Sunday, 26 October 2008

Sewing for the Fayre

Printed Cushion, old french lace, silk and organza. Trimmed with vintage diamonte
Tree Hearts, french linen, and vintage lace, embroidery

A close up of embroidery and lace

Music cushion printed onto French hemp and embroidered with vintage lace and diamante.

First I wish to say a heart felt thank you for all of your kind support. For those of you who take the time and the trouble to write to me, who give me good advice, empathy, and can also look on the fun side of life.....thank you so much. I am sorry if I have not replied to you of late, I will pop by and I will have the great pleasure of reading your beautiful and interesting posts, that are all the more precious to me because I have missed them. xxxxx
I thought you may like to see some of the work I have been doing for the fayre, I hope I inspire you as much as your gorgeous posts inspire me.
May we all be blessed with a loving and peaceful week.
Hugs lots of them my friends
Lynn xx


Vintage paintings said...

Oh! - another beautiful post from you on your blog - I just love to visit your blog and listen to the music and watch your latest work - it is really inspiring! The colours and fabrics you put together and the result... I think your work is "state of art".
Have a wonderful, creative week :)
Solveig in Oslo

Sea Angels said...

Thankyou so much for your lovely comment Solveig, I'm so glad you enjoy my posts. Have a great week too. xxx

Regina said...

Dear Lynn
What a beautiful post.That cushion
is amazing.I love it.And the hearts
are loveley.Great work!!!!!!
Thank you for the inspiration!!
I wish you a wonderful creative week!
A lot of hugs,Regina

Jema Rose said...

Such beautiful and lovely things..! I totally fell in love with the cushion...

: )

I just wanted to let you know that I am taking a break from my blog.I am having serious problems with my neighbours, and my health has also gotten worse...

Take care!



manon said...

c'est vraiment trop beau!
ce n'est pas un ennui de lire votre blog,j'étais ravie de voir qu'il y avait un nouveau post.
votre travail me donne envie de rebroder a la main.

maminkagirl said...

Your latest work is just dreamy. I just love the dimensional quality of the lace embroidery and jewels over the printed image. Just lovely! All the best to you, Loribeth

Italian Girl in Georgia ~ Suzanne MacCrone said...

So pretty. I just love those pillows. Luscious!

Ciao amica,


Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

Beautiful, beautiful work Lynn...truly inspiring. Dreamy.
Once again I am so sorry to be missing the fair....I hope that you will be doing the Spring one though.

Sea Angels said...

Thankyou so much, I really love to make these things....but no Niki, I won't be doing the Spring Fair,but I know lots of very talented bloggers will that should be out of this world, and just what we need for Spring Time.
Hugs Lynn xx

Annie said...

Dear Lynn, I just love the work you do. The wire crown in the first picture captivates me. Love the pillow and all else but there is something about the crown.

Mia said...

Such beautiful things you have made for the fair! I just love them all. And I was very much touched by your previous post. It really made me think twice, and I do agree with you and your thoughts as I too share them. Thank you for the beautiful words and images, Lynn.

Lorelei said...

Hi Lynn,
I'm so happy to see this new posting on your blog.I look forward to reading about your work/life weekly.
The colours that you choose with which to work are beautiful and so peaceful.
Wishing you a happy week.

Michelle said...

Your pillows are absolutely gorgeous! Thanks for sharing. :)


salina said...

I feel so inspired now.Such beautiful work. Thank you.:)

MuseSwings said...

I just love stopping by here! Your work is so amazingly beautiful and the music is a perfect background.

Karin said...

Dearest Lynn!

What a wonderful start on this week! To visit your blog and look at your lovely things is absolute the best!
All of your things are so nice. The cushions are heavenly Lynn, so beautiful! And your pretty hearts are so nice.
This fair must be something very special! I wish i could visit it to.

Thank you so much for all inspiration!
I wish you a very nice and creative week!

Many hugs from Sweden!

Marja Kristiina said...

They are so lovely and exquisite that I'm dumbfounded and speechless. Can't imagine anything more beautiful.

I know it's been hard work but the end result truly is ART.

Queen of the Armchair aka dzintrastitcheries said...

Oh Lynn what a beautiful blog you have...I went through your posts and you just have a way with words ... if you wrote a book I would be first in line for one. You are a truly talented sewer, your work is so original... may you have a blessed week ... Dzintra xxx

Solange said...

love your post again... always full of inspiration and kind words.
Your work is really beautiful and you keep making more and more beautiful things!
enjoy this week dear Lynn,


Kims Art said...


Gardengirl said...

Hi Lynn,
Your sewing is the most beautiful art I have ever seen. I would buy every one of your pieces if I could. It's always a special moment in time for me with each and every visit I make to your blog.
( I have not been blogging lately so I removed my blog )

Katie said...

Woah!!!!! Your pillow took my breath away. It is absolutely STUNNING! You will do so well at the fayre that you will probably surprise yourself...and all of this unbalance and worry will right itself and you'll be so happy with what you did, you'll consider going through the madness again...this time, however, with a plan in mind to keep yourself together and balanced while you do it. I am SO PROUD OF YOU, my buttons are just busting!!!

Marianne said...

I found your blog through Marja Kristiina's. I have been reading untill now. But I have to comment on your cushion, it is so beautiful. You are a true artist.

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Perfectly, perfectly exquisite! I would snap that cushion up in a heartbeat!

Henna said...

