Saturday, 23 February 2008


I have been given this amazing award by my lovely friend Marja...thankyou you sweety. I should so love to pass this on to some other dear friends, who are also special.......
Gosh I have also been tagged by lovely Regina
I have to give you seven random facts about myself....
1. I am a magnet for water..if it is around I will find it, and get covered in it.
2.I love to walk through bone orchards, the older the better.
3.My father died when I was three, and I will meet him again.
4.I just adore reading Niall Williams, we are talking seriously good!!
5.I would so like to time travel.
6.I love crumbly dusty ancient houses with basements.
7.I sucked my thumb till I was 9...gosh I miss it.
I should like to tag the following lovely ladies,as I would love to know some secrets from them.

Dreaming at twilight.......

So many wise people tell us to find time to dream........
So I have been sat my studio, with the afternoon light fading, peace and tranquility flood across the floor and melt into the last shadows of daylight............
Have a peaceful and loving Sunday my friends.
Hugs Lynn xx

Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Hearts for friendship......

I am so thrilled to be able to share these wonderful , beautiful, Valentines hearts with you all.
I was so lucky and excited, big smile to have my name drawn by Anne's (Hennas Blog) little boy in her recent lottery. Today I received my wonderful gift, a gorgeous large padded vintage style heart, together with a box of heart chocolates yummy, scrummy, and the sweetest tub of butterfly seeds, just waiting to be planted.
Anne called this heart the 'Heart of Friendship' and I feel very privileged to have this lovely gift, but more so to have Anne as a friend. Thankyou Anne xxx
I was also thrilled to have purchased from another friend Katie at Home Keeping Hearts, some of her stunning heart tags, to hang around the house tommorow,( I shan't be able to take them down) these are two sided,and look so pretty. Thankyou dear talented Katie.xx
I want to wish all of you a' Heart of Friendship' from me to you on this special and loving day.
Hugs Lynn xx

Friday, 8 February 2008

I have found my perfect house.......

My house of dreams......
I have always loved the slow dusty decay of ancient textiles and furnishings. The softening of texture, and the gentle hues that are revealed, as rents and tears magically adjust a fabric to it's present form. Like the landscape in winter it's bare bones are exposed and there is a vulnerability to it, a delicacy.
These photo's are taken from the current 'World of Interiors' magazine, it is 'The House of Eliot' which is in Cornwall.
It is how I would like to imagine 'Manderley' might have looked, if it had never come under the flame.

If I am lucky I may dream I am walking its dusty floors in my dreams tonight..........
Wishing you my friends, many pleasant dreams of your own this week-end.
Lynn xxx

Friday, 1 February 2008

Now I know spring is round the corner..

I know it must be coming because of the lovely card Marja has made herself for me, thankyou so much my dear friendxxxx and thankyou too for my gorgeous tags.

I have been embroidering some new cushions. The blue one is cashmere wool, that I have embroidered with vintage silks and silk netting, the birds and branches are made from very very soft leather that I have dyed in bronze and dove grey, I have backed it with bronze satin to show through the cut work.

Because it is so cold I have also made a snuggly fabric fur cushion, with padded velvet appliques in icy blues, so they look like snow flowers, the leaves are made from soft ruffles, it's lovely to touch and snuggle into.

Have a wonderful week-end, enjoy what you do, and have fun. Thankyou so much for dropping by.


Lynn xx