Tuesday, 13 May 2008

I think I am ready for a break....

My lovely husband has fixed my poorly computer, and I am most pleased. The downside of this is that I have discovered how much time I had been spending on my computer......'guilt'.
I have decided that for the summer I will be cutting back on my posts and maybe only doing them occasionally. I will of course be visiting all of you, I could not give you up!! But you must give me up for a while, not a huge hardship I suspect, as I feel I have become a little distracted and tired of late, I am sorry for that ;-(.
I have left you with some pictures of our home, as it gets ready for the sharp summer light and the warm languid smell of roses, fresh baking, and the laughter of my family.
Lots of love and hugs,
Lynn xx


thriftymrs said...

I've only just found you, but I will miss you! Have a lovely summer.

Henna said...

Wow! Your home is so beautiful! I will miss you A LOT, hopefully you are not going to abandon us forever?! You are an inspirational woman with lots of talent! I thank you for sharing!
I believe the sun and warmer weather is the reason for many bloggers not spending that much time the computer...
Let us enjoy this lovely season to the fullest...:-)

Until next time...
Take care, laugh a lot!

BIG hugs! Anne

Jema Rose said...

I will miss you too, but just as long as you promise to come back again..!

; )

I hope that you will have a lovely summer : )

You have such a beautiful home!!!

Love, Jenny


Gardengirl said...

Oh Lynn, I am going to miss you. I check your blog everyday in hope of finding more eye candy.
I understand taking the summer off. Keeping up a blog does take a lot of time and there are so many other things to do when the warm weather comes and all the flowers are in bloom, birds are singing and rabbits are playing. In fact I am outside in the garden now as I type this.
Your home is lovely and if I had your bathroom I would take long bubble bath soaks everyday.
Enjoy your summer and I will stop back every now and again for a visit.
You will be missed. Hugs Maggie

Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

Hi Lynn,
Have a wonderful summer - I too know how you feel - the summer is for real life not virtual-living through a PC

Your home is so beautiful and I'm sure, bathed in sunlight, even more so.....


PS: you doll is soooo adorable - a work of art.


Enjoy your summer, we will miss you!
x Vicky x

vosgesparis said...

haha I don't believe you, just admit it you are addicted to the internet and to us ... anyway have a nice summer ... greetingzzzz

Ragged Roses said...

Have a wonderful break Lynn, I know exactly how you feel and have been feeling a bit like that myself lately. Your home looks beautiful and tranquil and serene, enjoy your time

Annie said...

So sad. No sooner do I find you than you take a break. I will miss you but totally understand the need to retreat. It seems to be my favorite occupation lately. Rest well, Annie.

Oh, AND - P.S. wouldn't it be lovely to see a few more DOLLS if inspiration happens to hit???? ;)

maminkagirl said...

It's too bad we can't clone ourselves.. one for inside and one for out. Enjoy your break and I will look forward to your return.


Miss.Maddie's said...

Summer, a perfect time to refresh and renew. A chance to lie about in the warm rays of the sun as it glistens off the dew gently magnifying the velvety petals beneath.To breathe in all the fragrance that lavishly fills the air and indulge in all the splendor the season has to offer. And when you are filled to the brim Lynn, you may come and visit us to inform that all is well!
xo Susan

Sunflower said...

your blog is like a beautiful, lovely, gentle stream of clear water in a sea that has lost it's way. i always feel so cleansed and healed when i go to your blog. such beauty and lovely presence!!

Donna said...

We all know what you mean!!lol...Have a Wonderful time off...will miss you!!(sniffsniff)....LOL...Love 'ya sweetie!!hughugs

Ziakoko said...

I shall miss your inspiring and delicate dreamy pictures- i hope you are well- enjoy your break and free time- Zia

Sanctuary said...

I know what you mean Lynn, it's a balancing act and often gets the better of oneself. As inspiring as it is, it does eat up a whole lot of time, so I understand your need for a little break. But I'm so glad you'll be back to put in the occasional post, I'll be checking back! From the first time I came across you I've been so taken by your warmth and encouraging spirit!

Karen from A`Musements said...

Oh Lynn your new photos of your home are so beautiful... looks like you have a very serene, wonderful haven! I am wild for the absolutely gorgeous color of your bathroom... it appears almost an clear, icy lavender or raspberry... it is just so, so pretty! Thank you for sharing the pictures, so we know where you spend your time (and that you have that nice big tub, incase we need to come visit). ;-)

Marja Kristiina said...

Will miss reading you posts! But I suppose that many of us will be cutting back during the summer and I think that's absolutely right. Why sit by the computer when you can enjoy your garden, or a walk in the park, or a nice run on the beach, a cup of coffee on the patio, window shopping with a friend!

Have a wonderful, relaxing break! We'll be here upon your return.

Solange said...

have a good break, enjoy yourself and don't worry, we will be here waiting for you, and yes, sometimes you need to focus on other things, to get new energy :-)

bye lynn, do take care!


Di Overton said...

I know how you feel but don't be too long PLEASE

The Devil Makes Work said...

Hi Lynn,

Hope to 'see' you again soon. Your home looks gorgeous by the way :-)

Gigibird said...

I'm thinking of doing the same myself.
Enjoy your summer:)


les fifoles said...

Enjoy fully your time off! But it's cruel to leave us alone with so beautiful pictures!
Hugs. Anne.

Solstrimmor & Stjärnstrålar said...

Such beautiful photos of your home!
I hope you'll be back..
I hope your summer will be lovely and give you a lot of energy!

Shirl said...

Enjoy your Summer ... :0)

Henna said...

Sweet Lynn...just wanted to stop by and say Hi! I hope you are having the lovliest of times and the sun is shining on you, the scents of nature surrounding you...
It has been very cold here the last days and nights, hopefully it is getting warmer further on. Thinking of you, miss you a lot!

Take care..

Lots of hugs! Anne

a home far away said...

I have only been blogging for 3 months, but because I don´t have to work here in Singapore I spend a few(!) hours on blogging everyday, so I completely understand your decision.

I hope you are enjoying the summer days:-)

Hugs from Singapore

Regina said...

Hi Lynn
Your home is so beautiful.
I can you god understand.I wish you
much gladness with your family and
many fun in your garden.Enjoy your
break!!! I will miss you!!!!!!!!
Warmest wishes and a lot of hugs

a home far away said...

Your home looks so lovely and I think it loks ready for summer:-)

Hugs from Singapore

Naturegirl said...

Your home is absolutely charming! So full of inspiration! You have a good eye for decorating!

Hem & Lyckas Mia said...

I admit I also spend too much time by the computer, blogging or just surfing on the internet.. But this season it is of course good to take a break from this and enjoy the beautiful weather! hugs, Mia

Millas hem said...

Your blog is lovely!