Sunday, 21 September 2008

Elterwater to Loughrigg fell..............

Getting our boots on!!

Our friend Clare
Starting the climb.....

These steps look so pretty

Going up !

Nearly there

Long shadows walking home.....

We are so very lucky to live close to the lakes, but this year walking has been limited....

Not today though, we have walked through shadowy lichen woods, dripping with emerald green, mosses, wet and spangled with rusty and purple mushrooms, climbed steep soft grey shale slopes, and watched the autumn mists swirl lavender in the valleys below. We have felt like Kings eating our lunch on the top of the Fell looking down on the birds rising and flying on the air currents. Days like today will lodge in my memory, the strength of my husbands hand in mine, the warmth of good friends, the called greeting and open smile of other's along the same paths, and the absolute joy of being on the land with its generous endless beauty.

I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend. Lots of love and hugs. xx xx


Jema Rose said...

Such BEAUTIFUL nature!!!

: )



Marja Kristiina said...

Those views *deep sigh*

Everything sounds just absolutely marvelous! How's the weather over there?

Jackie said...

Doesn't the weather make a difference? This September sun has lifted my spirits on our return from the intense heat of Greece.

les fifoles said...

It looks like you had a wonderful walk! That's a precious moment.
Have a nice week! Anne

Jema Rose said...

Of course you can copy the letters!
I have found them here:

Then you can search for:ornamental letter.

My cold is actually getting worse again...I should NOT have gone shopping last Thursday, I really wasn´t strong enough to do so...



Toni said...

Your friend Clare has THE most contagious smile. And those boots you were putting on, were they WELLIES?!!! (SMILE) What a gorgoues view. Nothing that green in these parts (no smile) ... thank you for sharing this!

Martine said...

Hello! I love your photos, what a beautiful place, we lived some 20 years ago in London for 16 years but, shame on us never made it to the lakes. Next time we visit, we must come and walk there, we are now in France and I look forward to the colours and smells of autumn, I will visit your blog with pleasure from now on, greetings, Martine

Richiesliv DÅ och NU said...

First timer in your site! Wow!!! that walk was amazing!

Love walking a lot but with that view, my walk could be the perfect moment, ever!

Hope you had a nice sunday & enjoyable week ahead...

Lisa said...

So beautiful! Thank you for taking us along on your lovely outing!

SweetAnnee said...

Oh it looks SO lovely.. i want to come climb too..
it looks Heavenly!!

Karin said...

I,m so glad that i found your beautifull blog! I saw your comment at my friend Annika, timeless home´s blog.

I love your beautifull work. All thing are so nice and inspiering! I also collect old embroderies and i sometimes make tnings with them.
My English is not so good, but i had to write this anyway!

Is it ok to link you on my blog?

Thank you for all inspiration, it is noy the last time that i visit you!!

Best regards

Ragged Roses said...

Special days indeed!

Shirl said...

Breathtaking scenery. Merry Mabon blessings.

Sal said...

Gorgeous views..and a day to treasure ;-)

Cowboys and Custard said...

How wonderful.. the perfect place to be in this fine weather.
Give me a hill to climb and I am happy!

with love
Michele x

timelesshome annika said...

Hello Lynn!
Nice of you to stop by at my blogg. I have now looked at yours and i love it. I have gone throu all old postings and I will be back
Continue to dream and play
and keep on blogging

Lina said...

Visit my blogg- you won!!! ;-)

Solange said...

That is so strange...I just got a message from you on my blog, when I am writing this one, coincidence... :-)

I love the scenery, you are lucky to have such beautiful nature arround you. I have a cold at the moment, here it's getting chilly and I wonder if I am the only one putting the heaters on in September!?

have a great week,

The Devil Makes Work said...

Hi Lynn,

That looks lovely. Thanks so much for your lovely comments. Autumn is defintely in the air isn't it. I love this time of year, we both did.

Happy Mabon to you too.


timelesshome annika said...

Hello Lynn
Thanks for stopping by my blogg. Witch gave me a chans to find your beautiful blogg. I will be back. Continue to dream and play the resaults are great.
Keep on blogging Annika

You are linked on my blogg...

Donna said...

How Beautiful!!! Happy sleep sweetie!hughugs

Miss Maddie's said...

The countryside is gorgeous.A perfect place to walk and meander the paths and fill your soul with the beauty that surrounds you.
xo Susan

Di Overton said...

Beautiful - I love the Lake District

LillaFlisan said...

Such beautiful blogg you got!
I'll be back...
Flisan, Sweden

Katherines Dream said...

You are very lucky to live so close to the Lakes. It is all the lovely squishy moss and lichen that I found so beautiful on our trips to the lakes - along with the stunning sceanery of course!
There is something about the light, all of my photos of the lakes and fells are so very beautiful, takes your breath away.

maminkagirl said...

What an amazing sight... I expect to see Elizabeth Bennett and Mr. Darcy wandering about. How lucky you are to be able to hike around this beautiful countyside!


Henna said...

So amazing views, sweet Lynn! Magnificient! That is what I love about this planet, there is no place that looks the same, there is so much to explore...even if it is just in the neighbourhood..and with this colourful season it´s a fulfilling experience just to breathe the crisp air, see the beauty everywhere...Your post is just superb!
I´m feeling better, catched a cold yet again and got some bad news at work, not much that I can do about it and being one of the "lucky" who still have my job left..over 80 of my co-workers have to leave after new year, it´s half of the entire workforce, it´s people that I´ve worked with for over 10 makes me sad, there are families where both husband and wife got sacked. These things one can´t do much about, just accept it even though it´s not the easiest thing. I thank you dear friend for your words, I truly appreciate every comment!

Have many beautiful moments!

Hugs Anne

Gardengirl said...

Oh Lynn what a lovely view. We go on hikes in the cooler weather when ever we have the chance, followed by steaming cups of hot apple cider and apple cake.

hannas form said...

Oh, beautiful pictures...I love them!


MuseSwings said...

I popped over from Pamela and Edwards - your embroidery is just amazing! Beautiful pictures of your walk.

Regina said...

Hi Lynn
Just wonderful!!!!!!
Your friend Clare looks very nice,I
like your smile.
I love walking also.I like the nature
in the autumn.Thank you for the nice
I wish you many sunny days!!!!!

fairmaiden said...

You have a beautiful blog here. Your cottage is in the soft hues that I like and you make/sew such lovely things. I like that map dress! I would wear it.

I've never heard of 'The Edge of Love'...I am guessing it's a movie. I will have to look for it. I like those whimsy clothes too. And I love Keira Knightly.

Mia said...

What a lovely day you must have had, the scenery is breath taking, and being on top of the hill, looking down to the beautiful valley, must have been really special.

Thank you for your lovely comment about my ripple blanket, it really made my day!

maminkagirl said...

Hi Lynn,

Thanks so much for listing my blog on your "lovely places to visit". I am honored. How did your cheesecake turn out? Hope it was delicious!

Best, Loribeth

Lisa said...

Wow! And put so beautifully.