Saturday, 24 January 2009

Working late.....

This is my work room, my space where I like to paint and sew when everything else is day starts at by 7 am I am off on the train to work, I get home at, and with a bit of luck have a few late hours before bedtime to play..this time is very precious to me...I am curious about your precious time, your special snatched moments in the day, and what do you do with them, what makes them special for you.
Please stop by and share them with me, if you can, that way I also get to know more about you too, as well as picking up some helpful tips xx
Thank you so much for all of your lovely comments, I always love hearing from you.
Love and Hugs
Lynn xx


Tracey said...

Hey Lynn. I love this photo, what a beautiful place to work, it looks magical. I will see you on wednesday as Im going to call in to pick my work up, because I've got an interview! looking forward to seeing you. xx

EMMA said...

Yes, the day is always too short.
That does not leave much time to be creative.
But this weekend is also great because you can do a lot.

a wonderful weekend!!!!


I love this photo!!!

MaryPoppins said...

My precious moments are often spent with my children, and then more precious moments spent on my own cuddled up with a soft throw, candles lit, a nice cup of tea, reading delightful magazines. Especially Period Living which has the most adorable home in it this month :)

Gorgeous workroom,and kitchen, what a beautiful table Ohooo Lynn your home is devine :) I love your bitterness elements, it works really well

Would love to do a little link to your blog, and hope that it is alright to mention the magazine, I so enjoyed reading your article Lynn



Greedy Nan said...

Saw your workroom in the magazine and there it goes, my envy button pressed again ... I don't have one [workroom, not button] and don't have the space for one, except for in my head - and that's really too cluttered up with worthless, useless information anyway to manage to fit anything else in.

Jema Rose said...

That room...SO beautiful Lynn..!

: )

I haven´t been very creative lately, my entire home is a mess right now, but I have lots of ideas...

Have a lovely new week sweetie!



The Pumpkin Pink Cottage said...

I love your space it looks so dreamy, I wish I had a space on the main floor of the house , mine is in the basement its finished but I still don't like to work down there and my office desk is in the living room so I spend most of my time there...your space is amazing, I want something like that...L

KarenHarveyCox said...

What a lovely work space. I love creating late at night when the house is quiet and everyone is asleep. "No Mommy Do's", no" Honey Where is this" and even the puppies and cat are fast asleep. The telephone doesn't ring and all I can hear is the sound of quiet and the paintbrush on the canvas.

~Gina Cuff said...

Hi Lynn, your studio is so beautiful and I can imagine myself there, at peace, while I create. My husband built a small studio in the garage for me that I love so much. I work from home so I divide my time between the studio and the house during the day. With two teenagers, one husband, five cats, a bird, a fish and a lizard my attention is required in the house a lot. My favorite time to make art or jewelry is in the evenings when the days work is done. So quiet and peaceful with only the bird for company.

~Gina :)

lorhen82 said...

What a lovely workspace! I can see how you would be inspired there. I'm still working on my space, but when it's done, I will post photos. ~Lori

The Victorian Parlor said...

My day is hectic too-cleaning house, errands, work...but I take time in the morning to pray and read my Bible which helps start the day off right. In the evenings after everyone is fed I like to sit and read with a glass of wine. On the weekends my treasured moments are curling up with a good book or a good movie with a pot of tea:)

Your workroom is lovely;)

Tout ce que j'Aime said...

I love your blog.
I'ts so beautiful.
My french is bad.

Marianne said...

I love your room. It's lovely! I have a full time job and it is a bit stressful. I am not that creative. I love to sit behind my computer, work at my blog and visit other blogs. Besides that I love to sit/lay on the couch and read a magazine or book.
Have a nice week!

manon said...

bonjour Lynn

OH your place to work is very very clean,so lovely!!!!
mes heures préférées pour bricoler c'est en me levant until 11PM
and after 4am until my husband arrive
mais j'ai la chance de ne pas travailler!!!!
amitiées lynn

LillaFlisan said...

