Monday, 20 December 2010

Squeaking Mice......................

                                                                              Make your own Sugar Mice
450 Gram Granulated Sugar
225 ml water
2 tbsp of golden syrup
ribbon for tails
icing for eyes
Marble slap or very smooth surface

Put the sugar and water into a strong saucepan over a very gentle heat until ALL the sugar has melted, it will look cloudy white, only then bring it quickly to the boil and it will go clear, don't stir it and as soon as the temperature reaches 240 remove from the heat, if you let it go too much over you will get toffee brittle instead!!
Allow to cool in pan occasionally and  very gently stirring as it cools, as it gets stiff tip out onto slab and with a palette knife move the outside cool sugar into the center eventually you can handle it like pastry.
Then either press into moulds( Lakeland sell mice moulds ) or you can model by hand. This recipe makes 8-12 squeaky mice for about 60 pence.......Don't forget to add the tails and keep an eye on the sugar I left my first lot for2 minutes to long and ended up with hard toffee! ha ha

We are having Mr Sea-Angels mom for Christmas FIRST time ever! so I  have just started to get her room ready I want it to be a special magical Christmas (don't we all) and I liked the stillness and peace in there and the way the light is reflected from the snow outside, so I shall try to preserve that little peaceful place for her and not clutter it up toooo much ha ha...
Lots of hugs


...Miss...Maddie's... said...

A beautiful room to daydream and please a special guest.
I'll have to try those sweet little mice.
Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas...
Susan x

Modern Country said...

Good christmas day to you Lynn!

I'm so glad for all your messages, thank you for your great friendship! Wonderful to see that you enjoy the last days before Christmas. The cute little sugar mice are so adorable! Whta a fabulous Idea! But they would have been gone in few seconds, I just know, haha ..I really want to try to make some myself. Only I do not want to burn my fingertips. That I did last year when I warmed up the sugar when I build the gingerbread house. I am pretty clumsy! Such a sweet little surprise to be served :)

How nice you've decorated the guest room. I love looking at pictures with soft fabrics. Can sit and enjoy them for hours. You are so talented making it beautiful and welcoming around you. I was also inspired by the beautiful garland you made in your previous post.

I'll just take a little nap, then I set off to make some Christmas tree decorations. That's the plan anyway ...

Enjoy much my friend,
of course I wish we could sit together and have fun :)

Lots of hugs,

The French Bear said...

How exciting, the first time ever? Does she live far away or do you usually go there? She will love to be at your home, I can't imagine anyone that wouldn't....the room looks so soft and it!!!!!
Your little mice are so cute! I would probably end up with brittle!
Have a Merry Christmas and I wish you the best time with your MIL!!!!
Margaret B

Jema♥Rose said...

what a beautiful room, I am sure of that your guest will feel warmly welcomed..!

The mices are just too cute!

: )

A wish you very merry Christmas and a really happy New Year!


Hege said...

So cute those little mice:-)
Merry Christmas you and your family Lynn!
Hugs, Hege.

Laura said...

My, I could just stay in that room all day long, with a good book and maybe a little nap here and there . . . so comforting and peaceful.

Merry Christmas, Lynn.

Primchick said...

Ooooo.... am more interested in the chocolate goodies with the tiny white stars...that are in the lovely glass dish yummy..... :o)

moa said...

oh! so beautiful room! looks so peaceful.. love it!
..and the cutest little mice I ever seen.. and the yummi-yummi cake with stars...
you are so clever, my friend!
.. hugs from moa

A Bun Can Dance said...

So pleased to hear you tried the soup recipe! thank you :-)
I'd love to try out your sugar mice and I will do when we can get to a shop to buy the sugar !!
Oh and what a beautiful guest room ... I'm packing my bags right now...
D x

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Each photograph is a Christmas poem!
Just lovely, especially the mice!

vicki said...

Love the little mice Lynn - they are adorable! What fun!!

The guest room is beautiful - how wonderful that she is coming for a visit. I know you will make her so very welcome - your home will be a beautiful place to visit and enjoy.

Merry Christmas to you my friend.


suzeeez said...

The room looks beautiful,simple,and very relaxing!
Merry Christmas. Sue

manon 21 said...

Jolie la chambre de belle maman.
Tes petites souris sont craquantes***

JOYEUX NOËL ma chère Lynn.

Kiss of France