Sunday, 31 October 2010

Vintage Tart Tin Cupcakes......

Just had to share this lovely idea  from Becky Shander in Somerset Life, I have put pin cushions in cups but these in tins are so very pretty and so easy to make isn't she a very clever lady and very kind to share with us. have a look at her lovely things.
Love Lynn xxx

Saturday, 30 October 2010

To my beloved friend.........

Let our dear one's that have gone before us.
Return this night and make merry with us
And when our time comes as it must,
Oh thou the Comforter the Consoler'
The Giver of peace and rest.
We will enter thy realms gladly and unafraid
For we know that ,
When rested and refreshed amongst our dear ones
We will be reborn again, by thy grace,
And the grace of the Great Mother.
Let it be in the same place, and at the same time'
As our beloved ones.
And may we meet, and know, and remember, and love them again.
May we all be blessed with happy memories on this eve
With much love for all those we have lost and still have in our hearts

Sunday, 24 October 2010

Christmas Embroiderys

Thank you, so much for all of your comments last week, you really cheered me up with your kind words of support xxx
 I was so lost without the computer....and jam supplies were being threatened! fortunately wonderful husband Adrian came to the rescue and has patched me together xxxx for the moment ..
However gifted with lots of free evenings I have managed to have fun sewing, the above pictures are small snippets of what I have been up to...Top Shop have a fashion theme going called the Ice Princess.. I loved the sound of it so I am using fur and sequins and faded old silk glittery net and images from what I would imagine an Ice Princess would have lying around her cold and beautiful palace, I shall show you some more glistening, twinkly  bits later in the week.
I have booked for the Christmas Country Living Fair in Glasgow next month I thought it would make a lovely change from London, hope I bump into some of you there.  There are bound to be lots of wonderful Christmas ideas to share let me know if you are going xxxxx

Sunday, 17 October 2010


 I am darned if I know why our computer is  giving us hell! but for a week now I can't post, so I have hijacked my next door neighbors lovely friendly machine with the promise of jam (as you know I have a lot of that) and cake to put round it.... ha ha.
 No the bra is NOT my personal one !!  but I do love the darns on it.... see you all soon (I  hope) xxxxxx

Thank you so much for your lovely and caring replys xxxx....I'm at work and writing this but I should be fixed Saturday...fingers crossed I feel so very lost without all of you and my computor
Big Hugs Lynn xxxxx