Me and my husband are teatchers so there is nothing more precious to us than the summer.... 10 long weeks of just doing whatever we want. And the best thing: it's SUMMER!!!
I don't think there is anything more precious to us Swedes than the summer...
However, you got to live the rest of the year as well :-)
Beeing with my family, painting, visiting fleamarkets,blogging, spending time with my friends.... There is so much that makes my life........ pretty good!!!

Have a great week, Lynn!
And we'll try to catch every precious moment of joy!!


~Gina Cuff said...

Hi Lynn,

It's photo editing software called Photoscape and you can download it for free here:

It's very user friendly and doesn't take long to learn. If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask.

~Gina :)

MaryPoppins said...

Thank you Lynn for giving me the pleasure to link yo you.

Have now done so on my new post :)

Can't stop looking at the wonderful photograph of your workroom, I so love the beautiful 1940s dress.


lou said...

My precious moments would have to be when I am with my boys and my husband, even more so now, as the boys are getting older, they are spending less time with us now.
Or out in the garden I can just lose myself and switch of too everything, even if it is for just
10 min too sit and read.
I had a lovely precious moment today sat with my mum in her summer house with both of us sewing; things that money cannot buy are the most precious.
Your house is gorgeous! I have looked at the magazine so many times, you should be so proud, it is all so beautiful.
I can see why your precious time is spent in your work room, it looks lovely!
Love Lou xxxxxxx

cocoa and blankets said...

My day begins with classic fm at 5.45am.we rush around the house getting everyone ready for school...I am first to leave at 7am..on the long long ring road...about 45mins on a good day...a stange journey full of roundabouts semi's and at times lovely views of fields and trees...time to think and pray and plan...a day of madness two days are the same...I shut the door to my studio and its show time!!! I am fortunate enough to witness the extrodinary at times with my wonderful little demon children as I call them..I can arrive home between 4pm and 11pm depending on the week and what shows we have...time for me..precious, precious and always creative, making and doing...I also need time for my little blessin...Polly...trying to encourage her in all things creative and help her on her journey as best I can...I insist of an adventure in the little green van every saturday, Mr B drives while I knit... and church every sunday followed by the cinema...a must.... I love to escape in other worlds...I detest the weekly routine of shopping, washing ironing and in all seems rather dull actually..but you did make the mistake of inviting comments about our days....I am sure you fill your days with lots of exciting even make your washing look magical

Phyllis said...

Hey Lynn,

Your site is so pretty and I've admired it for a while now. Your photography is so beautiful!

Until last week, I had a similar schedule and would leave the house by 7:30 and get home at 6. Then it was rush, rush, rush to get all my animals taken care of and make something to eat. After that, it was all my time and I would try to push myself as far as I could to be as productive as possible.

If very much time goes by without me dabbling in one of my "creative outlets", I get very grouchy and out of sorts and am not a happy gal.

Over the years so many people have said "I just don't know how you do everything". Well, the truth is, some things have to get left undone, and if a person really wants to do something, they will find a way or make the time to do it. Making things feeds my soul. :)

Annie said...

Absolute truth? Here it is. During my workday, I stop in at your blog for rejuvenation. The restfulness truly helps me to get through the 8 to 5. I've also found some wonderful music at your blog that I've added to my playlist.

I'm so tired by the end of the day that I mainly read and crochet. Weekends are creative times for me but it is retirement that I most look forward to and the unlimited time that will be available to me then.

Cathy Louise said...

Gorgeous photo dear Lynn...Well my day starts about 5.30 am- 6 am or earlier sometimes...Usually with a half an hour to an hour in front of the computer answering emails for work and keeping my blog up to date... Then getting kids ready for school, driving them to school and then home to do a little house work till nine and then creating till about 2.30 in the afternoon and then errands picking kids up (this is usually my precious time finding out what there days have been like, helping them with homework etc) and then usually at about 9 pm I do another hour or so on the computer before bed....This would be a pretty average week day for me!!!!! luv c xx

Ottilias Veranda said...

Hi Lynn! First: Congrats to the article!! How exciting!You´re home looks so pretty!
As for the creative time of´s also after work and household chores in the late and wee hours after putting the three darlings to bed..and occasionally the husband ;0). (The womans lot even in the year 2009!) I really think there should be 32 hours per day!! Right now I´m sitting in my newly refurnished "studio" and it has become ALL MINE( OK there´s a computer for the children also)The husband moved his stuff to a new office in town where he can work without being disturbed! That´s both good and bad. We will see less of eachother now. On the other hand perhaps we will get some things done now!

