Sunday, 5 April 2009

Cool around my neck.........

Well........I have braved a hair cut...and it feels rather liberating to have shorter hair...more girly somehow ha ha...
Now I can have kisses on the back of my neck...enough!!
Here are some pictures of some bits I have been playing with. The dress is my Easter Sunday best, I bought the beautiful vintage style tissue rose from Lee Weber doesn't it look lovely on my dress.
I have been making Easter garlands from hares and hens , and funny little peg hanger's to clip all of my current inspirations to.
The divine little slippers are from Katie's Etsy Shop Old wild Cherry's, she has just opened it and has filled it with so many lovely things to buy.
I hope you are all enjoying the changing landscape, as the Goddess returns from sleep, and spreads her cloak over our land again, sending our souls soaring into the milky sunshine, whilst the cold fingers of winter lurk still icy in the shadows.
Have a lovely week and find fun and pleasure in all you achieve.
Hugs Lynn xxx


Blue Muse said...

Happy Easter, sweet Lynn!

Everything looks so Spring-like! I love your new sassy haircut, it looks wonderful. The garlands are so sweet and your Sunday best dress is gorgeous, and the flower gives it just that perfect special something. Everything is gorgeous... including the ever warming weather and perfumes of the flowers that are beginning to bloom!
Happy Spring, happy everything.
xo Isa

manon21 said...

bonjour lynn,

j'adore tes lièvres de Pâques,
et je pense que ta coupe de cheveux est magnifique,tout pour que Pâques soit une belle fête chez toi.

ton amie française


LillaFlisan said...

That picture with the dress and the huge mirror...... It's just amazing!

I love the light, the reflection...I love everything about it!
You are such an artist with the camera as well.......

Isn't it great that spring is here again! At last! I'm so glad that the snow is gone!

Lots of hugs


P.s. Your hairstyle is so cute!

Marianne@Songbirdisnesting said...

Love your new hair do! And that idea with the clothes hanger and the little clothespins is just great. I might have to 'borrow' that idea one day.
Have a nice week!

LiLi M. said...

I love that banner with the hares and that with the hens too. Mmm I'd better say I love everything here, because I do. You must look stunning in your Easter dress. My mother used to dress up us all in new clothes for Easter. Mmmm I might do some shopping too this week :-).
Have a nice week too!

MuseSwings said...

Lovely, lovely! Your haircut looks like springtime. The dress is amazing! I loved looking at all the beautiful treasures!

The French Bear said...

Lynn, your hair looks fabulous!! I love the hares and the hens!!! Such a fun design! Have a great week!!!
Margaret B

Phyllis said...

Hi Lynn! I am so glad you are back to your blog. I've missed your updates and was concerned for your health.

I like your new "do".


Laura said...

Great haircut! Cool banners....and fabulous dress! Your style is inspirational....glad I found you! Be well, Laura

Mari said...

Oh, you have lovely dress! And your hair are looks beautifull <3 Have a great week and happy easter :)

Karen from A`Musements said...

Hello Lynn! I love your new 'do'... so fresh and fun for the new season. So glad you are finally feeling better and your Easter garlands are just darling. I am sure you had a great time creating because it shows in the finished work. Your photography, as usual, is just divine.... I just want to hop on a jet and come see it all, but the next best thing is definitely you behind the camera. Thank you for sharing your world with all of us~~ what a gorgeous world it is!
Happy..happy...happy you are better!

Tracey said...

Hey Lynn.
Your hair looks lovely, really shiny! That dress is beautiful and the flowers on it look gorgeous. I put my first item on etsy last night, still got more to put on later today but took me ages to put that on as I didn't really know what I was doing. ha ha.

Primchick said...

Nice haircut.... 'a graduated bob, cut into a convex angle' but enough of this technical stuff...!!
Thanks for your recent comments... was just thinking about putting all this daft crafting thing to one side... been feeling what's the point to it recently..?

Gardengirl said...

I love your new hair shiny and healthy looking. Just imagine how HOT you will look with your new hair style when you are wearing that gorgeous dress.... for sure you will be getting kisses on the neck from hubby.
You always take the most amazing photo's. I just love seeing what is happening in your life.

Carole~Maynard Greenhouse said...

Love your hair cut. Vey sweet. Found your blog awhile ago thru your look. So glad your feeling better and blogging again. My blogging time is getting cut short this time of year...miss it so much.

Annie said...

Good morning Lynn. I haven't said it for a while but it bares repeating - I love that I can visit your world. The music. The images. They bring me such peace.

Jackie said...

I am being very nosey and asking about your sewing machine. Is it a singer irish machine? I have had one for a year and need someone to service it and wonder if you have any advice.? Bearing in mind i live about 10 miles from you I'm getting quite excited that you may be able to help. I'm glad you are feeling better now and looking forward to the spring and all it brings.

cocoa and blankets said...

