Sunday, 8 February 2009

To cook is to create................

I was overawed in my last post by your comments, by your work loads, by your commitments. I have not been able to reply to you all, I am sorry for that, but I will reply as soon as I can. Your words are special to me and my world is so much nicer for having you around!!
We all work so hard for our family's, for ourselves, creating a whole and beautiful place to be happy and together. I was making marmalade, the smell of oranges filled our home for days, making it feel cosy and homely, chunky Seville for my husband... sweet Tangerine for my mom..... because I know they love it, and home made is much cheaper!!!
When I had finished bottling them I felt really satisfied that I had made them myself, and I thought yes, this is another extension of a woman's creativity, cooking, homemaking, everyday meals, things we happily (almost unknowingly) create every day, with care and love.
So if you have time, please share with me the things that you do that, give you a glow, that helps your home twinkle in these quiet snowy days.
Love and hugs for a peaceful and happy week
Lynn xxx


Jema Rose said...

Looks delicious, I can almost feel the scent..!

Have a lovely week Lynn!



organic-lizzi said...

Your words,pictures,music and "energie"makes me touch something deeeeep.. To makes thing to youreself and others with love is very importent...
Your work room is so beautiful..
To me (finelly at the age of 54)I think I have choosen "my self" to be in balance.That meens for me that all I do is with love and plenty of time..I have been working as animalcommunicator for some years...but the "funny"is that when I do that I have not enough time for our animals!!
Have a Lovely Day&a Big Hug from Randi

LillaFlisan said...

Homemade marmalade!!!!!!
That's pure love.......

I don't know if my husband agrees with me but I try my hardest to fill :-) our home with beautiful things. Things that has a soul, a history......

(Who am I kidding... He does NOT agree!! :-) But I do cook and I guess that's why he put up wgh it!

Have a fabulous week!!



Jema Rose said...

No...I didn´t get any e-mail from you..!

Paris...I have only been there once, and that was ages ago, and I got the flu when I was there..! But I really fell in love with Paris, it is so beautiful & romantic. Have a great time there!!!



Weißer Vintagezauber said...

Hallo, my english is not so good.The glasses with marmelade is soooo beautiful.Have a nice Sunday,Elke.♥♥♥

Solange said...

Those marmalades look delicious! mm....your question made me think, but I know the answer. I like so much to paint or to move some furniture on cold days like this. I tend to make my house cosier when I can't go out much. But setting the table in a extra special way also makes my heart sing, it-s the little things....

wish you a wonderful week,


Yoli said...

Such a talented lady. I love being here. I can barely boil water successfully. I look at your blog and I can only dream.

Menopausal musing said...

I made butter pretty! (yup! it CAN be done, as my last post shows).

soann said...

I agree with you :"to cook is to create" . Unfortunately, i'm not a very good cook (but my husband is a perfect one !). There's one thing i like making : Cakes and desserts. Today i made muffins, a tiny "creation" for my children.
Have a lovely week !

cocoa and blankets said...

Well...I spend any time I have knitting or now crochet...making clothes or presents for my loved ones..I love giving people gifts..its my favourite thing...infact I like giving more than I like receiving...I am a great collector too and my home is a big project..I am constantly changing this and that..swapping pictures in frames...adding new treasures...and of course I have my drama ( see last but one post) I couldnt live withot creating and making theatre....I love the new look to your blog...expecially the snow...I make marmalade but I cheat...I buy a basic kit and add ginger or whiskey...have a lovely and hugs H

Annabelle said...

As usual you are gal that I heart!
I love creating good food but not as often as I should, I spend more time reading and creating art although this past week has been hectic with bus strikes in Ottawa and having to spend the majority of my time on the road but I did get some cooking
in between....Cherry Cheesecake, Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins and Milanses Chicken....So I guess not bad considering… still not as enticing as yours.


vosgesparis said...

I am confused cos I just discoverd you have two blogs with the same name... What to do haha .. I only have one in my reader I thinkI need some time to check them out, Thanks for passing by lyn ;)
Have a wonderful week..

The Victorian Parlor said...

Yum! The pictures are beautiful and I can almost smell the marmalade.

manon said...

je te raconterai ******


Line said...

Todiloo! (Tjingeling, as I use to write in swedish)thank you again for taking the time to email me!!! Your post is inpiering as allways... Right now I´m bussy making some gifts for valentine´s day and I have a lottery on my blog...nothing handmade this time...atleast noy by me=) My head is filled with ideas for crafts at the moment...need more hours in the day=)

Have a lovely week

From This Moment to That said... just reminded me of my lovely Mum...she used to make her own marmalade and then she always had a little something she could give visitors as a gift as they were leaving. We lost her two years ago, she was three days past her 93rd birthday.
p.s. Thank you so much for your visit to my blog,I was thrilled to receive your comment.

salina said...

Wow, even your canning jars are beautiful. I love to visit here and see all the beauty you have to offer.
Take care,

Sea Angels said...