Many Hugs

MuseSwings said...

Pretty work room! I'm unemployed and have been wasting too much precious time! You remeinded me I need to find something that is precious to me and take time for it. BTW, You are precious.

Josie said...

that is a lovely room, I'm so jealous, I only have a corner of the kitchen table for sewing and just four boxes of fabric but lots of ideas which I start and never finish, make things which no-one buys,every day is much the same, washing, cleaning, cooking, ironing etc, spend time with the cat when hubby is at work, spend time with hubby when the cat is asleep. Son has flown the nest(again!) so only memories and photo's,lots of photo's and wonder where 21 years has just gone?. Try to create a lovely home on a budget, read blogs and that's it really....
Josie x

jane and the happy crow said...

Hi Lynn What a lovely work room you have, Your whole house is beautiful. I have a large room to work in but it is just functional and not at all pretty. I am in the very enviable position of working from home and being able to do just what I like all day but I think my most creative moments are when I first get into bed and just lie there, new ideas pop into my head, usually when I have been struggling to think all day and I just have to get out of bed and get on with it. Love Jane xx

oldflowers4me said...

hello sweet girl....i havnt had a computer for a while so...your a magazine star-how proud i am of you-will look out for this here in australia....singing and skipping-jo.

Blue Muse said...

Hi Lynn,

I love your little space, it's really enchanting, and special. There is a surreal quality to it, like a secret you stumble upon, ...a faerie ring or something... Are those twigs coming out from behind the mirror - they look really ethereal.

I'm lucky enough to live somewhere when I can be outside just about all year long without even a jacket - I steal away to my hammock and light the candles in the globes above the trees and dream up things. My studio isn't together in the new house yet, so I'm dreaming more than doing lately. I should get on that sooner rather than later!
xo Isa

...Miss...Maddie's... said...

I think this space you refer to as your work room is in fact your place of dreams... where your daydreams come to fruition and expression of oneself is nurtured...
I am one of the fortunate ones where my job is my play... where links to the past are united to the present.
Enjoy your precious time and continue to share it with us.
xo Susan

Maria said...

What a wonderful Blog! I just found you over at Annie's....such beautiful photos and the little snowflakes falling were very much like what I was experiencing today here in Seattle...little miniscule flurries.... I like your thoughts on it is always so blustery and cold....can't wait for May to come....we are usually escaping to Mexico but this year we are staying here....You have a great outlook! Maria from the Little Things BLog.

Millie said...

What a treat to see into your gorgeous creative retreat Lynn! 2 yrs. ago I was so lucky to be offered my current job, but working part-time. After 30 yrs. of full-time employment it has been a liberating & joyous experience. Still doing what I love, but only Tues/Wed/Thurs. So I have a 4 w/end every week!

Friday I try & do some community & service club work, but Monday's is MY day! I try & do my blog posts in advance, read, write, research & generally ensure that it's a day of rest & spiritual replenishment.
Millie ^_^

gail said...

Hello Lynn,, I was looking through some blogs and came across yours. You have such a beautiful, creative and peaceful blog. I love your work. My precious free time is spent creating as well.
Happy creating,,,gail

Queen of the Armchair aka dzintrastitcheries said...

Hi there dear Lynn...and what a restful looking room you have there...and all yours to play in!!! My precious time...would be at night when my daughter (who has a disability) is in bed and I can truly relax with my But the most precious moments snatched would be when we are able to have respite care for our girl...and have some moments with each other...perhaps a beach walk, dinner out...or just at home...being together...Wishing you very many precious and creative moments...Dzintra XX

foxtail lilly said...

I love your header pic.
Thanck`s for leaving your kind comment. You take a mean photo!! Keep up the good work. xx

LissyLou said...

It's such a lovely room, what a great place to work x

Primchick said...

