome her in........with open arms
Love Lynn xxx 

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Girl Friends.............

A special day..........thanks to Anne, Vicki, Claire.......not only was the car boot the best for a long time, but sharing your laughter, seeing you all smile and giggle and planning our girls holiday break to France over morning coffee, I realized just how lucky I am to know all of you, and be a small part of your lives, and thank you for my cards and pressies xxxxx.....I really hope you see this post cos Claire you don't have a computer anymore (sad face) and Anne you've never got round to buying one!, so Vicki this is down to you  ha ha ....
Lots of Love for a fabulous time...see you soon
Love Lynn xxxxx 

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

The gorgeousness that is in the simple things.............

Apologies for loosing the links to these images if they are yours let me know and I will add them on

 Images can bring with them a peacefulness...
they may speak of times past and woven history's
  they stir feelings for family like the smell of a new baby,
home baking, and musty pages of  forgotten books of summer reading....

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Sunday Sale................Hand printed

'Anyone can Bake'

Hand Printed onto Oatmeal Linen..(the top two pictures are the true colour)
4 Different large mats 35cm x 40cm .
£38.00 including  postage to Europe
£40.00 including postage to USA
I can invoice you with Pay pal
or you can pay by Cheque 
Please email me at
sold awaiting payment
SOLD thank you xxx

A4 Document Wallet  24cm x 32cm

Hand Printed onto Coffee Creamy Vintage French hemp.
Fastens with a Black Chiffon Bow
£24.00 inc postage to Europe
£25.50 including postage to USA
Please email me at
I can invoice you via paypal
or you can send me a cheque.
Reserved for Carol

I am sorry for not being around this week but I have been a little poorly, still the sun is shining again so things are looking up.
  Thank you so much for dropping by... have a lovely week
Hugs Lynn xxxx

Monday, 7 March 2011

Visiting the Vintage Fashion fair..........................

Ha! I became my own exhibit today, on the way to the Fair Mr Sea-Angels said....I'll just take a picture of your scarf....and got carried away...ha ha.. we had a lovely day, bought some very pretty things that I will show  you later on in the week.
I love this VintageFair it is in Manchester at the Armitage centre, and is always near my birthday so its a kind of birthday outing sort know what I mean...
Hugs Lynn xxx
Hope you had a lovely weekend too...lots of sunshinexx

Sunday, 6 March 2011

Sunday Sale....Vintage Ballet Shoes

Gorgeous Peachy Vintage Ballet Shoes,
Leather bottoms, and wooden blocks
Size 5.5 
for the Dancers at Heart...
Please email me
they are 16.00 including postage to UK and Europe
I am happy to post to USA but it will be a little more.
Hugs Lynn xxx
On hold Awaiting Payment

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Vintage textiles ...wear them.. draw them... be inspired by them....


 Something nice for today....its dull and we all need some sunshine...
Hugs Lynn xxxxx