Sunday, 16 October 2011

Taking some time...

Now here is another picture of my new still room..I'm slow I know but I can't afford everything at once so please be patient with me whilst I wait for just the right second hand pieces to magically appear at the car boot.
I bought some gorgeous berry's and chilli peppers from the market this week and I have been boiling up vintage blankets and vintage cashmere jumpers to use in my sewing. Are you making anything for Christmas cooking or crafty crafts....drop by and let me know..
Hugs Lynn xxx 


Kärleken till inredning said...

Wonderful blog your have, very inspireing! I'll put myself as a follower...

/ Linda

RosesRadishesandRubbish said...

Thanks you for filling my days with such beauty and inspiration.:) xo

Primchick said...

looks like it's finally coming together..

Homemade and Happy said...

Ah, only Lynn could have a corner of a room as beautiful as this, methinks :-)
It makes me feel better just seeing your calm, soothing space.
Happy days to you Lynn,

Lesley Austin said...

Dear Lynn,
The word "stillroom" conjures up so many nice associations and images for me. In my perfect home, I would have one with a tiny stove and beams to hang my herbs from and lots of bottles and jars to hold what I create within its yours that sort of room or something else?

Perhaps just a room to be utterly peaceful in...wouldn't that be satisfying?

With Autumn good wishes,


Madelief said...

Hi Lynn,

Your room looks lovely. Because of the colours of the blanket and the little fir tree they have a Christmassy feeling. I like it. I am not thinking about what to make for Christmas yet....Still working on my granny squares blanket. It takes more time then I thought :-)!

Happy new week,

Madelief x

kerrie of sea cottage said...

Oh Lynn I am so happy you are back!!! Last week when I tried to visit your blog it said it was now private. But I tried again today and voila I am able to visit!!! I would have really missed your beauty. ox

Michelle said...

The impatience that surrounds having to wait for wonderful treasures to appear... is outweighed when you look back when it's all done... and remember how things came at the right time.. and where they 'happened' to come from. It's looking beautiful - your photos always have such a wonderful 'stillness' about them x
PS: I have talked my dear hubby into redecorating our higgledy piggledy living room.. and Rachel Ashwell is 'helping' me along with my ideas.. what a brilliant book that is!

sarah elwell said...

It looks so lovely, and indeed with such an atmosphere of stillness. Thank you for sharing these pictures with us, I am inspired.


Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Oh Lynn,
I love your still room just the way it is, although, I''m sure that you will make it even more beautiful. I can't wait to see what you are making for Christmas.
Have a great new week. XXXX

WolvesAtTheDoor said...

Hello Lynn, may I just say that your doorway had me dreaming of having my own place one day!!! What beautiful spaces with such beautiful energy in them. I think the best way of doing anything creative including decorating and adding love to your home is to do so slowly, every time I rush these things they lack quality! Also gorgeous poem, what a talented writer. I have a page on my blog called boots with wings - would love to know what you think!

sarah-jane down the lane said...

Hello Lynn,

It is looking gorgeous and serene, love the muted palette with splash of colour from the blankets and door decoration. I am planning to make some cards and looking forward to seeing you at Jessie's!

Sarah x

flowers on my table said...

Oooh Lynn, your front door picture looks so Christmassy. Your still room is so beautiful. You are getting me in the festive mood! I have made a garland from dried chillies, and a wreath from preserved oakleaves. I am trying to be a little prepared for my Christmas decorations, instead of leaving it to the last minute, and being stressed out, like I normally do. I would like to make some toadstools, perhaps out of papier mache, and some folk art figures. So, happy making! Love Linda x

CereusArt said...

love the fireplace!

Jill said...

Looking forward to seeing the finished room. I am painstakingly cross stitching the numbers 1 to 24 making some special advent calenders for the shop I supply in the Cotswolds! Have a lovely week

Noamaja said...

Pjuh, I thought you had disappeared, I couldn´t get in to your blog. This poetry, wisdom and beauty and I need it.

Thank you!

Zuzu said...

The most beautiful homes are put together lovingly one item at a time - yours is wonderful, Lynn!

We are still working outdoors building a shed and finishing up outdoor projects. I cannot wait to have time to spend indoors working on little holiday projects.

Wishing you a lovely one,

vicki said...

Lynn- I am already in love with your beautiful room. The soft colors are magnificent. I've no doubt you will find the perfect touches that you need to make your special room just right. I can hardly wait to see more--

Oh yes my friend- I'm in a Christmas crafting frenzy!

flowers on my table said...

Oh it's lovely to come back and visit your still room again. I wonder if that is going to be a jelly cupboard? Thank you so much for your comments on Halloween. Sadly we don't have a Homesense, but toadstools do seem to be quite popular at the moment, don't they? Much love to you, Linda x

flowers on my table said...

Oh forgot to say that 'Samhain' is surely not a Lancashire word is it? I never heard it before! Love Linda x

Pilgrim at Kerjacob said...

Hello Lynn, the new room is looking beautiful.
I was part way through making my Christmas cards and had all the fruit soaking in sherry when the cloud came!
I want to be home and making - I just love it and it seems at the moment I'll have my two hands to work with.
Thank you so much for your message.

Love Diane.

Mandy said...

I've just found your blog and I love it. Fabulous photos. Thanks for sharing.

A Certain Vintage said...

i can't believe this is your home, I was looking for the link to a fabulous interiors magazine. You have created such a calm beautiful space :)

helen tilston said...

I am enjoying your blog.
I am not ready for Christmas yet but thanks for the prompt. It is around the corner

I am your new follower

vicki said...

Hi friend-
Just checking in again-- anxiously waiting to see your beautiful new room!!

Crazy busy in my part of the world- remembering that I have you to thank for that!

Lovely fall days here- for you too I hope. We are headed to our beach house soon-- sigh---


september cottage said...

Hi Lynn!

Someone jsut sent me a link to your blog and ILOVE it :)!!! So so beautiful - so I shall be back!!!

I spent most of the afternoon trying to decide on colours for our 'project' - not easy.... when everything is a mess. When I opened you blog and your lovely calm pictures of your still room appeared....I was: That's it - that's the colour! I am looking for a dirty white that is not too blue or pink or beige....Could I possibly ask you what colour you used on your beautiful cupboard and the walls? Hope you don't mind me asking and TOTALLY understand if you'd like to keep this to yourself!

Kind regards


thank you for visiting me :)
yes, yuki means snow. she is a sweet cat who lives in a soft and silent world (like snow), as she is deaf. it means that she must stay indoors unless accompanied outside on walks.
your stillroom is very lovely, it has a beautiful atmosphere of gentle calm. the colours are so pretty! you have a good eye for them.
i so love the wintery months, your magical room is a wonderful homage to them.

warmest hugs x