Gosh... all these lovely comments...
Do you know..? I feel so much better about things...
You know how sometimes you can get sooo.... bogged down with your own life..? (when you think everyone else seems to have it easier...!!?)
Well, turns out.., everyone is just as busy.. with what I call STUFF...!!
Drives me mad... lists everywhere...
So glad I popped by to read these comments.... thought it was just me that seemed to work all the time & snatch small moments, here & there to put my creative head on...

Tina said...

wow that is such a gorgeous room!

Gardengirl said...

Hi Lynn. Your creative space takes my breath away. I wish I could have seen your home in the magazine but we do not get that one here where I live. I can only dream of how beautiful the photo's were. My favorite time of the day in the winter months is early morning. I get up at 5 or 5:30 am and light candles and and put a log in the fireplace. I have soft music playing and I read for an hour or so while enjoying my morning coffee. Then my day begins. In the summer months in place of candles and a fire in the fireplace I sit in the garden with my coffee and book.

MelMel said...

I have a window of about an hour in my day(while my small charge naps) to do what i want...some sewing, reading....staring at the wall.....LOL...Your home is so wonderfully amazingly pretty!!*gush*...i just adore it!
About to phone my OH to buy the mag with your home in!xxx

Di Overton said...

I suppose I am lucky in that I am in my creative space all day and can pick and choose when to be creative. Though it hasn't always been that way.
I have started to post pics of our finished cottage extension if you want to take a look - AT LAST!

Di Overton said...

Oh by the way - that is one gorgeous workspace.

Katie said...

OOOH, I love love love the picture of your frozen wash - hehe! You are so darling, even your wash frozen on the line is cute :)

Line said...

Hello, Lynn! Sutch a beautiful room to play in =) My favourite moments are when I´m absobed in creativity and there are no other thoughts in my mind other than to get a line straight or a colour just right. Moments spent with my cats are allso precious, I love looking at their little faces.....

I hope you´l have a nice week
LOVE xo Line

Mari said...

You have lovely workroom, I imagine it's joy the work there. Have a great week!

LillaFlisan said...


You are such a DARLING!!!!!!




Gary and Elizabeth~ said...

Hi Lynn,
Your work/creative room is fabulous!. It has a sense of calmness to it where you can really focus on what your dreaming of to create. My hours are very precious to me also. My day begins at 3:00am with a wake up, leave the house by 4:00am, drive to the train station for a 4:30 pick up and arrive at my train stop at 6:00am. Then I get into my commuter car and drive another 20 minutes to work. I do the same thing going home. I arrive back home at 6:00pm every night. While on the train I will do some needlework or read you may even catch me sleeping. In the evening after dinner about 7:30 I will sit on the couch and do a little more needlework and fall asleep. On the weekends is when I can sew and decorate.
Enjoy your day,

vintage paintings said...

Dear Lynn,
I also love working late when it is quite in the house and tiiiime for the good and creative thoughts to come to my mind...without interruptions.
I am going to London next weekend and then I will buy the magasine from your last post - looking foreward to the UK and the magasine :)
The last weeks has been SO busy with lots of new and suprising projects - sometimes a bit overwhelming but when I get used to it it is very much appreciated.
I wish you a lovely week!
Hugs from Solveig :)

Moderncountry said...

Hi Lynn!!

How are you? I hope you had a great day at the University! And that they behaved good :)
I had to enlarge the picture,(love your room! And your lamp is adoriable..) and I am almost sure about seeing my collage, am I right? :)) You sure have a busy days. (and I am finding it hard to to what I do...) gosh, I think you are doing fantastic. Thinking about my days in the Netherlands, people came home around 6-8 in the afternoon. Late! Here they are home between 3-5, I think that is early in comparison.
No wonder that you value your spare time tremendous! And I can`t think about anything better than be able to have a rest in your own room, quiet, surrounded with your favourites things and beeing creative. I love to to that myself, or curl up on the sofa, with some embroidery with my favourite program at the telly and with a huge cup of tea in front of me, with the cat sleeping next to me. Can you picture it? :))

Have a good night sleep Lynn, and a great day tomorrow!
Hugs Ain

Michelle (Shell) May said...

We all seem to have such few hours to play. All work, work, work. It would be better if work were actually play and play were actually our work. Oh how so many of us long for a day of that.
Love your blog.
bunny hugs,

kay said...

