Thursday, 25 November 2010

Wintery images , cinnamon smells ...............

                                             In our home and on my run xxx
                                          Fun on the wall xx
My Cushion that I made

  I had the most awful migraine yesterday, but it seems to have brought on a spurt of creativity.  I printed the small tags for this cushion a few weeks ago but just got round to finishing it this morning after my frosty (rather cold I might add) run, I stopped to capture a few frosty pictures too......everywhere is so very beautiful today and icy fingers snapped at my cheeks when I was out......
See you soon .. give away at the weekend xxx


dtru said...

winter is a comin! nice pics... im definately not ready for the freezin weather

The French Bear said...

Lynn, lovely photos, love pillow! Sorry to hear you suffer from migraines, they are just such a nasty thing!!!
I finally connected with Penny to buy linen, so excited to see what it inspires in me!!!
Margaret B

H ennA said...

You are amazing Lynn, so sweet! Thank you for thinking of me and..oh please! come shovel some snow and bake a cake or two! i would really appreciate your lovely company :-)
I stayed home from work today, it would´ve been too risky to go out on the roads..
I am quite ok, but I´ve noticed I forget small things, like where I put the keys..hanging the bag, leaving the milk on the table and so´s tough at times and we miss her so. It´s most difficult when we are joined with the rest of the family, Markos sisters and brothers and his "plastic" father..then it´s most noticeble that mom in law is gone ;-(
Still snowing...I wish you some snow too! Hug your family some extra won´t you dear...Have a lovely evening my friend!

Warm hugs Anne

Madelief said...

Hi Lynn,

Your pillow is really pretty! I like the print you chose and the soft colours. Your wall looks great too!!

Happy evening!

Lieve groet, Madelief

manon 21 said...

Toujours un petit plus chez toi.


Bonne soirée


H ennA said...

...about forgetting things ;-) The kittens are all doing fine! I´ve had the pleasure meeting the two boys living now at my sister in law´s place,they remembered us :-) Two of the sisters have settled down in their new homes very well. And finally..the trio living with us are full of joy and playing all day long, giving us many laughs :-)
Hmm, I think I´ve forgotten to do something...oh, yes..I have to get more pellets :-D

Hugs Anne

Regina said...

dear lynn,
wonderful pictures!!! i hope you are
okay!!! yesterday i have had also migraine,now i feel me a little bit is it cold,but no frost
or snow....i hope of a little bit snow for the first advent.
bear hugs and kisses,

Dyche Designs said...

Sorry you had a migraine, I suffer with them too so know how debilatating they can be. Love the cushion. Happy Thanksgiving.

Tracy x said...

hoping that you are feeling better now sweet lady x
it is starting to look so beautiful and festive at yours -i adore your blog all year but at Yule it makes my heart sing xxx
love to you
t x

Tracy x said...

hello again x
thank you for liking my mistletoe - i am waiting for my darling to finish my new web shop but i keep going to the bottom of his list so in the meantime i am selling a few bits in my Folksy shop ...
olive and harry
t x

Kaylovesvintage said...

hope you feel better

love,love the cushion

Laura said...


I love the collage on your wall, so unique, just like your lovely pillow . . . reminds me of winter and the beautiful northern woods. No snow here yet, but I'm sure it's not too far away.


Chatelaine said...

Glad you are feeling better and creative! Love the icy shots. We just have cold here.

Cinnamon is my favorite scent!

Pearl Maple said...

Beautiful collection of images, hope that migrane passes quickly so you can get back to your lovely creative projects

sarah-jane down the lane said...

heavenly pictures as always. Your cushion looks divine,

Sarah x

Rostrose said...

Wonderful, you cushion!
WARM & cinnamon-smelling hugs from Traude

The Summer Porch said...

Just popped over from Modern Country.
A very intriguing blog you have here I like that!!!! Quite an eye for details, lots of great information. Inspiring for sure!

shari @ little blue deer said...

I love these! I so enjoy my runs, too, it really encourages you to stop and smell the roses (or cinnamon, as it were!). Glad you're feeling much better! XX!

Annie said...

Beautiful pillow but what I REALLY like is what you did to the wall behind it. That's outstanding.