Monday, 28 February 2011

Threads of Feeling.......................

If you can go and see this fabulous exhibition before the 6th of the Foundling Museum.
If you can't make it.... click on this link Threads of Feeling to see some of the heartbreaking messages and beautiful 18th Century tokens left with the Children at the Foundling Hospital..............
Love Lynn xx


Jacqueline said...

Dear Lynn,
When I saw the images for the first time, I just loved the beautiful script, the heart and the ribbon but, then I read them and the reason for them and it was so sad.....such beautiful documents for such a sad reason. I can remember seeing a period drama or it might have been a documentary about this very subject. What an interesting post Lynn. I must check out the link. XXXX

flowers on my table said...

Oh my goodness, I went on to your link, how very poignant and sobering. Especially after I had been fighting with my daughter all evening about her bad eating habits! I never even knew there was such a place as the "Foundling Museum", thankyou for highlighting it.Weren't the fabrics stunning?Linda

bikim said...

so gorgeous
happy night

Blue Muse said...

That was the sound of my heart breaking.... it seems to be a day of it!
xo isa

Jacqueline said...

Oh Lynne...aren't we all foundlings?

katiebird said...

oh my goodness, what a heart-breaking exhibit...I hope they give out tissues. That little heart is so sweet...what a wonderful tribute. Thanks for sharing this.

sarah said...

How lovely! And your weblog is looking so beautiful.

north pal said...

lynn,thank you so very much for this last blog that you shared with us. it was terribly interesting to me. i never knew any of that. i love that kind of history. makes you thing. loved it. Bestest,Denise

manon 21 said...

c'est touchant Lynn.

Belle journée à Toi


layers said...

Yours is the second blog post I read today that mentioned the Foundling museum-- amazing and sad too-- I was in London in 2009 but did not know about the museum then- but if I ever go again I want to visit the museum next time.

Vintage Sea Muse said...

So sad, but such beautiful writing.

Shirl xxx

D @ Homemade & Happy said...

Hello Lynn
I read about this exhibition elsewhere. It's so touching isn't it? It must be really quite emotional to see the artefacts and read those messages. It feels very poignant for us as we go into adopting soon.
I hope all is well with you, Lynn. Happy March, to you! Here's to the coming of Spring!
D x

A still small voice said...

I have read about the exhibition and would love to go but life is far too crazy until April hope you are well ... Fancy a cuppa in April????

Pilgrim at Kerjacob said...

Lynn, these images are just so moving and I thank you so much for letting me share them.
I tried the link to see more but it wouldn't work for me
( I use an Apple - maybe its that)
It reminds me very much of some work I did many years ago.
I was supposed to exhibit some work but my father became very ill when I should have been getting work done and then sadly he died.
I wanted to do something for the exhibition as I'd promised.
After my parents were married she was very ill, in fact wasn't expected to live.
Each day my father visited her and left a little note, a scrap from an envelope or notebook, under her pillow. Later when she was awake the nurse would read them. When he died the letters were still there and I remember reading them and using them as an inspiration for the work.
I lost my mum over 10 years ago but I still have the tiny scraps of love that was theirs.

Love to you.

Annie said...

There is something quite heartbreaking about this exhibit. One can feel the tears and sorrow, the desparation of the mothers. The innocent ones are passed to the arms of another, having no idea of how their lives have changed.