Hi Lynn, I love your room, it looks so atmospheric( oops bad spelling?) you and everyone else who has commented, there are never enough hours in the day and these dark cold nights just whisper hot water bottle, book and bed!!! xx
ps. the period living article was great..well done!

Musenkind am Meer said...

Hallo Lynn,

I can´t believe it. This is your working place, I think here you will have many wonderful ideas and visions.

Good times for you!


ah what a feeling when I see your special space. That is one of the reasons I come to your blog.. It feels so comforting...My day starts early up at 6:00 also & get school lunches ready & kids off to all day & yes my creative projects are in the evenings as well..Night owls we are.. come stop by I have a give away I would love to share some of my treasures with you. xoxoxo Laura

Ragged Roses said...

Beautiful photo Lynn, a very special room. When my eldest daughter was a baby I would sneak downstairs on Sunday morning very early and just savour the quiet and savour a cup of tea knowing that everyone was warm and tucked up in bed. Nowadays it seems that all time is far too precious and I haven't yet learned how to make the most of it. It's a very big adventure isn't it ...

maminka girl- Loribeth Robare said...

Hi Lynn,

You certainly do work a long day away from home. I think you should give yourself a big pat on the back for all the creative things you do in your "down time"!
I loved the photo of your beautiful workroom and especially the photo of your frozen wash...just love that. I have the same here.

Our most precious time is Thursday night. My husband travels all week and we have a homecoming on Thursdays with a family dinner and it is always my comfort time of the week. lots of love to you, Loribeth

Cowboys and Custard said...

Hello Lynn..
I suspect that I am in a deep sleep whilst you are busy creating your magical works in the evenings..
I love the early morning... we wake at 5.30 a.m to the sound of our faithful blackbird singing his heart out and then between 5.30 a.m and 7 a.m.. I do my thinking for the day and am at my most inspired.. That doesn't say much for the rest of the day does it!!?

With love
Michele xx

Alicja said...

Your room looks so magical!!!
But the photo with frozen washing is amazing! I love it! Now I need to buy a garden to let my clothes be frozen too in such a lovely scenery:))))
A lot of love from

le ciel flamand said...

Two little children don't allow me to spend a lot of time on my own, unfortunatly I have no time for painting and drawing at the moment. I should install a room like this one where I can leave my stuff and close the door: a small island for myself in my house. But I stop by from time to time and visit your blog, and I imagine I have a room like this one...

Solange said...

wow, your room looks wonderful, and so cosy.
Your days sure are long, we moved a bit closer to work, so I don't travel long but with a 3 year old, the days are always busy and kind of planned.
I know the feeling, the little hours or sometimes even less, which are fully for yourself, are so precious and you just need them!
I love your post again Lynn, so inspiring.

wish you a wonderful week and take care,

The Devil Makes Work said...

I just love your home, it looks so gorgeous. I am in the process of changing round my rooms so when I have finished I will bung some photos up.





Yoli said...

Your workplace is magical as is your blog. Glad to have found it.

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Such a lovely room you have in which to dream and work. Do I spy a toy tiger in there as well?? My office is in my home and I love spending time in there...lots of books, windows and tufted chairs. But in the sitting room is a huge, red chair than I can curl all the way up inside...with a book, or a pillow. It's my favourite place to dream away an hour...sometimes I have to make room for Edward, however!1

Sunflower said...

What a lovely room. I don't really have a room of my own, but I do have my own table which has many of my pretty, special things. On one of our windowsils, I have a lot of pretty things. When I wake up in the morning, I can look up at all the delicate, lovely things and have a wonderful start to my day. I do wish I lived in the forest though so I could go for walks and talk to the birds and the deer. your blog always inspires me so much; it's one of my very favorites.
have a lovely day,

fairmaiden said...

Your special space is too pretty to be a work is very calming in pale blues. I wait to have a special space (an art studio). With four children we've never had an inch of space to spare. So, I wait till they begin to move out on their own. Of course, I do not want them to leave, EVER! But it is something sweet to look forward to in the sorrow of them leaving the nest.

