Wednesday, 3 June 2009

A few of my favorite things.......

Boxes covered in French Fabrics, I use the very fragile ones that I can't sew with for this.....
Pretty flouncy underskirts from my local carboot, no!!! I'm far too tubby to get into it, but I could not resist buying it ha ha.......and last but not least...Indian Mangoes bought in boxes of 9 from my local Asian shop...divine.
I'm off to have a girly weekend in London, to see my wonderful and lovely have a fabulous weekend too.
Hugs Lynn xxxxxx
You must try the Mangoes xx


Jema Rose said...

LOVE the underskirt! The boxes are so beautiful Lynn..!

: )

Have a fantastic weekend!!!

Hugs, Jenny


Alicja said...

Hello dear Lynn,
And one of my favourite things (to do) is to visit your magical blog!!!!:)))
Warm, warm hugs from me to you!

moa said...

lovely pictures!
You have a beautiful blogg -
I love to visit..

hugs from moa
in norway

Line said...

I don´t know about mangoes, and flouncy....I LOOOOVE =D

Have a great weekend!


Annie said...

Wishing you a wonderful weekend with you mom. Treasure every moment.

The French Bear said...

I just love all your precious goodies!!!! You always have such marvelous photos. Have fun in London, "big sigh", wish it was me going to London. Ha ha, I am sure you will love the get away and visit with your Mama!!!!
Margaret B

Kitschen Pink said...

Ooh yes please! Juicy mangoes! Can we have them dipped in chocolate whilst gazing longingly at the luscious undergarment? t.x

Hege said...

Hi Lynn!
You have a beautiful blog:-)
I love your box covered in french fabrics..!
Have a nice weekend, hugs Hege.

Yoli said...

How exquisite! Please pass those mangos!

Hope you have a wonderful trip!

Mo'a said...

Have a lovely lovely it would be to be able to go to London.
I have been reading your last three posts they are is always fun to come over to see you.

Vicki's Bit-o-earth said...

"Good Bye. Be Good" quote (by Cecil) from the movie "Room With A View" (:
Love that pink underskirt!

Laura said...

Wonderful fabrics and feminine lingerie....puts me in a lovely state of mind...thank you for sharing a few of your favorites...
Be well, Laura

Blue Muse said...

Flouncey! What a great word, isn't it? Have a great time, and I just want to say that one of my very favorite things is your wonderful blog.
Enjoy your trip, sweet Lynn!
xo isa

Dzintra Ingrid said...

Gorgeous underskirt there Lynn...just looking at it would make one feel very feminine I think♥ No mangoes here for us...we are just starting Winter here. Enjoy every moment on the weekend with your Dear Mum♥x

Bleudelavande said...

The boxes are so beautiful and the underskirt too!!!
Have a nice day

manon 21 said...

coucou Lynn,
super ta robe a mettre dans ta valise quand tu viendras en provence!!!
bon week end.


j'ai pratiquement le même cadre dans ma chambre!

Di Overton said...

Beautiful one and all. I remember my Mum having a nightie like that. Have a great trip to London

Marja Kristiina said...

Warm greetings from up here, dear friend! It was so lovely to check your blog after a lengthy :-( pause and to be able to enjoy your beautiful pictures and gorgeous goodies again.


Solange said...

Oh Lynn, those mangoes look delicious, but are they like the normal mangoes, or are they coated with something?
I also adore the indian mango icecream, so full and creamy....
have a great weekend!

Duften av erteblomster said...

Lovely pictures Lynn, i liiiiike it here!
Wish you a lovely weekend,

hugs Vibeke :)

Sunflower said...

Hi Lynn,

Your posts are so lovely. Everytime I visit your blog, it looks as though you have found the most secret, beautiful and breathtaking life somewhere!! If only all the world were like your blog!! So precious!!


cocoa and blankets said...

hi make everything look so lovely...I will have to try mango! have a lovely weekend, no sunshine for us up north will have to get my knitting needles out!

cocoa and blankets said...

ps how do you cover the boxes...i would love to try...I use the lid from a photocopy box to keep my things to do at work in and would love to cover one with fabric...ny tips and H

Moth to a Flame Studio said...

Hello Lynn,

What a beautiful setting of covered boxes.....I have often wondered what I could do with my fragile I know. I love how you placed the beautiful teacup picture in the old frame and the little pink dress with the rose above on the hanger is sooo pretty! Have fun in London - wish I could meet you there!

Cheers, Lisa

Karen from A`Musements said...

Ohhhhh.... it all looks 'yummy' especially the fabulous mango. We love the same things, Lynn... I have JUST purchased a mango for myself and it's the first of the 'season' and I am now anxious to eat mine!
I hope you have a great time in London, and a wonderful visit with your Mom!
(Perhaps a lovely fish and chips snack will be on the agenda!)

Henna said...

Lovely boxes! This blog IS one of my favourite "things" ...always pretty pictures and with a touch of lovliness :-)
I hope your weekend has been delightful and fun with your mother :-)

Have a pleasent new week!

Hugs Anne

Martine said...

I love your first photo! Love the picture with all the cups, amitié Martine

abeachcottage said...

oh love this, great pictures and the box covered in fabric

love mango...


Lee W - The Way I See It said...

All lovely photos- thanks for sharing! I love the print of the teacups, too.

Gary and Elizabeth~ said...

Hi Lynn,
Love the tea cup picture hanging in the frame. What a beautiful lake and spot to have your family gather for a picnic. Your daughter is lovely. I always enjoy my visits your blog is one of kind.
Take care and enjoy your day,

maminka girl- Loribeth Robare said...

Oh I just love that beautiful slip and the color is delicious. I couldn't fit into either but I can dream. Hope your girly weekend in London was wonderful..sounds like lots of fun!