Monday, 13 December 2010

Playing with snow..................


Yesterday I put our Yule Wreath on the front door..I'm getting kind of worn out but in a pleasant
amiable sort of way know what I mean..present wrapping's and glitter everywhere, unfinished projects begging to have a final button stitched on....and food ingredients accumulating in groaning cupboards...with icing sugar adding a touch of silent stickiness to everything..........I just want to finish work and throw myself into those final mad days before I finally pass out with a glass of bubbly...
Oh but I do love it sooo much
Hugs Lynn xxxx
PS look up Snow effect on this link it gives you quite a nice speckly look like my top picture


H ennA said...

Gorgeous wreath!
Hubby of mine has at last got us an yule tree on the yard, it looks so pretty with the lights on and with all the snow..i have million things to do and so little time..
I hope you have the time to enjoy every day to the fullest..
Thinking of you..

Hugs Anne

potterjotter said...

Oh Wow - I like your snow better than the real stuff! Very festive. Love your blog too.

Jema♥Rose said...

That looks so beautiful!!!

I feel a bit stressed too, even if I am not having guests here until New Years Eve, but i want everything to look nice and cozy..!

: )


Jema♥Rose said...

I would be MORE than happy if you would use those images!!!

: )


Wild Somerset Child said...

I love the bird on the wreath. Beautiful and the colours perfect against your door.

The French Bear said...

I can't imagine anything nicer then a visit with you over a glass of bubbly and some Christmas goodies!!!!!!
We will have to do that one day!! I love your wreath, how wonderful to use fresh greens, oh how glorious the scent!
Margaret B

Denni said...

Great Yule wreath. And boy do I know what you mean. I love the season, but it gets to be overwhelming of all the things that need to get done in such a short amount of time.
Cheers to the bubbly coming soon!

Laura @ 52 FLEA said...

I love your very unique and welcoming wreath!
Take care of yourself...wishing you a peaceful and calm Christmas! :)

katiebird said...

hehe...I've seen that birdy before :) Everything you decorate with is so lovely - you are amazing!

manon 21 said...

Tu as raison le meilleur moment sera avec la coupe de champagne...

bonne journée


Pilgrim at Kerjacob said...

I love the wreath and especially the printed ribbon.
I'm now going to look at the snow !!

Anonymous said...

dear lynn

i love your wreath - so original.
i would love to transfer some script onto linen or hemp (similar to your ribbon on the wreath). would you be able to give me some advice/pointers or perhaps suggest a book or two i could purchase. i draw quite a lot but do not know how to tranfer the images onto fabric???

look forward to hearing from you and i hope you don't mind me asking for this info, as your projects are so inspirational.

thank you so much and i hope you don't get too stressed and worn out.

warmest regards

annie from annies abode blogspot.

H ennA said...

Oh Lynn...I wish everyone should get as much appreciation as I have received these last weeks at work, I wish everyone should have a boss who has the ability to listen and encourage people to dare to express themselves..I think I´m on the right track in changing career, away from the tough industry. My boss wants to keep me for at least three more months, I´m in charge of the womens clothing! I get the opportunity to play with the mannequin dolls..ha ha, just like when I was a little girl..dress them up in lovely clothes. My boss wanted me to come along and eat fancy dinner with my collegues( usually they ask when someone has been working at least 6 months in the shop, I´ve been there almost 2) She wanted to show her appreciation and she thinks I have the "right eye" for details..oh my, it´s such an ego boost! It´s so much fun, I like the idea of reusing things an clothes, enviromental friendliness and it is a cheaper way to renew the wardrobe, and at the same time help other people in need.
But still, I´m the same Anne, with both feets steady on the floor, maybe with a little more confidence in myself and that is a good thing, don´t you think?! Tomorrow we´re going to have Santa Claus in the shop and I´ve heard that he brings along many presents for the kids ;-)
On Friday it´s time to say our last goodbyes to Mom in law, a bunch of relatives or coming from Finland on Thursday..I believe it´s going to be many tears as well as laughters and hugs of course..this is one of the sad parts of life.
Still having a sore throat and the chills won´t leave me alone but I´ll try to win the battle against the cold.
Maybe the sore throat is from talking too much eyh?! ;-D

Keep smiling my friend!

Lots of hugs! Anne

Maminka Girl - Loribeth said...

That wreath is just perfect!! Happy Holidays to you.


Annie said...

Pretty!! And all the busy-ness. The end results will be, as usual, dreamy and delicious.

vicki said...

Such a lovely wreath -
I can only imagine how much effort you put into your Christmas decorations. Will you treat us to a tour of your home when all the decorations are done? I just know that it is all so very beautiful!


Sarah said...

WOW. I am loving what you did with the recipe writing on the wreath. Gorgeous.