Sunday, 29 March 2009

The return of the light......................

I dreamt of birds nesting on her head, and saw the hare lying safely in her arms, and I knew she was our Lady of Spring time.......................................

Thankyou my friends for your wonderful kindnesses Lynn xxxxx


Tyra said...

Hi, Lynn!
I hope you are feeling good, as the springtime arrives here in Norway as well...
I always get inspired by visiting Your blog. Its simply, truly wonderful!
Thank You for all lovely pictures and inspiring words!
Have a nice week!
Love from Cathrine, Norway.

Tracey said...

Woo hoo your back!! I've missed you my lovely Lynn. I love your spring lady she is divine. I have now registered for an etsy shop, I haven't uploaded anything yet as I'm still working on some things but will hope to have it running by next week.
Glad you are feeling better.
much love
T. x

Jema Rose said...

I am SO glad that you are back Lynn!!!

I really hope that you are feeling better now..!

I love your Lady of Spring, so beautiful...

: )

Have a lovely new week my friend!

Hugs, Jenny


Cathy Louise said...

Wow I hope you are feeling heaps better...Well I am absolutely loving Autumn here in Aus as the days are so sunny and warm and the nights are crisp and the crest moon tonight was just so perfect that you just feel so lucky to be part of this gorgeous world!!!! Take care and so glad to have you back!!! Take care Cathy xx

Hem och Lycka said...

How cute isn't that bird! And love your new (?) banner!

hugs, Mia

Sal said...

Hi there Lynn!!
Hope you are well! Thank goodness we have some sun at last.
Love your lady of spring.
Big hugs from me!

Sal ;-)

vintagepaintings said...

Hello dear Lynn,
So nice that you are back- I have missed your lovely posts.
Your new creations are beautiful - and your words too.
Have a lovely spring week!
Hugs from Solveig:)

Kitschen Pink said...

Are you back! I only just found you before you went! Do you have birds nesting on your head? I feel like I do, fidgetting and fussing and needing me to be active! t.x

Primchick said...

Hooray... you're back.... hope you're feeling better... nice to hear from you again...

Martine said...

Good to hear your beautiful words again Lynn, spring helps to feel lighter again, I love your photos, amitié Martine

Regina said...

Dear Lynn
I'm so happy you are back.I have missed you my friend.I hope you are
feeling better.Wonderful bird have
you designed.
I wish you a nice week!!!
Bear hugs from Regina

Mari said...

I hope you are feeling well! I like your picture Lady of Spring ;) Have a wonderfull week <3

Line said...

WOHOOO!!! In sunlight I see...good for you, I´m soo glad you´r back! =)

Spring is coming along over here too...and the sun is shining...every other day (when it´s not snowing)....

Have a lovely week....hope you don´t take so long .....I´ve missed you.


Gardengirl said...

Hi Lynn
Looks like the Spring brought you back to us. I missed you posts and words of wisdom. Welcome back !!!!

LillaFlisan said...

I missed you so much!

Hope you are well!!!



Bleudelavande said...

Ohhh Lynn, I'm so glad that you are back!!!!I hope that you are fine now!
I'm very happy to start again my visites on your blog:I always get inspired from it!
Beautiful your Lady Spring!
Have a nice week,Mate from Italy

Henna said...

I hope your strenght has returned, the seed of inspiration has been planted in your heart..I´ve missed you dear friend!
I´ve seen small signs of spring coming..although I´ve spend lot of time indoors. Hubby and I are occupied with renovating our hall and it is taking it´s time, why hurry? I´ve been panting walls all day and the smell of paint has really spinned my head around...
I am glad to see you here in blogworld again :-)
Have a superb week Lynn!

Hugs! Anne

Tinas said...

I`m very happy to see you here again!!
Enjoy good times..
Nice week!

manon 21 said...

le retour des com de sea angels le dimanche soir!
je suis ravie,car je vois que tu vas mieux.

ton amie française


lou said...

What a lovely way too end my weekend, a beautiful post from you Lynn!
Lovely too see you back!
Take care love Lou xxx

Noamaja said...

Welcome back! You have been missed! Love, A

Katie said...

Oh dearest! I am happy to see the light coming in on your world. I've missed your words and the view of the world through your eyes. I LOVE your version of Ostara - isn't she just what I would make of her as well?! Wow! I love it!Sending you LIGHT and LOVE and all things warm & fuzzy & green &, Katie

From This Moment to That said...

Helloooooo Lynn... you're back!
So glad, hope you are feeling fully recovered, wonder if you liked Fitzpatricks, like stepping back in time. (If you got there?)

These things are just lovely.. so pretty, adorable!!


The Victorian Parlor said...

Yay-you're back! I am so glad that you are feeling better. Take care:)



Deb said...

Hello Lynn
Happy to see you are back. Hope you are feeling better!



kay said...

So glad that you are back...I've missed you!!..your lovely words and fab pleased spring has found you.
love kay

Di Overton said...

Phew I was getting worried. So lovely to have you back my fellow English blogger :)

The Fairy Glade said...

Welcome back..we have all missed you. Dev X

Shirl said...

