Thursday, 19 August 2010

What a month .....................

Making a few bags.......

Buying a gorgeous statue

Recovering a chair in oatmeal linen

The arrival of my new and beautiful nephew Luke

I am loving this summer , even though it has not stopped raining ............sorry to be absent as well  but I have been doing so many is a little sample of what I have been up too.....making hand printed bags from vintage hemp and linen.. to sell....

 Visiting car boots and boosting my vintage fabric supply's Oh and look I found this amazing and gorgeous Sacred Heart Statue,( kind of Cath Kidston looking if you know what I mean), and I just fell in love with it I even though it is a little damaged..I shall treasure it.....

 I have also been recovering a chair in oatmeal linen, but leaving it  looking a bit neglected too...( like me on a Monday morning) ha ha, but the best most wonderful thing....tra my lovely nephew Luke...he turned up very unexpected and early but is coming along a treat..look at all of his hair .squeak squeak, I just love him.
Love and hugs Lynn xxxxx


Lyn said...

He is gorgeous!

kirsty said...

Obviously it goes without saying that your bag and the chair are great, but what a beautiful baby! I can't stop looking at him! x

Stella Pesci said...

Luke is precious!! Give him a hug and squeeze for me:-)
Lovely items you're making...and acquiring! I'm glad you're having a great summer...I wish you'd send some rain my way. It's been a scorcher of a summer here in the Northeast US!
Until next time,
Stella xx

Modern Country said...

Hi Lynn!

Missed you so very much!! It is so long time ago since we talked. I have A LOT to tell :) Happier news this time. I am soon sending you an e-mail. I am so glad to hear that you are happy and well also. Can you believe that these last months just went so quick by ? I really can`t..

I find your vintage bag so beautiful, your work is always very very special. Magical hands, that is what you have. Congratulation with your nephew arriving, he is adorable. They have such a calming effect don`t you think ? I coul look at them sleeping for hours :)

Take really good care, hope we talk soon!

Lots of hugs, Aina

Ps: By the way, love the chair!

Jema♥Kitsch said...

How adorable he looks, your nephew..!

: )

Wonderful things you are showing us, the statue is so very beautiful!

Hugs, Jenny

A Bun Can Dance said...

Hello lovely Lynn
Luke is so very gorgeous - give him a big cuddle from me and remember to sniff his head for me too - babies have such a wonderful smell, don't they?
I too have a nephew called Luke, though 18 years older, but still gorgeous!
I love your bag, the chair, the statue... all very calming and rustically beautiful and all very "Sea Angels"!
Thank you for the update - I too have much updating to do, having been without a computer for 4 weeks!!
Wishing you many happy days and much baby cuddling,
Denise x

The French Bear said...

Congratulations on your darling little nephew...what a sweetheart!!! I am glad you have had a wonderful summer, it has been a full one for sure!!! Glad to see you busy with such gorgeous fabrics, I just love the fell and the look of hemp linen!
Enjoy your weekend!
Margaret B

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Ah, he's a little charmer.
I love those wee little fists.

vicki said...

Oh Lynn- your sweet baby Luke is adorable! I recognize that premie look- you know that is how ibspend my life- taking care of those little ones. He is so beautiful- congrats on being a very special Auntie!

Your newly covered chair is to die for- and just LOVE the new bags- you have indeed been a busy girl!

Me too~~~

Sarah said...

Your nephew looks very sweet-congratulations!
The chair is lovely.

KindredSpirit said...

love these pictures. what an absolutely fab statue.

Jeanne said...

Congratulations to you all
Precious little guy
fresh from Heaven

sue15cat said...

What a beautiful baby Luke is.

I love the name Luke and always wantend to call my first son, that but my name was Wright at the time and you couldn't inflict that on a child...could you?

Sue xx

Ms M said...

I love the jesus statue! Nice blog!

Primchick said...

Good to see you on here again...
May I be put on your waiting list for a bag if you are selling them... v v v v lovely
P.s Rain is good..... :oD

Shaz said...

I love that bag - is it for sale please. I am very interested in buying. Could you please email me at to let me know please. Thank you so much. Sharon.

p.s. baby Luke is gorgeous.





Torie Jayne said...

Gorgeous chair and sweet nephew! Have a sweet day!

layers said...

I love the oatmeal linen color-- am impressed anyone can recover a chair.
and what a precious little baby- lovely.

H ennA said...

Love your bag, love the chair! That tiny little cute can one be?! You lucky girl get to squeese him, hold him, love him! Congrats! He is so adorable!
Have a lovely new week!

Hugs to you dear friend!


Annie said...

Just when I thought this post could not be nicer (love the Sacred Heart), I scroll into sweet little Luke. What a dear.

Oh, and this is serendipitous. Accenting that little sweetie Luke was the verification word - Scones. How perfect was that?

Half-heard in the Stillness said...

Oh! Squeak double squeak...! He's gorgeous!! Congratulations Auntie,
big hugs,


Gustaviana said...

i like your chair, it's grate nice super!!!!!!
precious the little one XXX

Chic Little Shop said...

Lovely chair, gorgeous bag, and Beautiful little man..
pleased to find your blog.

Julie xx

kerrie said...



The name of my firstborn. Luke means light...and my Luke Michael is such a light in my life.

Many happy days ahead for you! Newborns are delightful.