I am very lucky because I am able to stay home full time. I spent most of my free time reading and writing in my journal.

Karen from A`Musements said...

What a BEAUTIFUL space for you to perch in your chair, after you train ride and your work day has ended, and enjoy creating the night away! I wish I could walk into the photo! What an incredible place for an incredible artistic soul... Thank you for sharing such a personal glimpse into your world (and into your heart) Lynn~~
Miss you! Hope we can catch up soon!

Karin said...

Hello Lynn!

oh, Your room is lovely. I have enjoyd the little picture with you standing at the table. It looks so nice. And to have this time alone to just be and create is the most precios for "artist" like you!

I have much more "owntime" now because i work from home! I have been "downshifting" to be more here with my family. For ten years I had an interiorshop, and I also had a childrens shop for the last three of them. When my second child came my life was so hectic. I could no longer enjoy what i did, and it was also so much boring things left for me. I had no time to be in the shop and decorate and meet people. I just sat in the office and worked whith papers and other boring things. So I decided to sell the shops. And now i am free to do something new! I have not really found it yet but I hope i will. I am ready for some change now!
My time of my own is now from 9,30 to 12,30. The children are in school and "dagis", so it is calm in the house for a while!

I wish you the best of weeks, Lynn!Outside the birds sounds like spring today. It is lovely!

Many, many hugs!


Henna said...

That is a room perfect for artistic creations and full of inspiration, lovely! I´d be the luckiest one if I had a work room like yours!
My day starts when the alarm goes off at 4.07, sometimes snoozing a couple of times. After my morning rituals ;-), I take the car to my work which starts precisely 5.54 every day. 14.30 it´s time to go to home sweet home, then it´s the everyday chores, cooking, washing laundry, and hopefully to be createful in some way :-)
I´ve had no time to do anything that I´d love to do in these last couple of sewing etc. Time flies by so fast. We´ve been to the pet doctor with one of our cats, she´s badly hurt in three(!) of her paws, they are full of pus (?) and now she´s got tubes operated under the skin to get rid of the fluid..poor thing :-( Shé have to have a collar round her neck so she won´t be able to lick her paws, she really don´t like it..I wouldn´t either. Hopefully she will be fully recovered soon, next week it´s time to remove the tubes. We think she´s been bitten by one of our own cats..rivalry is probably the reason.
I hope I will get the time to do something creative soon, I really need to get out at least one of my ideas that is stored in my head..
Have a fabulous week dear friend!
Keep smiling :-)

Hugs Anne

The French Bear said...

Hi Lynn,
Wow, your room looks so romantic and beautiful, mine only looks clean for about one day. I work long hours and I try to be creative when I come home, your pictures inspire me and make me want to try harder!
You really are very talented!!
Best regards,
Margaret B

The French Bear said...

Hi Lynn,
Wow, your room looks so romantic and beautiful, mine only looks clean for about one day. I work long hours and I try to be creative when I come home, your pictures inspire me and make me want to try harder!
You really are very talented!!
Best regards,
Margaret B

Tammy said...

Your work room is magical. It draws you in and makes you want to create in it. How nice. Mine feels more utilitarian. I need to beautify it like you have done with yours. I love the tree branch.

manon said...

bonjour lynn,

yesterday i buy period living at Paris.
I love very much your home.
j'ai l'impression de te connaitre!!!!!


Lilla Blanka said...

Hi Lynn!

What a beautiful photo!
I think your work room is very inspiring, I can imagine it´s very nice to sit there, such a nostalgic atmosphere!

Have a nice Friday sweetie!

Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

Hi Lynn,
Just stopping by to join in with the 'Lynn's Workroom Love'! It's a stunning room and you really must relish your moments there.

Funnily enough, I spend sooo much time in mine that I get cabin fever! So the moments that I cherish are the ones when I get out into the 'real' world and find that there really is one beyond my four walls! Love to go out with hubby on a Saturday, perhaps for a walk, or a mooch around an old town for a couple of hours - bliss!
I guess there are pros and cons for working from home or 'out there'!

Have a wonderful weekend,
Niki x

Zoe's Art said...

