Sunday, 29 November 2009

1st Advent... the magic begins....

I am making crepe paper angels and filling them with Advent goodies tucked in their skirts I think I will have to make some like crackers for the Yule table.

These are some silk velvet gift bags that I can put in a selection of small presents, that will be fun to unwrap, I have to sew some silver snowy sequins on this one yet.

We had the most lovely day choosing our tree  and just smelling all the trees together and seeing the magic in peoples faces, I hope you are having a wonderful Advent today.Thank you for all your lovely comments, and visits.
Hugs for a peaceful week
Lynn xxxx 

Saturday, 28 November 2009

Small Sale...........

Bird Cushion (A) 49x32 cm,  goose down and feather pad, vintage mother of pearl buttons, unbleached  linen, hand printed.
£25.00 inc postage for the UK Sold

French Vintage Hemp note book lined pages. Hand printed front and back with vintage lace and mother of pearl buttons. £ 14 .00 inc postage for the UK Sold
French Vintage Hemp towel, 63 x 82 cm, hand printed in soft grey with roses and birds, small hanger with a pearl button and hand finished, £ 16.00 inc uk postage. Sold

Shoes, a hand and machine embroidery to frame, paper, linen and wool, 35 x 35cm
£15.00 inc uk postage Sold

Bird Cushion  28 x 47 cm B Linen and vintage dyed linen, hand made buttons, hand printed, inner pad of Goose Down and feather , vintage buttons on back fastening.
£25.00 inc uk postage.Sold

Thank you all so very very much, I have been completely overwhelmed by your response to my sale, I did not expect this, and it made me a little teary, but nice tears.  Sorry that I could not sell to everyone, and so sorry that so many of you have missed out but this has encouraged me to work a little harder, so I can have another sale soon, thank you so very muchxxxxxx

Please email me if you wish to make any purchases thanks xxx
Payment is fine by cheque or I can send you a bill via pay pal which you can pay using a credit or debit card. All UK items will be recorded delivery. Please email me if you have any questions.
Hugs and waves
Lynn xxxx

Sunday, 22 November 2009

I bought this new little set of drawers on Friday, so as you can see they are still fairly tidy.  But I can't see them staying like that!...I have been making christmas cards and trying to get my presents finished as I am meeting my mom in a few weeks time ... but I can't seem to catch up with all of a sudden the weekend is over and work on Monday is looming....I am putting just a few items up for sale next weekend so come and take a peek...
Lots of hugs Lynn xxxxxxx

Sunday, 15 November 2009

Winter cleaning.........

Starting with the hall yesterday..I am clearing and cleaning.....I would much rather be making things but I need to put a new coat of white lye on the wooden floor, so it has to be stripped and cleaned first ....yummy!!!
But then we are going walking with lunch in our tummy's and warm scarves, we are off to pick up pine cones, and fallen branches to make some kindling for the wood burner, there was a bad wind last night so there should be lots of twigs to harvest today.
I have tentatively added music back to my blog....please tell me if it is making it too slow to look at and I will remove it...I would so like to find some Gregorian Chants to play for Yule...........
Sorry if I cannot always reply, I really do treasure each of your comments.
Love and hugs Lynn xxxx

Sunday, 1 November 2009

Cosy toes..................

The day is dark, a herald for the quiet sleepy shadows that fill November days
enabling me to sew and make my Christmas presents, while the dust falls hidden and undisturbed.
I am making aprons from vintage and home printed fabrics, and some 'Christmas Fairy' napkins, she just needs a star sewing on where she is reaching up...... and I have bought a lovely white cotton bag, and I have relined it and printed it for a present.
I can't face the shops yet they are too bright and too busy, they intrude on my thoughts, my purse needs to rest!! I love the coming of the winter, the dark soft days, I like to wrap up in soft warm clothes and light a fire, making small nests on the sofa with Adrian, or maybe battle through the woods in the wind and rain looking for beautiful fallen branches to hang my Yule decorations on....I think I like this better than summer............
Sweet Dreams and cosy toes my lovely friends
Lynn xxxxxx