Blessings of the season.

timelesshome annika said...

welcome back Lynn, I have missed you in the blogg world. Hope you are filled whith energy.I am on my way out for a walk. To fill my body with light,Still waiting for spring to stay.
Take care.

Sussi's värld said...

Hope you are well now.
Missed you here, and all your beautiful posts.

cocoa and blankets said...

I am soooooooooooooooooo glad you are back...I have been watching every day hoping to hear from you and share your beautiful photographs and peep into your journeys and and big big hugs H

Solange said...

Welcome back Lynn! I am glad that you are feeling a bit better, at least I hope so... Spring can really lift our spirits.

take care,


Annabelle said...

Long time my friend! So glad you have come back and brought along a beautiful friend as well!
Hugs Annabelle

Emma said...

Yay, Yay, Yay youre back!!

I love your lady of spring and the stunning mangolia next to it... spring is just the best time of year!

Hugs, Emma x

From This Moment to That said...

Hey Lynn save some Jaffa cakes for me! And so glad Mr F fixed you up a good old potion!! :)


littlescrapsofmagic said...

Welcome back! I have missed you and your blog...hoping you are feeling much better!

MuseSwings said...

I'm so glad to see you back! It's like the sun coming out again.

Sunflower said...


You have really been gone from your blog for a long time! I have so missed your beautiful posts, but mostly am so glad that you are feeling better!! Hope you keep feeling better and that spring will cheer you up!

Alicja said...

Dear Lynn!
I'm so happy you are back!
I've missed you very much.
Big, big hugs from Warsaw,

Gary and Elizabeth~ said...

Hi Lynn,

I'm so happy you are back to blogging, I have missed you. The little blue bird is lovely. We are having wonderful spring days as well in California except with a few days of high winds.
Enjoy your day,

Greedy Nan said...

Hope that this blog entry means you are now much better and will be reading more of you in future.
PS don't you think it's about time you took that washing in ....

Lilla Blanka said...

Hi Lynn!

I´m so glad you are feeling better!
Spring in England can do wonders..the gardens and flowers start to blossom, it´s so lovely!

Big hug to you sweet friend!

Tulipa said...

So nice to see you`re back!
I`ve missed your magic!

The talent you have is truly unique!
Everything in here is in my eyes a piece of magic...

take care!


...Miss...Maddie's... said...

So the Lady of Spring has arrived bringing with her a newness of life... the blooming of flowers, dancing of raindrops, birdsong in the garden and most of all the return of you. Well and awakened to the wonders that lie ahead.
xo Susan

Yoli said...

So glad to see you posting again! Beautiful little bird!

Annie said...

Dear Lynn, I am so happy to see you dropping in for a moment. I hope you are truly on the mend. Your birdie pillow is so sweet.

Come see my new traveling companion. It will cheer you:

If I ever get to England again, you will get to meet the little guy face to face.

Chatelaine said...

Glad to see you're blogging again! Hope you are feeling better!

Love the lady with the nest in her hair and the birdie. Very sweet.

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Well Huzzah!! I am so glad you have returned. Edward and I were concerned! But here you are, back with the Spring.

maminka girl- Loribeth Robare said...

So nice to see you back Lynn. I was a bit worried and glad to see you are feeling better! Loribeth

Dzintra Ingrid said...

Lovely to have you back Lynn...and may your Lady of Spring Bless you with many warm and sunshiney days!!! I have just gotten the magazine that has your and your Hubby in it...I am jumping up and down about it all...thought I would miss out...Love to you, Dzintra ♥

Angel.Pearls said...

Soon spring is here, and the light too..Pretty bird! Best wishes//Eva

madeleinemiranda said...

Hi Lynn! What a sweet little birdie, how lovellllyyy! I do hope that you are well, and hope to see a few more posts soon :)

Have a nice week-end!


Ragged Roses said...

I am so happy to find you here again. Let the joys of Spring make you better...
Take care

Italian Girl in Georgia ~ Suzanne MacCrone said...

You have been missed, Dear Lynn, and you have brought some light to us. Beautiful work, as always.

Ciao bella,

Ulla said...

Lynn, so happy that you are back to your wonderful creative self again. Love the doll, and of course your eye for beauty is amazing!

blueberries in the fields said...

I am without words....what can i say except that i am in total admiration when i look at your blog. Everything is so perfect, from your creations, to your little sewing retreat ( Ooooohhhh so dreamingly beautiful ) to the music that fills your page. I added you in my favorites, i cannothelp but keep coming back and dream again. you are suchan inspiration !
goodness to you

The French Bear said...

You're back, how nice.... I've missed you.
Although, I found your article in the Somerset Life magazine!!! That is so wonderful, and as always I loved every picture!!!
Congratulations on being published.
Have a happy weekend and I hope you are feeling well. Take care,
Margaret B

Charlene said...

Lynn, I just found you from visiting at Villa Extra. I love your blog. I will return often! Hope you are feeling better. The flu is so awful! Hugs

Blue Muse said...

Hi dear Lynn,

I hope Spring finds you feeling good and all being well in your world.

You are always missed when you are away.

xo Isa