Sunday, 20 April 2008

Give me more hours in a day..........

There are never enough hours.......I received this week two divine from my dear friend Beth, who so kindly sent me a Danish (I think) magazine called Vakre Hjem to help me feel better after my is the most fantastic magazine, I was completely bowled over by its quality of paper and the beauty of its photographs, thank you dear Beth, it worked!! I feel completely inspired. PS Jenny has just told me it is Norwegian at Jemarose...I should have known that!

The second is the Alabama Stitch which I saw on my friend Sarah's blog, I bought it from Amazon and I have recycled a tee shirt using the patterns in the book, have a look, it does look fabulous on. The book is choc full of fab ideas, wonderful recipes, and storys of the deep south. Meanwhile I am still!! embroidering a cloth for my moms birthday, I keep saying to Adrian if I did not have to go to work, just think of all the things I could make........I think this frightens him...and he is rather glad I go to work, he lives in dread of me recycling his trousers, or jackets with new and strange designs..........ahhh well, maybe I could have a go on a sleeve somewhere ha ha.

I am always being inspired by what my friends read, so I am going to copy my friend Katie and try to have a small feature on what I am reading or watching at the moment, maybe we could all do that, it's good to have books and DVDs recommended, what do you think?

Have a wonderful week dear friends, full of crafts, ideas, fun, and family.

Hugs Lynn xx


Gardengirl said...

Good Morning Lynn, I love what you did with your t-shirt. Now I have all kinds of ideas running through my head.
The idea of doing a feature on what you are doing or watching at the moment sounds like fun. I think it's great to be inspired by other bloggers to try something new. Have a wonderful week.

Donna said...

Beautiful things! Hubby ought to let you paint his clothes!!LOL...Have a wonderful week sweetheart!!hughugs

Henna said...

Hi Lynn!
What an great idea with the t-shirt! I so would love to have a hammock (I´m not sure what´s the name in english)out in the garden!
It´s been such a beautiful day today and that can be told just looking inside the dishwasher..full of coffeecups ;-)
I wish you many happy moments and laughters in the sunshine!

Hugs Anne

Marja Kristiina said...

Hello dear friend? Are you fully recovered? At least when it comes to ideas and beautiful artwork you seem to be :-) The pictures look gorgeous, loved the T shirt!

Looking forward to hearing from you! Take care!

AnnieElf said...

Good morning Lynn. I like very much what you did with the tee-shirt. Your colors throughout your blog and the music attached is so soothing. I love playing it in the background at my work. Annie

Solange said...

What nice gifts, to receive those magazines, they can really help you get cheerful and happy.
I am glad to hear you are doing better, well, it looks like you are back at sewing again... :-)

have a lovely week Lynn!



Hi You! Glad you are feeling better. The pictures from the books are just great, I find that sort of thing really inspiring!Tshirt looks great, I can see you in a long swirly skirt - similar design to match the Tshirt. Big panals of the skirt will give you a large area to go wild with the designs!
x Vicky x

Sherry/Cherie said...

Gorgeous photographs Lynn. I too am inpsired by books and what other people are reading or have seems to be "food" for my brain! And of if we could only have more hours in a day...

vosgesparis said...

hiya Lyn thank you for your very kind words, I just orderd 2 vakre magasins And I am very curious how the will be once i finally have them in my hands ;))

amusements said...

Hello Lynn!
I love what you've done with your darling shirt revamp... you're hired!!! You can officially make over all the dated and dreary things in my closet! My mother is from Alabama, so imagine how the book suddenly popping into view made me grin. I hope you liked the book and that you will keep decorating clothes inbetween those lovely cakes you make that look so delightful!
So glad you are feeling better and can 'talk' to us all again through your beautiful blog.
Missed you!
Karen ***
And thank you for your encouraging words to me of late. They meant a lot.

Ziakoko said...

Why is it other countries have such better magazines than us? I used to get an american magazine called Victoria that was so full of lovely things-probably cant get it anymore as I havent looked for it for 20 years!great idea about books too I find I have no ideas what to buy as the only book I see are in Tesco's and they are just not tempting!

Cathy Louise said...

I have been lucky enough to have been sent some copies of Vakre Hjem and Interiors and it is one of the most exquisite magazines..I also wanted to thank you for always taking the time to drop by my blog.... Take care Cathy

Moderncountry said...

