Tuesday, 29 January 2008

I've been tagged......

My camera is having fits.....huh! so I have had to dig this tag picture up from the depths of my computer. They are some tags made from old blanket.
Donna at 'Made in Heaven' has tagged me,(I will get my own back He He!!) to tell 5 MORE things about myself....so here goes....
When I was a little girl, I was obsessed by wanting to be a nun...and spent many, many, months with an old white hand towel draped over my head and pinned under my chin.
This same little girl packed herself a few clothes and ran away from home....I was only 3 years old, can you believe!!
I have read every book Enid Blyton has ever written, I just loved her and love her still.
I cannot drive, I am very dangerous, I should come with a warning....truly.
I believe that as long as we love and remember the family and friends that have died, and think of them and talk to them...they will be with us forever.
Now ha! I shall be thinking of some victims who can also disclose some secrets...you will be contacted shortly...be prepared.
Lynn xx

Sunday, 27 January 2008

Lovely weekend...........

Some weekends just turn out right......On Friday I treated myself to some very beautiful items from Katies blogg 'Home Keeping Hearts' for Valentines day. Katie produces the most divine ideas from paper, a medium I don't often work in, so I find it wonderful to be able to treat myself to something different, and beautiful. I also really like to buy handmade, or homemade, I have come to the decision that I would rather have less commercial items, and more handmade items, or vintage and recycled items.
I would imagine I am a bit late jumping on the bandwagon with this, and many of you already have this philosophy, so I'm sorry if you have heard it all before, but thats the way I am heading. Plus to be honest I don't have lots of spare cash, so it feels nice to support other artists with the little I have.

Well the weekend does get even better. On Saturday I was out running under heavy grey skies , and just as I was coming home......I spied a skip (always promising) and look what was being chucked into it!!....Screeching to a halt, I saw this rail of victorian coat hooks sticking out of the top.....I was so thrilled,..... the builder of course was also thrilled, because this mad! red faced sweaty woman was emptying his skip. He did try to get me to take an old bike and a garden gate...but I declined kindly and ran off with my booty.
As I am decorating my work room, (I have decided on French Grey this time)I thought the rail would come in just perfectly. I thought it would be just fine and dandy for hanging all my fabric and embroidery samples off, so I am very pleased. I did also extracted a nice old photo frame from the skip, so I have used that, for one of my Valentine's Day, print /embroiderys, that I have just finished. I embroidered the little heart in darning stitch, hope you like it...

I hope you have all had a super weekend too, doing just what you like.

Thursday, 24 January 2008

Gifts from Norway......

Oh just look at what was waiting for me when I got home weary and tired today.......

I had recently admired a vintage monogramme book of Beths...on one of her lovely posts on'My Little Footprints' that Beth had bought from a Fleamarket...... and then Beth so very generously photocopied both books and sent the pages together with this gorgeous parcel of Norwegian goodies to me!!. Not only that !! look she has embroidered my name beautifully :-) by hand, on my lovely hand made card. Where do you find the time Beth..... its stunning, thankyou

I am soooo thrilled I just want to start using them asap, I can't wait... thank you for all your wonderful inspiration Beth.xx

We are all so lucky having each other as blog friends.
There is always a smiling message to read, or a funny email from a dear sweet friend xx,
or a beautiful post to see, or some kind words to help to lift our spirit's in the bad times.
I count myself very very lucky to have started my blogg, because you all give me so much of your time, and you are to me, and each other, an absolute joy.....worldwide.
THANKYOU dear friends xx

Monday, 21 January 2008

Anyone for Kansas.......

Oh this has been an awful week and weekend, weather wise lots of rain.....ugh.
So out we went, heading North, why not it may turn into snow if we go far enough (say's she hopefully!) Well we packed the car with a nice hot picnic. Chunky veggie soup, lots of chocolate type goodies, and warm snuggle blankets, and me wearing my new beret and sparkly cardigan (under a rather chunky coat I might add) we headed of to hunt Flea markets...........

........Look what I found, I am so thrilled a pair of 1950's wedge satin dancing shoes, and they fit me perfectly.... they have never been worn, and their lovely soles are leather and shiny clean.

I have always wanted a pair of red shoes.....I dreamed of them as a little girl, and now I have them. On Valentines day I shall use the same colour red nail polish on my toes, pop on my shoes and dance with my beloved husband, all night. Remembering however to be very careful and not tap my heels together three times......heaven knows where we might end up Ha Ha....

I hope you all have a super week , thanks for dropping by, hugs Lynn xx

Friday, 18 January 2008

I wanted to say a big thankyou......

