Saturday, 28 November 2009

Small Sale...........

Bird Cushion (A) 49x32 cm,  goose down and feather pad, vintage mother of pearl buttons, unbleached  linen, hand printed.
£25.00 inc postage for the UK Sold

French Vintage Hemp note book lined pages. Hand printed front and back with vintage lace and mother of pearl buttons. £ 14 .00 inc postage for the UK Sold
French Vintage Hemp towel, 63 x 82 cm, hand printed in soft grey with roses and birds, small hanger with a pearl button and hand finished, £ 16.00 inc uk postage. Sold

Shoes, a hand and machine embroidery to frame, paper, linen and wool, 35 x 35cm
£15.00 inc uk postage Sold

Bird Cushion  28 x 47 cm B Linen and vintage dyed linen, hand made buttons, hand printed, inner pad of Goose Down and feather , vintage buttons on back fastening.
£25.00 inc uk postage.Sold

Thank you all so very very much, I have been completely overwhelmed by your response to my sale, I did not expect this, and it made me a little teary, but nice tears.  Sorry that I could not sell to everyone, and so sorry that so many of you have missed out but this has encouraged me to work a little harder, so I can have another sale soon, thank you so very muchxxxxxx

Please email me if you wish to make any purchases thanks xxx
Payment is fine by cheque or I can send you a bill via pay pal which you can pay using a credit or debit card. All UK items will be recorded delivery. Please email me if you have any questions.
Hugs and waves
Lynn xxxx


moa said...

oh! so beautiful, lynn!
have a lovely weekend!

hugs from moa

Shirl said...

Gorgeous: hope you have a relaxing weekend ... :0)

Tracey said...

Lynn, these are gorgeous!! I especially love the bottom bird pillow. Hope you and family are well. I miss you.
T. x

heidi said...

Lynn they are all simply scrummy!!
All in my favourite colours. x

Jeanne said...

How beautiful

The French Bear said...

Lynn, they are so beautiful!!!
Your work is simply stunning. What delicate stitches, and I love the bird design.
Margaret B

Jacqueline said...

Absolutely wonderful items, exquisitely made. XXXX

Regina said...

dear lynn,
they are so wonderful!!!!!!!!!
i love the bird cushion.i hope you are okay.
have a wonderful weekend,
a lot of hugs,

Wild Somerset Child said...

My all time favourite colours - these are all so beautiful; I particularly liked the notebook.

sarah-jane down the lane said...

Such lovely things, I really love Cabbages and Roses fabrics and I am mad about those birds too! Simply lovely,

Sarah x

Modern Country said...

Hi Lynn!

Oh, how I adore your work!!! How lucky they are, who got to buy one of your wonderful products, and of course they are alreay sold out! I wish I had been earlier. I specially love the little bird that appear from time to time, it is so cute :))

I hope your weekend is wonderful with the perfect set to celebrate the first advent of this season. We went to a local Christmas market today and it was soooo cozy!! With musicians, children, tasty bites, open museums, handcraft, lightend trees, mulled claret etc...well, we had a very good time, and now I am just enjoying a glass of wine to calm down and let everything sink in...

Sleep well my friend, and I hope you wake up and feel good tomorrow!!!

Warm hug,
Aina :)

fairmaiden said...

You make the prettiest things. Your new blog header is dreaminess. That towel with grey roses is delicate beauty. Will you be making any more of those?

Victoria said...

Magical blog. So full of beauty.. I´m your new and marvelled follower.

A Bun Can Dance said...

Dear Lynn
Well, that will teach me to go away for a few days!! Your lovely goodies are so very beautiful and had I seen them before now I would certainly have bought one or two of them! Stunning. You are so talented... those tears of joy are much deserved.
Happy weekend to you
Denise x

katiebird said...

Oh man!!! I can't believe I missed this sale!!! Though I do own a Lynn Baron original, so that makes me happy :) Make some more, my friend! Your work is Gorgeous!!!!

Laura said...

These are beautiful, Lynn!

So sorry I missed it.

Laura :)

Di Overton said...

You go girl. I am not shocked that you have sold out your designs and workmanship are second to none.

cocoa and blankets said...

how have i missed these...oh i wish i had seen these goodies...everything is so are so talented...