Sunday, 9 November 2008

I want to start getting ready for Yule..........

Yes, I am still sewing.........our lovely house is a terrible mess; I know I have a husband and daughter but I have lost them under piles of fabric, along with half of the house. I am so glad to go to work even and leave all the mess behind, and I have never said that before (big smile). I want to thank everyone for their 'can't resists' they were fabulous and got me through a difficult week, thankyou. After the Fayre I want to do a 'Give Away' to say thankyou, to everyone, but I don't know what to make!!!
So if you have time, tell me what you might like and then I will look at all the answers and put a few of them in my give away. I can't think of any better way of starting my count down to Yule than making a few nice things for some lovely friends.
Buy a friend a cake and a cup of tea.... give her a hug make her happy!!!!
Lots of hugs
Lynn xx


Jema Rose said...

How beautiful..!

I adore the angel/fairy, SO lovely!

I hope that you are well...I am feeling much better now...finally!

Have a wonderful new week!

Love, Jenny


MaryPoppins said...

Anything that comes from the heart is a true treasure indeed :)

Mary X

Angel.Pearls said...

So many beautiful things..all so lovely!Best wishes// Eva

Primchick said...

I love your glitter angel

Primchick said...

I love your pretty angel

Solstrimmor & Stjärnstrålar said...

Hi Lynn!
Your blog is so beautiful and you give us all so much inspiration! I saw it's something about the
22nd :D How nice it was to see the pictures of you!! Pretty you are!
Hope your week will be fine!

Jema Rose said...

Yes it is Father´s Day here in Sweden!

And I totally agree...Colin Firth can be VERY distracting...

; )



MaryPoppins said...
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Mia said...

Oh, these recent entries are just soooo lovely! You make the most beautiful and enchanting things and there is such a lovely feel an atmosphere here in your blog; a true pleasure to visit and to get inspired.

Annie said...

Dear Lynn, I sure hope this coming week will not be so difficult for you. Sometimes all we can do is just get through the stuff. So, wishing you well.

As far as you give away in concerned, I've always loved your watercolors on fabric. So soft looking they are, and dreamy.

Sal said...

Your blog is so beautiful,Lynn.
So very calming!
I am sure that anything you make would be so gratefully received..but maybe with a Yule theme?

Marja Kristiina said...

Please make an angel, that is the most beautiful thing ever!!!

Hope you'll locate A and K before Xmas :-)


MaryPoppins said...

Ohooo yes an Angel an Angel, well done Marja Kristiina :)

That is a wonderful suggestion

Karin said...

Dear sweet Lynn!

Here i am sitting and can not find any words to describe all of your things in this post. Can it be better? Everytime i am looking at your new posts i think it is the nicest things i have seen, and everytime that you have a new post it is even more lovely!!!

Your angel is adorable, and is this your moodboard?!!! Well it shurelly makes me in a perfect mood!

I have been sewing the last week! I have not been sewing since my little babyboy was born, but now he is 1 1/2 year so i have more time now. It is so much fun and i just have to make some more things!

I can just dream of your lovely ornament whith black ribbon and pretty bird, or lovely angel or hearts!

Thank you for all today Lynn! I cannot think of any better way to start this week!

Many hugs!

Ragged Roses said...

Well you know how much I love your work Lynn so asking me to choose would be just too difficult. I love the thought, care and beauty that is present in all your things

Shirl said...

What beautiful work ... :0)

A cushion cover with "home sweet home" in gentle shades of grey, would be a most welcome gift right now lol!

A Bun Can Dance said...

Hello Lynn. Your joy in being immersed in Christmas Creativity is wonderful to read about and very inspiring too. As for the give away - you have talent for putting together such wonderful creations that absolutely anything would be loved by all and sundry! Have a good week Lynn. Best wishes. Denise

LillaFlisan said...

Everything you create is so beautiful and original.
It is so difficult to choose just one.
But I must say that I love your little cupcakes made of velvet. Gorgeous!



Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Oh, I am so glad to hear that someone else's house is messy with Christmas. My poor husband has to check every chair before he sits down, unless he lands atop a polar bear, or a stag, or a Santa. And I am perpetually "glittered".

But, isn't it fun! The best time of year.

timelesshome annika said...

I can not resist looking at your blogg and read ervery singel word you have written.It so beatiful and has lot to say.
Every thing you creat have so mutch soul and I can not even emagin who many hours you put in.
If i would wish for thing it would be some thing to put on my worm knitted Jumper so I can show off.I like when creativ things catches a eay and get a conversation going.It feels srange to wish for some thing in words as a grown up.Are you still going by train to work? Lynn thanks for letting me among others read your thouts

Solange said...

ah, I am sure, even though it's messy in your home, that the outcome will be fantastic, you always suprise us with one of your beautiful crafts.

love your fairy :-)


Lina said...