Hi Salina thankyou so much for taking the time to leave your lovely comment. My jars are re-used Mamon Jam bottles, that I boil.... then pop some pretty covers on,(over the lids) these are greaseproof paper, and paper doilys.
Hugs Lynn xxx

Tout ce que j'Aime said...

Delicious photos.
miam miam !

Marja Kristiina said...

So true, dear friend.

To be totally honest, I feel that I've in a way sacrificed my own well-being for that of my husband and especially my child. They so deserve it and I feel in no way particularly noble having done that. It's been a normal, sensible thing to do. This means that there's been very little time and space for my feeling tired or poorly but it's all been a conscious decision on my part. My little girl deserves the very, very best start for her own life and my husband is certainly not my free doctor/therapist/servant. Sure, there are times when I need help and a marriage is, bien sûr, a two-way street but in spite of how I feel, my first priority in life is the happiness of those two loved ones and not my own. (A decision that, I'm sure, not everybody understands.)

At times I've even felt that in some bizarre way I - after all -thrive in adversity. Who knows?

Have a wonderful week! And as a humble conclusion: is it difficult to cook homemade marmalade?

Mibsy said...

What an absolutely exquisite blog. :)

Bleudelavande said...

Delicious home marmalade; it's true, to cook is really to create.
you reminded me of my dear french best friend she makes often marmalade on her own and when I'm there she prepares delicious breakfast! Mmmmm!!!Have a nice week.Mate

Mari said...

Those marmelade look delicious... I can feel the smell of oranges ;) Have a lovely week!

MuseSwings said...

Lovely Marmalade! I made blood orange marmalade a few weeks ago. Yes - the scent of oranges is delightful and the sense of having created something is just as sweet!


Oh how inspiring I want to make some send me your recipe!!! I love to cook I made a big pot of Chicken Soup today.. there is nothing like being with the ones you love on a chilly day with good food cooking on the stove..mmmm love your wrappings...xoxoxo laura

...Miss...Maddie's... said...

Tangerine marmalade sounds yummy... and if Hubby likes the tart Seville oranges he may enjoy my grapefruit, cranberry which is wonderful with chicken.
The fruits of my labour from summer past... organic rosepetal and violet jelly. When a new jar is opened the freshness of the harvest fill the room with its satisfying fragrance and brings oblivion to the snow outside.
xo Susan

RaphaeliteGirl said...

Well, where do I start?

I discovered your enchanting blog at the beginning of last week, when Kent was cloaked in snow.

I tucked myself up (with HC of course!) and proceeded to read your beautiful blog from first post to last and nearly all of the comments as well.

Some of the posts brought tears to my eyes. Your words and inner beauty complement your obvious artistic talent.

From textiles, to baking, via running and house rejuvenation, I feel as if I've walked alongside and observed your creative journey over the past couple of years.

How very special...

I shall check back regularly for wisdom, inspiration and the pure unadulterated beauty that you offer. You should be on the NHS!

Will you be attending the V&H Fair at the end of May? I do hope so :o)

Am off to make some Tangerine Marmalade!

Happy a happy, frosty, delicious day...


RaphaeliteGirl said...
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madeleinemiranda said...

Looks lovely! I like to write lots of lists of things to do, and slowly cross htem off one by one... Simple things like cleaning, cooking can brighten up the day! Especially when I need a break from university work!


Gary and Elizabeth~ said...

Marmalade jelly is one of my all time favorites!. I can smell it now.
I too enjoy making this. I think what I enjoy the most is watching someone open a gift I have knitted, sewed or crocheted for them.

Have a wonderful day,

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

I am one of those people who enjoy housework, especially when I have plenty of time. Cooking, baking, ironing, polishing...all that makes my heart happy. The art of the everyday...most important, I think.

lou said...

That is on my list, I have all my jars ready!
I love coming too visit your blog, it always feels so peaceful, thanks for sharing.

Love Lou xxx

Lilla Blanka said...

Hi sweet Lynn!

Oh how lovely!

I really like this post..the photos bring out a lovly atmosphere..very cosy and nostalgic.

Have a wonderful week dear blofriend!

Lilla Blanka said...

..ooops slipped on the keyboard :)
Blogfriend was the word I meant

Phyllis said...

I haven't made jams and jellies in a gazillion years, but I adore baking! When I bake, it gives me the same feelings you had when you had completed your beautiful marmalades. The scent of something yummy in the oven fills my home with a feeling of comfort. And then there is the added pleasure of eating it. Recently I made a new recipe for cranberry orange bread. I was keeping my little grandaughter and trying to get her excited about having some for breakfast the following morning - instead of her usual cold cereal. She looked and me and said, "Nana - you get so excited about food!" I thought I'd die laughing!

Blue Muse said...