I love your bunny garlands ...just fab...however did you get your arms around the back of your head for that photo!!!! its lovely to see your wonderful photos and read your soothing and hugs from Helen over the border.....

Jema Rose said...

Love the hair cut Lynn, I really need one too..!

: )

The Easter beautful and creative!

And the lovely..!

Have a wonderful Easter my friend!



Emma said...

I love it all!

Great to have you back and all inspired by easter bunnies!!

Emma x

Yoli said...

It looks so beautiful, so chic!

Dzintra Ingrid said...

A lovely new swishy haircut for you...and nice and cooling for your upcoming Spring and Summer. You have been busy...all very beautiful as always.
Thoroughly enjoyed reading the mag and getting to know you a little more...and being able to glimpse into your part of the World...Dzintra♥

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Wonderful new haircut. I guess I just put mine up when I feel like I need more neck kisses!

Beautiful Easter photos here. Always so pretty when I visit.

Saint Ange said...

kisses from Provence Lynn
all is also beautiful (as your neck)

...Miss...Maddie's... said...

Tis funny what catches one's eye when they gaze upon a photo.
Your new bob is light and wispy like the season set before us.The slippers are delightful and I agree Katie does have sweet goodies.The rose is enchanting too.
But what really sought my interest was the enamel bowl filled with ribbon gently wrapped around the cardboard center protecting it until you have summoned its use inspired by a delightful creation you are working on.
Happy Easter Lynn and may your Spring be filled with kisses on the neck.
xo Susan

Diane said...

your hair is gorgeous!!! So is everything else in this post! Glad to see you're back. Happy Spring!

Primchick said...

Hi Lynn... well, Ok I've sent some images up... let's see what happens next eh?....
Thanks for your kind words Lynn..

Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

EVERYTHING is ALWAYS so beautiful and dreamy here Lynn!
(Love the new 'do' too!)
Happy Easter,
Niki x

lou said...

Hi Lynn, your new hair cut looks lovely all ready for the summer breeze on your neck!
Thank you for your lovely kind words on my blog!
Have a lovely Easter-love Lou xxx

Annabelle said...

Lovely to see you are feeling better and being creative. I luv your new do....blowing kisses your way....Happy Easter..Ooh I luv the dress , rose and of course that beautiful mirror. Hugs Annabelle

Marja Kristiina said...

The new cut is fabulous!!! And I love the color! Cos you're worth it ;-)

Happy, happy Easter, dear Lynn!

Martine said...

Hello dear Lynn,
love your hair cut and all the beautiful things you have made for easter, white and grey give such a quiet and soft feeling, would love to see your place! Have a lovely easter, amitié Martine

Alicja said...

Beautiful decoration Lynn:))) I'm your fan, you know:)
Dear, have a peaceful, full of sun Easter,
a lot of warm hugs to you and your family,

Tracy x said...

oh - how lovely to see you.... xx
enjoy a beautiful Easter sweet lady
t x

LillaFlisan said...

Happy Easter!



Solange said...

Nice fresh haircut! I also just came from the hairdresser, which is something I don-t like enjoy at all, but okay.
Love your room, the decorations, wishing you a lovely and happy Easter.

Henna said...

Lovely girlish haircut! I hope you have lot of sunshine and birds that sing out loud :-)
The pic on my header is one that I´ve found on the internet, thought it was cute. My hands are quite ok at the moment thank you for asking. I´m having an Easter holiday...mostly because we dont have much to do at work and I guess we are going to know whether we are losing our jobs or not, not knowing is the worst part..I´m trying my best to think positive and keeping the calm, my belly is aching and I´m afraid of getting stomach ulcer...:-/
Enough of sad thoughts. The sun is shining, Marko is heating up the sauna and in the afternoon we are going to eat Easter food at my sister in law´s house :-)
I wish you and your family a Happy Easter! And if I didn´t say it already...I just adore your pics, your home is so beautiful!

Easter hugz! Anne

Mr Lee said...

Beautiful!Have a lovely Easter weekend.Welcome to our blog

Lee W - The Way I See It said...

You have the most beautiful house. I love your taste and style.The hare garlands are the best!! Maybe if we sell the house and head to Maine -as is the plan- you can come visit- and bring the hares!! Thanks for the kind mention regarding the pin. It looks lovely on your dress. xoxo

Di Overton said...

Great to have you back. Love the hair, the dress and everything else.

Lobster and swan said...

great cut!

kristinco said...

C'est magique ! Les oiseaux et les lapins en papier me font craquer ... c'est un réel plaisir de te visiter et de me laisser rêver au fil de tes posts !!! BRAVO j'adore !