Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Time to April Issue

I have been in love for a few months now....big sigh...yes with a magazine in English called 'Jeane d'Arc Living' well!  it is more than a magazine it is like a wonderful interiors book, printed with gorgeous paper  and so very very pretty, lots of vintage, lots of white, lots of Swedish , Danish and French stuff.  I pour over the pages, take it on the train with me, carry it around until I am exhausted with the dreaming and planning and turning the pages endlessly..... only then can I put it down.  Until a month ago I was buying it from Europe tres tres expensive but now Camel and Yak  sell this in the UK,  it is really lovely.  Hope I've not bored you all with my discovery....   ooh and have you tried' I am not left handed' the music at the top of my page. I was playing this during my lunch hour and just had to have a little  dance, and I was having  a real good time jigging and twirling about in our empty staff room when I noticed a whole group of students watching.....from the floor above, so I just waved and now they think I'm madder than ever ha ha..Lots of hugs Lynn xxxxx 

Sunday, 11 April 2010

Oh no it's nearly Monday...........

Just had to stop for cake. It is meringue that  kind of collapsed, but still very tasty and gooey. 

Made some printed bags this week
The patchwork is made from vintage fabrics, and I hand printed them too.

My 'new' Vintage petticoat about to be washed, no not the stripy cloth the peachy pretty thing!, and can you see my picture of St Ives in the background, I wished I was there now deep sigh.....

We have both been off work this week..Easter hols...and I know I am bad to be like this......and I know I do love my job, I do I really do....but I really don't want to go back tomorrow (sad girl).My  days have been filled with sewing and reading and running and playing music and walking and making cakes how on earth am I going to find the time to work this week, never mind get up at 5.45 am......  What time!! 
Us women we are so wonderful we really are  ha ha...
Have a fabulous week, and thank you so very very much for all of your lovely comments to welcome me back, I will be popping round just as soon as I can

Friday, 2 April 2010

With love and thanks...............

Eastersunshine shadows on my wall

Anthropology What a divine shop.....

                                              Some cushions I  printed and stitched.................

Just now in the trees are the tiniest of buds waiting for their big moment, waiting to unfurl, brand new and the most delicious green, so precious and so magical, how can we ever grow tired of our beautiful world...never I say! ............I have looked at all of your beautiful blogs too as they unfold their magical posts each week, each one has her own flavor, each one of you strengthens your neighbor  with your inspirations and kindnesses I have watched all your dreams fly across the waters to each other, and to me, your kindness and care has found it's way to me....thank you...... thank you so much
Happy Easter xxxx