Mmmm marmalade! Reading this made me think of a book I just read that spoke of the importance of a "handmade life" - it really does make all the difference in the world.
It hasn't been snowing here, but the weather has been wacky nonetheless - we just cleared out of a three day rain, and now it's back to sunny coastal southern california :)
Beeswax candle making is a great winter project - the warm, honey hues and the sultry and deep aroma brings the warmth and glow of summer to you instantly.
Spring's coming, hang on!
xo Isa

Solstrimmor & Stjärnstrålar said...

Yes we all work a lot and often it's not so much time left to do such things. But when we do, our familymembers love it.
I really love your work room, Lynn! And the curtain, wow.
I have sent you a mail.

RosesRadishesandRubbish said...

Dear Lynn,

Just found your blog and can't wait to explore, along with being an incredible artist and creature of beautiful surroundings, I feel your blog is like sitting down and having tea with a friend!:) I LOVE your house it is beyond wonderful and so inspiring.. can't wait to read EVERY post! :)

saint ange said...

HI Lynn,
humm these marmelade !!
how are you ?
have a very beautiful day
kisses from provence

Karin said...

Hello dearest Lynn!

Your words and photos are lovely as always! The marmelade jars are so nice with your fine decoration! And the white tray you have put them on is a real treasure.

To do something special for the loved ones is the most pleasing things. I try to make our home as cosy as I can, and I love to bake and cook when it comes to make that little extra! I made a rasberry/vanilla paj when we all was sick last week to have some bright thing in the mess here at home. It was so nice dispate we all couldn´t fell the taste of it!

Have a lovely week Lynn, and enjoy the simple things in life!

Love and hugs from Sweden!


Primchick said...

Oooo.... I hope 'you know who' enjoys their card... glad you like my stuff, so nice when someone leaves nice messages.
My magazine Somerset life, came in the post the other week,(I have a secret desire, one day, be published in there, fingers crossed) it's fab & inspirational, as always, I've just ordered two of their newer editions,one called 'Love' & another all about Marianne Atonenett, should make for some lovely reading...

lou said...

Bless you, I hope you are snug and warm in bed and feeling a bit better!
Love Lou xxx

Martine said...

Beaufiful photos, I love the smell when I make jam or bread and try to have time for it, I make as well textile pictures with bits of material I have colllected since years, and enjoy doing things at school with the children, I just did with the toodlers "Peter rabbit" in Mr Mac Grégor's garden, it's on my blog! Have a lovely week-end, amitié Martine

Naturegirl said...

Beautifully presented! You always add a touch of romance to what ever you post!

maminka girl- Loribeth Robare said...

I can almost smell those lovely oranges simmering away in your cozy kitchen. Some of my most peaceful moments are spent in the kitchen especially if I am not under pressure to make something but just cook for the pure pleasure of it.

Have a lovely St. Valentine's Day


Di Overton said...

Now what else would I expect from you Lynn? You make marmalade, which I imagine is delicious then you top them with the most beautiful covers. GORGEOUS!

Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

this is such a romantic blog! I love it!
greetings from denmark, sarah sofia

Ragged Roses said...

Making jam and chutney during the summer is one of my favourite things. So therapeutic and wonderful, knowing that the cupboard will be full of loveliness for my family to enjoy ... It is one of those things that needs to be done slowly and I appreciate the time it takes. Your photos and words (and no doubt the marmalade) are beautiful.

Moderncountry said...

Oh Dear Lynn,

Thank you for thinking about me and for leaving me messages!! You are the sweetest. Even though you have a lot to do yourself. Your visits means specially lot to me, because of our friendship :)
So how are you? Did the week give you joy? I hope you had the time to relaxe and create as well. It is something special with baking or making wonderful and jummy products in the kitchen. I daily enjoy food chanel as I am sitting curled up with mye embroidery at the sofa. I specially love the program "French food at home" and are writing down recipes regularly. The row of glass jars with marmelade are looking so inviting and tempting!! Jum :))
Can`t wait until the summer are here again to enjoy the fruit and the herbs in the garden.

I hope you will enjoy a wonderful weekend with your love.
(What are you going to do?)

Stay warm Lynn!
Hugs from Aina

Emma said...

Yum, yum! I love that feeling of making something tasty from something so simple.

i have to say that i have gone a little green eyed over your work space. I currently work in my living room. To have to tidy things away and clear up all the time is a nightmare. I long for a room all of my own, to space everything out, and make pretty, just like yours.... maybe a shed? or a vintage caravan at the end of the garden....oh yeah i dont have a garden! but a girl can dream, right?

Thank you for sharing your beauty with us admiring bloggers.

Happy Valentines!

Emma x

Ulla said...

... colors like sweet candy, tiny spring violets in old silver cups, birds nests on the mantel, and mother of pearl buttons in a jar...

Love your new banner!
Happy Valentines Weekend from afar...

The Devil Makes Work said...

Hi Lynn,

Crikey even your jam jars look fabulous!!

Yoli said...

Just stopped by to wish the beautiful sea angel a Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Diane said...

I have just discovered your site. It is the most gorgeous I have seen so far. Your work is beautiful as well. Hope you are recovering.