What a lovely work environment you have! Painting while listening to classical music is my ultimate pleasure!

jane and the happy crow said...

hi Lynn if you pop over to my blog I have given you an award, just copy and paste it into yours, love Jane x

ruthie said...

I am enthralled by your beautiful workspace! My own precious times(i have many)but, just for me indulgent precious time, are the uninterrupted moments in my studio, loosing myself in creating something or another. I always emerge blinking into the real world, feeling a lovely sense of fulfilment & being me.

LillaFlisan said...


I just LOVE and ADORE your calm but yet colourful and soooooo beautiful home!
You can really tell that it is a creative and artistic person(persons) that lives there!!!

Every little piece is so personal and inspiring!!!

Thank you so much for taking the time to share the pictures(your home!)!!!!!



linnea-maria said...

What a lovely little corner to work in! Well I come home a bit earlier but then I have a family to take care of. But when the children are sleeping. Im working with all my different hobbies Im writing about in my blog. Have a lovely week /linnea-maria

Carol said...

Hi Lynn, I rushed out and got Period Living, wonderful.
Since giving up my job, I have no real routine anymore. I get up around 8am....ish! but tend to stay up quite late.
Even though you may think I have all the time in the world, I don't really. Never seem to have enough time to get on and do what I want as I have a constant stream of visitors, I do make lots of tea!
Your workroom is dreamy, I must get on and organise my room better.
Take care,
Carol xxx

les fifoles said...

Hello Lynn,
I think I couldn't work in your workroom! Too nice! I'd spend my time watching and admiring!
Are you covered with snow these days?
Hugs. Anne

Ellen - Charmerende gjenbruk said...

I love your blog, you are welcome to visite mine.

elspeththompson said...

Hello Lynn. What a beautiful blog - I found you through Tracy at Cupcakes at Home - just liked the name and pressed it on her links list... and have loved what I have found.
Your photographs, music and musings exude peace - which I value above everything in my busy life right now.
All good wishes to you,
and more peace!
xx Elspeth

thevintagemagpie said...

Hi Lynn, this room looks so enchanting. I had to buy Period Living to see your house featured and it is soooo beautiful. You're work and your home are an inspiration. You are what I refer to as one of life's magical people!

Jema Rose said...

I hope that you are well..!

Love, Jenny


vintagepainting said...

Dear Lynn,
I just wantet to tell you that I bought a copy of the magasine when I was in London and loved the article. So nice to see a photo of you as well:)
Yes you are a true inspiration!

PS: I missed your post on Sunday:) - hope you are doing well and that you are enjoying the week.
Hugs from Solveig

Regina said...

Hi Lynn
wonderful pictures from your working place!!!I love it!!!!!!!
I have you tagged,look at my blog.

I wish you a cosy evening my friend.
Hugs and love Regina

thevintagemagpie said...

Hi Lynn, I have given you an award today on my blog. Please pop over if you have the chance.

manon said...

ou es tu?????
j'espère que tout va bien!
ton amie française


villa extra said...

I am so happy that I found your blog!! i love it and will add it to my blogroll so that more people can find you!!

A Bun Can Dance said...

Hello Lynn I'm back again to say I have tagged you with an award over on my blog! I hope you find this soon amidst the nearly 90 other comments! Happy days to you. Denise

Tulipa said...

I have never visited your blog before and I´m so taken by the pictures!
Abolute magic!
I will come back often for more inspiration and beauty!

Have a lovely sunday!

From This Moment to That said...

Oh wow.... all these lovely ladies writing about their lives... how wonderful. I always say to my two daughters, it's like being in an exclusive club being a woman!
I love you blog it's adorable!!
:) :) :)

mdmB said...

Your blog is gorgoeus! I love this bitter-sweet-nostalgic-romantic style! And this photo can tell a story.

My precious moments are when I sit down, take the rhinestones and settings and wire and let the magic happen. When my hands make a piece of jewellery right under my nose and I can't imagine clearly how it happens - that I just kind of let it happen, you know what I mean? I dream of that feeling when I'm at work, longing to go home to my stash. But often I'm too tired after work to do anything...

Charlene said...

Lynn, Your studio is wonderful! Thank you for sharing. I always love to see where others create.