Sunday, 5 December 2010

The Winner..............................with the help of my chums at the Vintage Fair

collecting yule time berries

on the way to the fair

                                                Vicky's lovely things

                                          my fabulous car booting chum Anne she makes the most gorgeous jewelry 

more lovely things....
Vicky Draws the winner Hurrah!

Well done Gaby xxxxx

This was so magical again today and so full of giggles and laughter being with friends at our local Vintage Fair. Drawing the winner, then collecting winter was so icy we both (Mr Sea-angels)and me kind of skated along the roads to the fair, holding on to each other to stay upright... hence the rather strange photo of me trying to stand upright on a slippy downhill slope ha ha..No! I had not been drinking mulled wine ...honestly....
'We wish you a merry Christmas', tr la la la la laaaa....
Thank you so much for entering this little give away really pulled at my heart strings to see all your names on my blog I wanted to be able to pass something nice to all of you thankyou so much for your support always xxx
Love Lynn xxxxx


manon 21 said...

Ce sont de belles journée...
Maintenant c'est l'heure du vin chaud!je trinque(tchin...) avec toi mon amie.

Bonne soirée


Jacqueline said...

Dear Lynn,
What a great way to choose the winner of your giveaway and well done to Gaby. How lovely to win your giveaway....her own suprise Christmas present.
You and Mr. Sea Angels try and stay upright !! You don't want any broken bones, especially so close to Christmas....take care. XXXX

Sandy Mastroni said...

congrats to Gaby
Merry Christmas !

A Bun Can Dance said...

Hello Lynn
Congratulations to Gaby on winning the giveaway!
You look lovely in your outfit going off to the fair, and what a great way to spend your Sunday. I hope you found some gorgeousness to bring back to your lovely home :-)
Happy days to you!
Denise x

Madelief said...

Hi Lynn,

Congratulations to Gaby! You look beautiful!! At first I thought it was a picture out of a magazine. Love the style of clothes you are wearing. They are a good mix of country chic and a more contemperary style. It's good to hear you had a great day!

Lieve groet, Madelief

Primchick said...

Cutting your usual dash I see... lovely corsage honey....
Glad u had fun at the fair... :o)

Poppy said...

Hello Lynn, trust me to miss it......well done to the winner. You look gorgeous in your picture!

Lou xxx

Noamaja said...

Congrats to the winner!

You look so lovely and chic on all your pictures! You are true inspiration, with your work, words and person!

Have a great week!

Sue said...

I love the little beaded clutch you drew from. I should - I still have one that is identical, which I carried to my senior prom in 1969! It is just large enough for a comb, a lipstick, a hanky, and a dime to call home if you have a problem.

katiebird said...

What a lucky lady! I'm so happy for Gaby :) thank you so much for the chance :)

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

And thank you dear Lynn!!! Merry Christmas to you, and have a beautiful January...Dzintra♥x

andrea said...

Nice post, and hey, I really like your style of dressing.....old fashioned 30's feel to the photo.
Congrats to the winner . She'll be happy. Thanks for the fun.

alison said...

Well done Gaby!

Do you know Lynn, I have that exact bag. I used it on my wedding day.

Chatelaine said...

Cograts to Gaby.

Your fair looks wonderful. I have to go to a few myself. I am stumped for gift ideas this year.

I get so nervous when it's icy especially when I'm driving. We've been spared of ice but it's cold.

Lorrie said...

Congratulations to Gaby. And I love your outfit - so dashing!

...Miss...Maddie's... said...

Congrats to the winner.
I do love your little floral brooch, a perfect addition to your charming outfit.
Susan x

A Mermaid's Tale said...

Gaby is a lucky lady! Iv'e just posted up a picture of some of your gorgeous lovelies that I bought from you at our one and only meeting at the inaugural V + H Fair a few years back. Whenever I get those special things out I begin to feel really Christmassy, so thank you Lynn! I took your fluffy white shoulder bag (made from an old fake fur coat) with me Christmas shopping today too. It is just the softest thing!
Lol, Christine x x

layers said...

even though I did not 'win' the beautiful prize- I love stopping by your blog and seeing the lovlies..

A Time to Dance said...


Jema♥Rose said...

You look amazing in that outfit Lynn!

Yes John Lennon was really an amazing was a tragedy that he had to die so young...


moa said...

hi lynn

& congrats to the lucky winner!
you look lovely in the photo!

..take care -
moa-hug :0)

vicki said...

What a beautiful fair - such lovely items to drool over! Congrats to Gaby - she is a lucky girl to win those treasures!

The photo of you is adorable!