Sunday, 20 February 2011

Fragmented Stories.....................

My Stories... Embroidery's onto linens.....

Today a blanket of dense cold cloud rests heavy over the fields. All the landscape looks fragmented, bleak, flattened by Winters cleansing.

  Winters season has reflected itself into my life over various years, cleansing and shredding away, offering harsh insights, its cold honest light in its frightening simplicity can offer many new paths to walk.

Bride the Goddess at Imbolc  (February 2nd) offers us new beginnings, a new insight, Spring Growth and a new light, but it is only now weeks later that I begin to see her growing light and feel her energy whispering fine threads of promise, to feel her insights  edging, pushing through the fragments of Winter.

With love  


Lilybets said...

Spring's light give us energy,but...also during winter we can stay alone with ourself to think about what we have done and our's a time to take care of us and to planning some new actions for our future!.I love this magic blog,see you!.

...Miss...Maddie's... said...

Beautifully said Lynn.
Spring does have a promise as Winter's harshness (although it has beauty too) escapes the land replaced by carpets of green...
And oh how we cherish the birdsong, the budding blossoms and gentle rains that will follow.
You embroidered story is so sweet...
Susan x

Madelief said...

Today your post reads and sounds like a poem. Very beautiful! So is the embroidered dress!

Happy sunday!

Lieve groet, Madelief

Vintage Barn 27 said...

Love your post! The embroidery is so lovely!

Jema♥Rose said...

How beautiful Lynn...



Suzanne said...

Beautiful, love the embroidered text x

Pilgrim at Kerjacob said...

Love the work - I really like white on white, cream on cream.
We have heavy mist, low cloud here today.
I'm hoping that the sun will win tomorrow.
Spring continues to push forward - wonderful.

Diane. x

Jacqueline said...

To embroider/write your thoughts into your clothing so you wear them out in the world...a bold and brave thing to do.

The French Bear said...

Such delicate and lovely hand work.....soft and white, very pretty! Spring needs to come soon, I am frozen.......need more sunshine to awaken my creativity!
Love your post and your beautiful embroidery!
Margaret B

sarah said...

what a beautiful idea!

Kristin @ My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia said...

So beautiful!
I am ready for spring :)

Burlap Luxe said...

I am so enjoying my visit getting to know your style, Love the inspiration over here.


Jill said...

What a beautiful post, the words ring true, can't wait for the feel of the warmth of the sun on my skin and that special light that spring brings, winter I hope will soon be far away.

Primchick said...

Thank you Lynn, any recommendations for good cookery books would be greatly appreciated please..? Nigel Slatter is a fav our mine....
I've been told it's 'a must' that I buy full length aga oven gloves!!
Blimey! Marion :o)

manon 21 said...

C'est vraiment joli Lynn,cette broderie sur cette chemise française je pense est une bonne idée .
Tu pourrais écrire un petit livre toi aussi comme
"trésors chinés"

Bonne semaine


Lesley Austin said...

Dear Lynn,
This is a lovely post, and I can relate to only now waking up to the insight and energy of the season...tho' we have had a very sunny winter.

I could do with some of your cloud and fog, and wouldn't say no to some softening rain, but will take what is given.

The idea of stitching your story into a garment is rather enticing. As I sit here in a coffee shop, I am imagining how delightful it would feel to be wearing a word-embroidered petticoat under my skirt, that only I knew about...but don't know yet what I would have to say upon it.

So grateful for the beauty and inspiration you give,


Half-heard in the Stillness said...

'Whispering fine threads of promise'... such lovely words, your writing perfectly matches your beautiful sewing...a true artist!

H ennA said...

So pretty! I love the embroidery!
Synny cold days..a couple of more months and Spring can be seen everywhere :-)
Have a fab week Lynn!

Hugs anne

bikim said...

that is gorgeous!
sleep well

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

oh lynn to be able to tell your stories on linen...simply beautiful...i am so looking forward to stitching again and i won't take the use of 2 arms for granted again...
ah, spring growth is surely on her way to you as we see the golden light of autumn make her way down south...enjoy bthe coming season, love dzintra

Lilla Blanka said...

Oh this is so beautiful, Lynn! ♥

Big hugs

Italian Girl in Georgia said...

Hi Lynn ~

Oh what a beautiful new blog header you have made, and your work continues to be more lovely each time I see it!

Happy days to you.

Ciao bella,

A still small voice said...

We must be in rythmn I have just written about certainly lifts the soul...cant wait for the blossom to appear...hope you are well...Helen

moa said...

.. this is poetry ♥
in words
oh! I love it ♥
have a lovely day, my friend!
hugs from me!

Solange said...

I am waiting for spring, I need some light again...
beautiful post lynn, and beautiful dress too.


Anonymous said...

hi Lynn...Please tell me the words you have embroidered.As cant quiet read all of them and am thinking there is a message here....Thanking you kindly!Your blog is beautiful....Kind regards MariaX

Sea Angels said...

Hello Maria
It is some of my life story
of how my father died when I was three and about my grandparents
and my life....its all about accepting things...who we are what we have done, and how we need to move on and live the life that we have, that it is all precious, good bad, whatever, acceptance I suppose....thankyou for your lovely comment xxxx