Sunday, 26 April 2009

Survival of the fittest

Let this stand as a warning!!!!!!
Do not be deceived by this, quiet and beautiful Lakeland Village.............within its lichen covered walls, dwell beings of Celtic fire and determination!!!!!
Well that's how it felt at their local 'jumble sale' you needed nerves of steel and a good left arm........having said that I did come away with a rather beautiful Missal and a gorgeous hoard of Holy Cards, lots of vintage fabrics, and a collection of bruises that a rugby player would be proud of!!!...since when did Jumble sales get like that !!! ha ha.
Do you go to Jumble sales??? tell me your secrets...on how to survive.
Love Lynn xxx


manon 21 said...

je suis la première!!
je pense que l'on faisait un nouveau post en même temps!!!!!
ici il pleut et la provence quand il pleut c'est triste,je survie en envoyant des messages a mes amies blogeuses!!!


Annie said...

Gorgeous pictures, all, but the first has my heart. Holy Cards!!! Love them. A store was closing here a few months ago and was selling their supply for next to nothing. I bought one of each. Pure heaven at that moment.

Laura said...

Ooohh....lovely photo...great finds..first time I heard of a Jumble sale but...I am new to this international blogging community and last week was the first time I heard of a boot sale! I am they are called flea markets or antique shows or yard or garage sales...(sounds so boring)..I am enjoying your beautiful blog...have a wonderful afternoon!
Be well, Laura

The French Bear said...

Wow, you have some serious jumble sales if they are like rugby!!! Ha ha, you did good though, I haven't seen a lot of cards like that before, they are quite delightful!!! It just looks like a magical place to live!!! I love the photos you share, makes me dream of all sorts of possibilities!!!
Happy Sunday!
Margaret B

Jackie said...

I never see jumble sales these days. As I went to a Convent School (round the corner from you)I still have my own Missal and Holy 'Cards' (more commonly known by Catholic children of a certain era as 'Holy Pictures')all blessed, and all given to mark special occasions, or at Novenas, or visits from overseas or VIP clergy.
It seems a world away now.

LillaFlisan said...

Loppis, as we call it in Sweden is like an obsession and a sport for a lot of us bloggers in sweden.
I go every weekend and almost all my old belongings comes from loppis....

(It's like a drug. And I'm an addict for Treasure-hunting :-))

Beautiful pictures and cards!



Vicki's Bit-o-earth said...

Your images made me homesick... if that's possible of an American who's only been to the UK once in her life... but I am homesick! It comes every spring near May, since that was the month I spent drinking in the beauty of it all in 1988! I've not heard of a jumble sale... sounds like a very physical event! LOL Can you describe it to me? When I was there, I only got to go to local "antique shops"... and I can say the prices were... uh, up there... (:

Wonderful post! Enjoyed it very much! Vicki

Katie said...

Hello Sweet friend,
I love the fistfull of holy cards you found, but am sorry about the bruises! I've never had that happen to me, but I've heard of it. my goodness!

Jema Rose said...

Beautiful images Lynn..!

When I go to fleamarkets in Sweden it is just as bad, with people pushing each other all the time, it can be really difficult to see what is for sale...It is a good thing that I am rather tall..!

; )

Have a LOVELY new week my friend!

Hugs, Jenny

Kay said...

I haven't been to a Jumble sale for years but if thats what you found I'm off to find one!! Love those cards and beautiful photos Lynn.

sweetmyrtle said...

Hi Lynn,
i haven't been to proper jumble sale for years. one i went to 22 years ago in a pretty village close to where i lived was just as you describe... elbows and scrum.... so perhaps some have always been like that?!
wishing you a lovely week

cocoa and blankets said...

I would love to go to a jumble sale....I haven't been to one since I was a student and I didnt know they exsisted any more what with car boots , charity shops and best friend is a fiend on any shopping trip, I think its all in the eyes and the elbows...I am afraid I am always too polite to win the prize....

My little footprints said...