Hi Lynn!
Yes, my banner is qiut new. I made it a couple a weeks ago. I guess I should make a new one pretty soon, a "JUL-banner" :- )

Yes, the birds on my plate are from IKEA. I love them! They remind me og my grandmothers x-mas three.

I love the angel you show in one og your imges, I guess you have mad it! SO cute!!!

Take care and have a nice week!
BIG hug, Lina

Queen of the Armchair aka dzintrastitcheries said...

Hello sweet friend, how very generous and kind of you ...what can I say...all your work is just gorgeous. Pehaps a bauble with one of your favourite birds...then again, perhaps something's all so beautiful!!! I'll be in on that cuppa too. Take Care, Dzintra XX

Naturegirl said...

Lynn I adore the all your sachets and
pillow talk! That would be my suggestion for your Yule gift...but of course any gift from your heart is
a treasure.
I love your inspiration board!

Millie said...

Dear Lynn - I was travelling behind a car yesterday with that great bumper sticker 'Boring women have immaculate houses!' So please don't worry about the current state of yours.

I love your beautiful watercolours mixed with vintage fabric scraps the most. How wonderful it would be to have a lovely little set of notecards with your work on the front. Then I could share your creativity with dear friends interstate who I like to drop 'thinking of you' notes to.
Millie ^_^

Sussi's värld said...

Love the creative "mess".
What a nice idea with your frame.
I'm not sure about the document part yet, but I will practice and practice so I might get there....

Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

How kind and generous of you Lynn! .... all the treasures that you produce are true keepsakes. All lovingly put together and exquisite in every well thought out detail!
Your inspiration board is stunning - a feast for the eyes.

Take care of yourself and don't work too hard! I don't know how you do all of your sewing and hold down a job too....I know that I couldn't juggle all that!
Niki x

Sanctuary said...

Wonderful! I must say, I too totally fell for that beautiful fairy in this post! Enjoy the lovely creative chaos!


Hi Sea Angel..I think most of us are
"in the same boat" with our homes..It seems to multiply right.. Love your beautiful creations....Your mess is beautiful. xoxoxo Laura

madeleinemiranda said...

What lovely treasures you have hidden inside your home! I love your 'inspiration board'! (If that what it is...)

I think that anything you make would be lovely, prehaps a little christmas angel for decoration? I'm sure that anyone receiving a small gift from you would be really grateful :)

Take care Lynn!

Mademoiselle M.

Lee W. said...

I love the little bird/christmas tree ball you made... how about an ornament?


I just wanted to add something to you. God bless you.. you are one special angel (sea)
xoxoxo Laura
Thank you for your touching comment.

maminkagirl said...

Hi there Lynn,

Oh I can relate to the messes. Creativity does not thrive in a sterile environment! I love your inspiration board. I have a similar frame that I use for that purpose as well.

Have a lovely day! Loribeth

Henna said...

Everything you create and do are so Lynnish and I think whatever you come up with will be appreciated for the artwork as it is. All your pics makes me so amazed, there is that special softness and the colours are so harmonious.
I hope you´ll find your hubby under all the fabric ;-)
Have a great weekend dear friend!

Hugs Anne

Annabelle said...

Something with glitter....magic from the heart!

Hugs Annabelle

p.s.Cleaning house so I can think straight and create.

Sea Angels said...

Thankyou, all of my friends so very much. I really wish you could all come to the fair, we could have so much fun, you wouln't even have to bring cake!!
Those of you who can make it, I can't wait xxxxxx just one week to go....scary

Tracey said...

Good luck with the fair. Im really sad that Im not going to be able to make it! Im sure you will have a wonderful day, will come and visit you soon. x

Vintage paintings said...

Oh, I would love to go to the fayre - however it`s a bit far:) I hope you will show us some pictures later.
I love your inspiration board! Ideas have a tendency to stay "in the air" - but if you have a smart place to put them - it is easier to bring them to life!
For "Jul" - I really like your pretty angel.
Have a nice weekend Lynn!
Hugs Solveig :)

MuseSwings said...

Stop by - I have an award for you!

Anna Lefler said...

What a beautiful blog! You are so creative...

Happy holiday season...

:^) Anna

Recycled Rita said...

You make such beautiful things, I think anything you do would make me happy! I just discovered your blog a few weeks ago and it is wonderful!

Alicja said...

Dearest Lynn,
I will never stop to admire your works!!!! Everything touched by your talented hands is so beautifull, so magical! And visiting your blog is always great pleasure to me and to my daughter Maja!:))
She has fall in love with your angel! (Me too)!
A lot of hugs from Warsaw!
Have a nice weekend,

vosgesparis said...

wow Lynn what a beautiful comment you made on my blog in the 'this is me post' You are a very wise lady and I really like your words. beside of that I think you were right about us being our blogs. GHAve a great weekend!

Christine said...

Just ran across your wonderful blog. So very beautiful! Everything!
I must ask wherever did you find such a wonderful statue of "the little flower" (St. Theresa)? It's exquisite!
I've added you to my "favorites". Thank you for such a lovely escape!