Sunday, 30 March 2008

Up the stairs and out.......

Now the light has returned, my evenings will be filled with birdsong and the quicksilver flash of mermaids in the river. There is nothing but peace, and the touch of the Goddess over the land.

Here are a few captured moments of what I see when I am running......I go up the old worn wooden steps from my kitchen, through the front door and out.............. these are pictures of my home town, just waking up on Sunday morning, to the smells of fresh coffee and buttered toast.

I hope my dear friends that the returning of the light brings you brightness and joy, and some more family hours to laugh in.
Hugs Lynn xx

Monday, 24 March 2008

Let us have cakes for tea...............


The First three beautiful photo's are of the current 'Romantic Homes Magazine, it is the best magazine this is page after page of France, and I just love it. One of my dreams is to travel up through France, into Holland then Norway, Sweden, Denmark, through to Finland, following the old Celtic paths across northern Europe....oh it is such a dream.. I like to think of us as this extended family, all with the same roots, all celtic..all as one...dreams sweet dreams... ala..LM.
While my family have been curled up on the sofa's reading, and munching, giving out small soft grunts of happyness....I have been playing at making little cakes, fashioned out of scraps of old silks and pages from vintage books. I thought at first they would make pretty summer place settings, for afternoon teas, and then I put on some gold ties and hung them from my blossom branches...ha.... a cake tree, oh how I love to play and not to work. I hope you are playing and not working.........
Have a lovely week dear friends
Hugs Lynn xx

Saturday, 22 March 2008



Thankyou to all my lovely friends for entering, it has been fun for me and I hope fun for you. Lots of Hugs, and hoping you enjoy the rest of the holidays. xxx

Saturday, 15 March 2008

Welcoming Eastre or Ostara Goddess of Spring........

How wonderful it is to welcome spring.....I have been busy making and making so that I had lots of nice presents for my family to celebrate the coming of springtime.
I have been so inspired by hares this year, they are an animal I love, they are rare and beautiful and full of power and grace. So once I had made an image that I liked I have printed it out onto both fabric and paper. I have then made some linen and blanket cushions which I embroidered with a ribbon for his neck, I then made some lavender sachets nice big fat ones that smell divine. I then made a hen image, because I adore hens and they are so lovely, so then I printed them both out onto paper and made some hanging's for my blossom tree, (the hangings were inspired by my friend Katie and the wonderful thing she makes). Then of course I needed some eggs (Marja inspired me to make these, thankyou sweet friend) so I covered some paper mache in fabric, some in paper ,and painted and sanded and stamped them. Then I made some really silly egg cosys, I had seen similar in a magazine last year so these are my own versions of the one's I had seen, fun I think.
I hope this post gives you a smile, I love to visit all of your lovely bloggs, please always feel welcome to visit me.
Hugs for a happy and fun weekend.

Sunday, 9 March 2008

The colours that spring brings......

I just adore the colours that spring brings fresh to my door.
All the subtleties of whites and creams are so beautiful............. but now and again I desire the full flood of eye aching colour to stun and satisfy my longing....have a peaceful and fun week.
I'm glad you have had the time to drop by.
Hugs Lynn xx

Saturday, 8 March 2008

The beautiful things that Katie makes.......

I am so thrilled!! with my new swop from my sweet friend Katie at Sparrows Cottage.....A Ladye Theatre, I just could not believe my eyes, when I saw how delicate and beautiful it is. In fact I have had it a week now, and I have had to wait to photograph it in the daylight, so that you would all be able to see the incredible detail in it. I am so thrilled!! Katie has even used original 18century paper in it, isn't that fantastic. THANKYOU SO MUCH, Katie for taking the time out to do this swop xxxx.

I have also ordered a wonderful stationary set from Katie for my mom for her birthday, you can put together all sorts of wondeful hand crafted stationary and decorative items that Katie makes in a compilation box, go have a peep at Sparrows Cottage, you will love it.

I hope you are all having a great weekend, quiet or busy or just dreaming..... but just how you would like it to be.
Thanks for popping by to see me, I love you visiting.
Hugs dear friends
Lynn xx

Thursday, 6 March 2008

A fragile beauty.....

What is this beautiful fragility?
The scent of a Spring flower, who's petals are as soft as a baby's touch. I see them now pushing forwards into the world of ice and snow, under driving rain and relentless wind, yet this fragile beauty, this gift of Spring endures. I try to capture them with my paints, but there is no smell, and the touch of the paper is a poor substitute for a leaf or a petal. The magic of nature maybe taken so much for granted, but it is such a gift for us all!! This small exercise shows me that nothing I do can ever capture such precious beauty.
I hope you all have Spring flowers to surround yourselves with dear friends.
Hugs Lynn xx

Saturday, 1 March 2008

Put out the Bunting for Mothers Day....

Let's put out the bunting for 'Mother's Day'........
For all mothers everywhere, from the Holy Madonna, to Mother Nature, from the mother who nurtures us still, to the mothers who give their whole lives to other peoples children, and the young mothers yet to be, they are all cherished, and will be loved, always.
I feel women are so very lucky to have this gift within us, the ability to create. We may not choose to have children or we may not be able to have them, but creation is still ours, whether it is from our hands or our body's, we have been given this precious gift, and Sunday is indeed our celebration, to share with our friends and family a day of love.
I love bunting and have made this for celebrations, it would look lovely in paper as well.
The other photo is in my studio, a small collection of little crafts I have made.
Have a super weekend and a restful one.
Hugs Lynn xx