Hello my lovley friend!
Here I am again ;) I have read all your latest post. So meny beautifull pictures and lovey words.. I hope everything is ok with you! It seem like you have a lovely spring!! ;) I love the spring too, all the flowers, the sun, the weather, the birds singing ;) thats happiness!!
Hugs from Beth

Wild Somerset Child said...

We seem to 'posh' around here now for such things as jumble sales, though the stalls at the annual flower show and summer fete can be very productive. I find marvellous bargains at charity shops - usually strange necklaces which I take apart and use in mixed media art. I really love your blog and plan to spend more time exploring it.

Carole~Maynard Greenhouse said...

I've never heard of a jumble sale either. Does sound very physical. Maybe it was just this one, but by the looks of what you got I can see why they got a little excited.
Love the name "boot sale" too. I first thought they were selling shoes???I don't see any boots and shoes in this picture??? How dumb am I????
Have a great week!

Gemma Mortlock said...

Ha ha that is so funny, you gathered some great finds though!
i love jumble sales, i probably recomened a good pair of steel arm plates to bash other folk out of the way and a sharp stick to jab anyone who is picking up the item you want! only kidding, i think if manners fail, i usually just fold my arms and kind of barge my way through (you just have to think for yourself, bargain hunting is a selfish sport lol)

Gary and Elizabeth~ said...

I just can't get over your beautiful pictures! You are amazing with the camera, you bring everything to life as if I was right there seeing what you are seeing.
I love your blog.
Have a wonderful day,

Suze said...

What terrific finds...congratulations on your survival instinct, and thank you for a wonderful blog.
To get the best out and offer a fair price for the odd item you'd like. You usually find the "professionals" are first in the queue, the ones who sell on either at boot fairs or collection sales...even antique fairs. They know exactly where everything is, and which stall they're going to check first...

Henna said...

Love your header and your pictures too, you are so lucky to have so beuatiful surroundings and different landscapes from ours..
I hope you are well and enjoying this lovely Spring dear friend. I did my last day at work today, feels a bit strange and at the same time sad, 18 years I´ve been working in the same place..well, looking at the bright hands are getting their well earned rest now..Now I´m going to enjoy of a long lovely summer before I seriously need to go out on the non existing labour market.

Maybe I´ll find new fleamarkets to visit and make great bargains ;-)

All the best to you Lynn and keep smiling :-)

Hugs / Anne

Breathing Beside Us said...

I am sooooooo jealous! (i know....thats a sin ) I'm in love with your finds!
What a beautiful place...what a beautiful post.

maminka girl- Loribeth Robare said...

We call them "Rummage Sales" here in NH and here is my sneaky little trick. I always donate heaps of stuff because it is a great way to declutter. When I bring the stuff in, I take a little sneak peek and know just where to go when the doors open. However, I do NOT elbow anybody out of the way..nothing is worth that!

Your little village looks like right out of a movie set. So beautiful.

Happy Rummaging, Loribeth

Di Overton said...

We were at a Jumble Sale at the local village hall last summer and a man standing next to me stole a barometer. The whole village went looking for him and when we arrived at the pub in the next village half an hour later it was the talk of the pub. I am sure if that man came back here they would lynch him.

...Miss...Maddie's... said...

What a perfect place for a jumble sale, amidst the hills,dales and churchyard where lay to rest those that have gone before us.
The most important thing to remember at any sale be it jumble, flea market or brocante manners go a long way. Excuse me, pardon me, thankyou... all make for a pleasurable outing and the opportunity to show that you are not just a bull in a china shop!
Love the goodies you managed to find.
xo Susan

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

I don't have the right sort of fortitude to fight over things, so I would be pretty useless at a rabid sort of jumble sale. Looks like you did rather well, though! bravo!

lou said...

Hello my lovely, what beautiful cards!
I haven’t done a jumble sale in years and years, I would always go with my Nan.
I went into a charity shop this week at that was a bit like a jumble sale, maybe we need to wear protective clothing, like a crash helmet and leg and arm pads. ;0)
Sorry I was not mush help if you come up with anything let me know…love Lou xxx

Anne Marie said...

lovely post....lovely!