Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Crafting and recording ........................

Christmas  Woodland  Keepers

Beaded Insect samples onto vintage silks

Embroidery Samples

Vintage style tea stained smocking and Kantha  samples

Stitch in wool felted in
Stitch  woven onto Felted samples

I have been busy working on my Christmas themes to put into my new Etsy shop 2 weeks to go......
This a peek at a woodland creature she  is part of my woodland theme, mosses and lichen and magical woodland  creatures.  My other theme is  based  around the Beautiful Maddona and more contemporary stitch...more to come...

I also thought you may like a peek at one of my rather large sample books, all the stitches I ever use I keep in here then when I need inspiration for a project vola! hopefully its in the book
Wishing you all well xxx


Purpletreebird said...

Looking lovely! I really like the spidery-web style stitches in the last picture :) Wishing you lots of success with your christmas shop!
Jess x

Mandy said...

It all looks very beautiful and yummy. I love love love Christmas. :)


Daisy xxx


goodness, this post is beautiful! your blog is utterly enchanting x

sarah-jane down the lane said...

Well this is very inspirational indeed - I am good at keeping my sketchbooks but hadn't thought of doing a needle-craft book! Why ever not? Love it Lynn!
So looking forward to seeing you on 12th Nov.

Sarah x

Suzanne said...

Love the smocking and the Kantha.
Really lovely.

Michelle said...

Lynn, I just adore your sample book.. particularly the beaded insects! You have the patience of a saint it seems. When I do 'beady' things, it gets me all hot and bothered!!!
Also.. I am about to start painting antlers - I don't know what it is about them but I love them and your antler girl is gorgeous.

Hugs, Michelle xxx

Gail said...

love your beaded beatle and it's great to see someones work book...haven't heard of kantha before will have to look that one up ! thanks for the inspiration...
Gail x

Annie said...

Hi Lynn, What a pleasure to see your sampler. It's like looking a a small history book.

I'm going to check out Etsy and, as always, I will most enjoy the Madonna images.


Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Dear Lynn,
Such beautiful and delicate work.....you have such a talent and such wonderful ideas. XXXX

Kay said...

Hi Lynn..can i come and sit by your aga and loose myself in your sample books????....what a fabulous thing to have as a reference and an heirloom..i can see someone in a hundred years time dusting that off and marveling at its beauty and the talented embroiders gift...xx kay

Ellen said...

Hello Lynn,

Beautiful samples....I love sample books.
I hope you get lots of lovely things finished for Etsy.
Ellen xx

Clare said...

Hello Lynn, She is simply Gorgeous & thank you for the look into your sample books. I recently went to an exhibition called 'The White Wedding Dress' there were delicate and extravagant wedding dresses from the Victoria & Albert Museum’s superb collection. Your sample book reminds me of some of the details on the older fragile dresses. Clare

WolvesAtTheDoor said...

How splendid! I do admire you for having the patience and skill for sewing, your ideas are gorgeous, soft and dreamy. Can't wait to see your finished products. Also wish I was as organized as you, I had big plans for Christmas creations but I think it's too late! All the best and don't ever lose that patience - your work is too special!

Ottilias Veranda said...

Beautiful woodland creatures! Wishing you good luck with your shop and looking forward to see more of your creatures!

tam said...

Awwwwwww I love the dear girlie she is soooooo cute! Definitely a keeper : )

flowers on my table said...

Wow Lynne, I am very impressed with your discipline at keeping examples of all your stitching. Everything does look wonderful, especially the Woodland Keeper in the first picture, she's gorgeous! Good luck with your new Etsy shop. Love to you, Linda x

Jema☽⚪☾Rose said...

Looks so VERY lovely Lynn...
You are so talented and creative!

I found the witches here:

Hugs, Jenny

Sandie said...

You are a creative Goddess!
Absolutely love the Woodland Keeper, you should write and illustrate a book about the Woodland Keepers, for children and adults too! (I've never grown out of fairie stories and the like!

Lovely to see your sketch and notebooks too, something I should start to do with so many ideas swimming around in my head!

Thanks for sharing.


Sandie xx

moa said...

hi lynn
oh! such a beautiful book..
love it!
you are so creative -
one artist..

hugs from moa

alison said...

You do realise that your new shop will be a massive hit don't you? You'll always be needing to restock. I for one will be in the queue to purchase something made by your hands. What a treat!
Your samples are delicious by the way.
Bye for now, Alison.

flowers on my table said...

You are an Irish girl, I knew I liked you! I do feel rather foolish though, having never heard of Samhain.

Thankyou so much for your really lovely comments. I am so delighted that you love our toadstools. Have a Happy Samhain, love Linda x

Tracey said...

So pleased that you are setting up an etsy shop. I just know it will do really well with your beautiful treasures. Hope all is good with you.
T. x

Sea Angels said...

Hi Linda..thank you for your lovely comment..
my heart is in Ireland like Gina Mc bride but sadly the body is in the uk
Lynn xxxxxx

Zuzu said...

LOVEly work. I especially like the first one.
Happy weekend to you,

Maminka Girl - Loribeth Robare said...

all beautiful work..especially love the wistful little face of your woodland goddess. Looking forward to seeing your shop! Be well. Loribeth

woodland wanderer said...

you seem to have a such a wonderful blog! i must look your older writings...


vicki said...

Oh Lynn- I am mesmerized by your creations. The sketches- the embroidery- the beading- they are all divine. I can hardly wait to see them all in their finished state!

We really are of the same soul-- oh Lynn, if only you knew about the little "woodland" project that I have in the works for early next year--