I wanted to say a really big thank you 'THANK YOU' for the awards I seem to have collected from some very special people over the past couple of weeks. So I thought it best...to show you who I am (very scary for me and you ha ha!) and to thank you in person.
This picture was taken last summer camping in the depths of the Highlands (so cold), my hair is not quite this dark, but looks it under the canvas, I used this one because I was really happy, I had just been swimming in a very, very, cold river (must be mad) and Adrian had cooked breakfast, so we sat amongst the bird song, watching the early milky sun climb into the sky, and dreamed of living a simple life.......

I have put a link for you to visit the wonderful Blogs below, just click on the Blog Names

Thank you Donna at Made in Heaven a twinkling lady full of fun .

Thank you My new friend in Norway at Bestemorhuset lots of pretty photo's.

Thank you dear Marja 'AHome From The Heart' my dear friend, who makes everything from her heart.

Thank you Anne at Hennas another dear friend who's wonderful outlook and creativity just inspires me through the week.

You all make my days special, and thank you for my lovely awards.
Lynn xxx

Sunday, 13 January 2008

Sharing my daydreams..........

Planning my colour charts one
Planning my colour charts two
I thought today you may like to see how I begin to plan a new project. I do this when I am trying to inspire myself to make something new, or to decorate, or to find new colours, its my little bit of research.
I always begin with a nice piece of card folded so that it can be opened and decorated on the inside, as well as the outside. I think it is so important that what you are being inspired by is as beautiful as you can make it. Select a theme that is either 'current' or 'close to your heart' and begin to collect images...from anywhere, but never use anything unless it is perfect !!! this is important, if you compromise now you will never achieve the best of things.
Make your collage of pictures, then fold it up and put it away for at least two or three days, it is important to look at it always with a fresh eye.
When you return to it, only select from it the colours, shapes and textures that give you a nice feeling, that make you excited, and happy. Then begin to add them using colour chips from paint charts, then gradually you add your fabrics.
From this chart you will accumulate new images and ideas for fresh projects, you can follow with your heart, and know they are truly from your dreams and are what you desire. We cannot be continually inspired from nothing, it would be too draining, or we would just end up making poor copies of other peoples work. Nothing is new ! but at least this way you will achieve something that is truly your own.
I hope this helps, I'm no great famous designer at the end of the day...Ha! but I have found these little methods work and inspire and help me through the tough days.
Have a great week my friends, thanks for visiting me, and I can't wait to visit all of you, you brighten my days and lift my heart always. xxx
PS Just click on the images with your mouse to enlarge them so you can see them properly.

Tuesday, 8 January 2008

A door in time......

I'm sorry ....more sewing,... I'm feeling much better though, thankyou for all your really lovely get well messages, gosh they cheered me up.

I thought my wardrobe could do with smelling fresher, mmmm, so I set about making a new herb sachet. I had some bits of fabric from some practice printing I had done before christmas, and because I have had lots of time, I was able to indulge myself with a little trapunto embroidery, over the organza and silk. My theme was from a song written by 'Silver on the Tree' ' I am a wren the King of birds', so I made my wren a 'king' sat in his own tree. Ive stuffed it with soft merino fleece, and added wormwood(to stop moths) then my favorite neroli, grapefruit, and geranium, it does smell nice.

I took two photos so you could see some of the inside of my wardrobe, I always decorate the inside of my cupboards exactly how I would dream them to be... I like to pretend like 'The Lion ,The Witch and The Wardrobe, that maybe there is a secret entrance to some beautiful palace, and if I ever had the need to go there, then I could just vanish.......

I think it comes from being a little girl and playing houses in our wardrobes, and hiding in cupboards.......we don't ever really grow up do we!

Hope you are all having a good start to the week.

Hugs Lynn xx

Sunday, 6 January 2008

Poorly girl playing...sniff...sniff....

Hello my friends, well I am fit to drop, two weeks Christmas holiday's off work and I catch a virus I feel ugh, I'm sort of pottering about, in bed out of bed. wanting to throw myself on the floor like some small child, and cry and sleep till it's all gone, Ive got tissue stuffed up my nose, and I can't stop my eyes from running, you can imagine I look really attractive!!! but hey guys.....I can still sew, if only to distract myself.
I have decided this year to be more frugal, and to not buy anything that I am not desperate for. Too often I make a purchase to satisfy my soul, not because I really need the item... but because the colour of it is so beautiful, or I find the shape or look of it calls to me. I know this is so wasteful and I have little enough money to waste. So instead I intend to look for soul satisfaction in other areas. So I have decided to perk up some older jumble sale items with a little embroidery, hopefully it will give them a new lease of life. Over the next few months I will really try to gather together a small stock of birthday presents and cards, to stop me having to rush purchase a present that isn't really appropriate for the intended person.
If you have any tips or ideas please let me know, cos there is a whole world out there of beautiful and inspiring stuff, that won't hurt our planet or our pockets.
Hoping you all feel better than me, have a wonderful week.
Hugs Lynn xx