You truly are a fantastic artist!
Those cushions are amazingly perfect! I admire your gifts to create, so inspirational! Oh how I wish I had a bit of your talent to sew such beautiful items...
Have a wonderful week dear Lynn!

Hugs Anne

madeleinemiranda said...

Hello Lynn,

I really love your posts, your home and everything that you sew seems so beautiful! Good luck with the fayre...

Take care!!

Ciao ciao,

Mademoiselle M.

The Devil Makes Work said...

Hey Lynn,

Your stuff is so beautifully made, and I am totally in awe of your lovely home too.

Hope you are looking forward to Samhain, I would normally but Alan and I had planned to get married at Halloween next year so this year it will have painful feelings for me.

Hope you are well.


Gary and Elizabeth~ said...

Hi Lynn,
So very beautiful and breathtaking. Every time I visit your blog I go away with a peaceful feeling. You have been blessed with a talent and it shows in your needle work.
Have a wonderful day,

xXx-Shirley-xXx said...

Hi Lynn, absolutely beautiful work!
Have a great week and lots of luck with the Fayre ... :0)

Sea Angels said...

Hi Garden Girl I shall miss your blogg, please stay in touch, and visit, maybe once you have had a rest you may start it again...I hope so let me know. Thankyou for your lovely words I appreciate every one of them. Life would be a lot less interesting without all of my blogging friends.
Hugs Lynn xx

Jeanne said...

Everything you post is so very beautiful.
Much Love and many blessings

Debbies-English-Treasures said...

I have told you before, but can`t help myself for saying it again...
Debbie Moss

Solstrimmor & Stjärnstrålar said...

Lynn, very, very beautiful! How do you do??? You give us a lot of inspiration, thank you very much!
And yes, the heart is so special it's a sweet symbol for love and more.
I wish you a wonderful week!

fairmaiden said...

Loveliness. That Madonna/Mary pillow is heavenly. So delicate, so gentle in beauty. YOu are a true artist that brings beauty into this world. Bless you.

manon said...

oui Lynn je pense que l'on aime les même choses !
je rêverai d'aller au fayre.
amicalement Manon

Alicja said...

Dear, dear Lynn,
I do love your works! Everything is great, beautiful, gorgeous...
Your touching posts...
You are just Inspiraion!!!!
A lot of hugs from Warsaw -

EVA AGNES said...

And so are you Lady Lynn!
I love the embrodied cushion and the hearts.
Lady Eva Agnes

Christine said...

Dear Lynn,
everything you put your hand and heart to is always so very beautiful...everything, your words, such beautiful things...oh my.

Di Overton said...

I wish I could be at this fair your items are fabulous.

douceur blanche said...

Un tres joli blog.!!!! bravo....bonne fin de soirée

Anonymous said...

un tres joli blog !!! félicitation....bonne fin de soirée....douceur blanche

demonstration blog said...

These are just beautiful, and what a gorgeous blog you have. This is my first time visiting, and I must add you to my favorite reads. Karen

Sanctuary said...

Thank you for your sweet comments Lynn, for your warmth! You asked me for more info on the picture with the paper garment. All I can say that I found it in the Livingetc gallery and here is the direct link, hope it's of help:

Your creations are exquisite, perhaps you should think of starting a little online store sometime, all we far-flung fans would appreciate :)

les fifoles said...

Oh Lynn!
Your lovely comments always enlight my day! I'm very honoured because I love your artistic sensitivity and your great creativity and the warmth of your words. I regret you're living so far from me, because when you feel down, I would rather offer you a piece of chocolate(swiss chocolate!)cake and a cup of tea.
Love. Anne.

P.S. The crown is just beautiful! Did you made it?

Lina said...

Hi Lynn!
I´m just fine thanks, but busy! I´m a mother of a small girl, 2 years old and have recently started to work full time. Eraly mornings and long days...I´m leavning her at daycare in the morning and my husband picks her up in the afternoon...

The apron, no I have not made it my self! It´s abargin foe only 29 SEK! It was my husband who found it last week when we went shopping. Sometimes we have the same taste ;- )

I just LOVE all of the beatiful things you show on your blog!!! You are such´n inspiration!

Take care, BIG hug, Lina

Josie said...

the tree hearts are gorgeous, lovely lace and embroidery.
Josie x

LillaFlisan said...

Ops, made a mistake and posted my comment above, sorry!

I just wanted to say that you have such a beautiful blog (and talent!)
I'll be back for more inspiration.

Thanks,for sharing!


Flisan, sweden

Jema Rose said...

I am so very sorry to hear that you have lost a dear friend of really makes me sad to hear that...

Love, Jenny


serenitymeadow said...

Your embroidered cushions are pure loveliness, Lynn. Also, I am sending you hugs during this sad time. I am so sorry you are hurting. Take care of yourself.

Living Fairy said...

They are beautifull!!!

Prinser og Prinsesser said...


Something White said...

Dear Lynn, nice to meet you and thank you for your visit! I was really curious - after your comment - to see what you meant by ´Madonna on embroidered cushion´, since I found this image somewhere online in another lady´s picture-album (but I really don´t know anymore whose it was and where exactly I downloaded it from). I hope you´re not angry that your proper images go around the world in this way, but I really had no idea that it originally came from you. So, I apologize for that! This is such a beautiful ´Madonna´ and you made a lovely work with it! I´ll be back here and wish you a nice Advent-time, greetings from Belgium,


EMMA said...

oh, so beautiful post!!!