Thursday, 31 December 2009

The road goes ever on and on.......

A whole new year.....full of joy, magic, love? Oh I do hope so....  it is always for me kind of scary exciting at New Years Eve, at the beginning of a brand new untouched year, wanting only the good things for my family and friends, wanting and trying to be a better person in so many ways, aiming to acheive .... just that bit more..........
I hope the Blessings of this New Year are with us all, I really do.........

Monday, 21 December 2009

Happy Wedding anniversary my beloved........

Solstice snows, may we all be blessed throughout this day and through the coming year.
I went walking at sunrise through the snow and the whole landscape was breathtaking, and just look at this divine little rabbit looking out of a house window at the snow ...I had to creep up quietly and take his picture doesn't he look cute.
  Well this is as always for many reasons a very special day and this evening we shall celebrate in the park, with a walk in the snow and I will heat up some mulled wine and take it in a flask...can't think of a nicer way to celebrate.
with love

Friday, 18 December 2009

overwhelming peace......

I love candle light

A vintage necklace

Waxed and glass glitter bunting

                                                    The last of the sun shines through my windows

I cannot believe it but I have finished work for Christmas..... there is snow outside and it's oh so cold rattling through my window frames, the fire is lit and I have been baking..... to me this is just perfect.
What makes your day perfect?
Hugs Lynn xxxx

Saturday, 12 December 2009

The beauty of Friday....

Flowers on our table, I love the smell of them

A velvet bag I decorated with vintage stones....

Our beautiful river

I have made Crackers and Angel Boxes for table gifts......

I do not work Fridays, yet I still love to get up at my usual 6am and walk across the river, this is my time, and within the silence I feel lifted and nourished by the sleeping countryside. There is always a stillness before Yule, a quiet I wait for the return of the light, for the birth of the Christ Child, there is a magic in the air, a sparkle of frost on the wooden fences, a robin singing in the bare branches, carols and music in the air, and when the dawn comes up a bright halo of gold guilds everything. This is precious and cannot be bought, each day is original and special, I  hope you are having a lovely time this weekend.
Love and hugs Lynn xxxx