Good friends are worth more than a billion Lynn!! And what a good friend Beth are, giving you so many hours of joy. I know for shure your days will be filled with beauty and happiness reading this magazine. I have never seen somethig like it, it never stops to inspire. And from the images, not strange that you feel better right away!!
I hope all of your legs, arms and your head are filled with energy today, and that you can enjoy rest of the week in the sun. Do take care My friend. And thank you ever so much for all those little words you always leave me,that are flying right into my heart!!

Warm Hug from Aina x

Solstrimmor & Stjärnstrålar said...

Hello Lynn! Nice to have a visit from you! Glad you feeling better now! Yes, Elvis was in our little town :D He really sounds like Elvis and look like Elvis too!! Wonderful!
I also love that flower but it's an old photo from our garden and just for inspiration, I'm glad you liked it!
Have a nice week!

My little footprints said...

Hello my friend!
We sit here, in differents countryes on this thuesday, and send each other a mail in the same time!! haha.. You have to chec your spam so it dont get lost ;))
It nice to hear that the magazine gives you a lot of inspiration my friend! That was the very intention ;) I hope this days is filled up with some sunshine, I love the spring!! ;)
I had to laught at your comment about Adrian, I can see what you mean ;) Roy is shaking his head when I tell him about all my ideas ;) haha..
A big hug to you my friend!!
Beth xx

Lilith said...

Sounds like you´ve been inspired by your reading big time! :) Isn´t it great having friends who know exactly what you need and will like?! :)

Jema Rose said...

Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog : )Yes, I really LOVE Loreena´s music!!!

I think that Vakre hjem & interiør is my favorite magazine, it´s norwegian.

: )

Love, Jenny


Lilith said...

Hi again!
The bike riding is going well, thank you! Just went for a ride with my fiancé and the dogs tonight, it was such a beautiful evening! The weather has been really wonderful tje last few days, hope it´ll stay that way! Have you been going for any bike rides lately?
Yes, I do have some flowers waiting to be planted outside, they were very early actually. It´ll still be some weeks before it´s warm enough to move them out in the garden.

Lee W. said...

love the t-shirt! Nothing like a great book! Hope you are feeling better!

Hulda said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Your work is lovely, I really like your water coloring. It is sof beautiful. And nice clothes too.

EVA AGNES said...

Hello Lynn,
thanks for visiting me and making a comment. I often go to your blog but not so often I make a comment.
Sorry to hear you have been ill but hope you feel better now.
The pictures you show today are breathtaking. Love them.
Hugs Eva Agnes

Ragged Roses said...

Beautiful images Lynn, You've got my mind whirring!!! Love what you've done with the tee shirt and i also feel inspired just seeing glimpses of what those books contain! Would love to hear what you're reading, watching, doing etc

Ottilias Veranda said...

More hours ...Yes please! And to think of all that we would create if we didn´t have to work!! But I guess that is what makes it fun...when you don´t do it ALL the time...OK I´m not being honest..I wouldn´t mind creating stuff ALL the time (if You understand what I mean ;0)


Two Crofters said...

hi Lynn x
i have not been by for awhile and to find that you have been poorly is not good :(
i hope that you have had time to rest and heal and that you are feeling much better x

love the changes to your T shirt - but then everything you create seems to be touched by magic x
blessings to you
t x

Regina said...

Hello Lynn
What a wonderful idea ! The t-shirt
looks great.
Vakre Hjem is a beautiful magazin,
full of inspirationen.
I wish you a wonderful sunny weekend
Hugs Regina
Please send me the recipe from

Hem & Lyckas Mia said...

What a great idea with your tee shirt! And I also love the magazine Vakre hjem, I receive it by mail so I don't have to go to the store ;-) Hugs, Mia

maminkagirl said...

Hello Lynn,

Thanks so much for visiting my blog and for your kind words. That is indeed the view from my garden. We live in what I think is the prettiest village in New Hampshire- full of old drafty houses that cost way too much to heat but I do feel very lucky!

I have had my eye on this Alabama Stitch Book in the bookstore. I love recycling anything so it really appealed to me. Love your t-shirt. So good to have found a fellow textile lover "across the pond". Loribeth

sarah shepherd said...

Isn't it a great book. I'm still loving it!