Sunday, 27 April 2008

A full and fab weekend.........

Hello my friends, another week has past, (thank goodness) and the wonderful weekend has arrived, and all to soon gone again, but this one leaves me with a cosy warm feeling that will see me nicely through a week of work.
On Friday a fantastic parcel arrived for swap with Marja (Home from the heart ). She has crafted the most beautiful range of paper items, especially for me, in my favorite turquoises, and each item has the most pretty script, with monograms of our names, or Sea angels, or pretty words, there are beautiful ribbons and twinkling vintage diamonte buttons together with lovely romantic vintage images I am so thrilled.
Please visit her blog if you can today as she is having a draw for some lovely items, that she has hand made. I am so greedy I have entered that to..... I have only just begun my return swap for Marja, so you have a little wait my dear friend.
I also want to say a big thank you to another of my sweet blog friends Regina (My country rose garden) for sending me two fantastic German magazines, I can mostly only manage the pictures, but the recipes are fantastic, so we are dining on rather exotic and delicious pastry's and breads of late, thanks to Regina, not to mention all of the wonderful new furnishing and sewing ideas.
On Friday we went up to Ulverston on the most wonderful walk. I fully intended to take loads of photo's to share with you but huh !! it rained so I only got the first one taken of the high st. But we had the most fabulous time and it was not cold, so we walked for miles over earthy scented mossy fields all covered in white anemones, primroses, and cowslips, and on the rocky outcrops the gorse hung heavy like huge golden yellow clouds. It is so wonderful to see the Goddess has returned to land, and it made me feel excited that we will be celebrating Beltane next week (the marriage of the God of the Greenwood and his Goddess the Lady of Springtime) this is my favorite festival, the mist in the air settled on our eyelashes like diamonds, and made us heady and giggly with the pleasure of the countryside.
On our return to the village, right on top of a skip we found a huge wooden candelabra at least 1meter across abandoned .............. looking so sweetly at my Adrian, whilst dragging it of the skip and taking immediate possession I said ' can you rewire this for me'? he suddenly developed that desperate look that trapped mice in corners get ' (I am in my most persuasive mood but I think this may take a few days)......his reply was 'we can't afford the electricity to run this???? ha ha said I, we can use energy savers.....I am still hopeful.
I can just see it with a nice cream or french grey finish. What do you think???.any ideas.......


Jema Rose said...

Aaah, such beautiful things!!!

Love, Jenny


Gardengirl said...

You changed the look of your blog !!!! I love it. I loved the other one too.
Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend and found a treasure along the way. Your new wooden candelabra will be magnificent when you paint it. Where do you plan to hang it?
It's always fun when the postman delivers a package to us especially when it's full of beautiful hand crafted items. It obvious that Marja put a lot of love into creating her gifts to you. Cheers Maggie

Jema Rose said...

Thank you so much for your sweet comments! The one with the birds on, is something I bought on a fleamarket yesterday, an then painted it, looks more like "my style" now..!

; )

Love, Jenny

PS.You have a lovely Blog!!! DS.

Marja Kristiina said...

Everything sounds wonderful, Lynn, especially your walk through the spring-y countryside! And I'm so very glad that you enjoyed my crafts.

AND on top of everything else, what a FIND! (And I don't mean Adrian although I kind of do.. :-D)

loads of warm sentiments and hugs,

JuliaRose said...

Hello Lyn,
Just can't believe it, I have an oval old frame just like yours, and have been very annoyed for a while as to how to use it...nothing has seemed right, and I see you have used chicken wire and used it as a hanging board, such a lovely idea, you are such an inspiration for beauty and charm, and colour...would it be okay if I did the same with mine?...I hate to be a copycat, but it looks so nice....???

Solstrimmor & Stjärnstrålar said...

I can see your weekend have been very nice. Beautiful pictures and gifts! Your candelabra is so wonderful and will be fine in both colors you are thinking of.
Have a lovely week!

Henna said...

Hi Lynn!

Sounds like you´ve had a perfect weekend :-) ...and WOW! the candelabre is a beauty! I like it as it is...but it sure will look gorgeous with paint on as well. Where have you planned to hang it?

It was fun helping and we all had lots of good laughs. It will be exciting to see how my sister-in-law and her loved one will decorate their needs a bit renovation, new wallpapers and so on...
Milla kitty is mostly sleeping, recovering from her injuries..she´s been out in the garden but is a bit afraid. Hopefully she is going to be herself soon.
I haven´t got your e-mail :-/

I wish you sunshine and a fab week!

Hugs Anne

Solstrimmor & Stjärnstrålar said...

Hello again! I love these flowers too! The two lilac ranuncules are the same flower but in different environment!! With different backgrounds and light the colour changes!! It's the same day too!! Incredible but it's true!!

Couture de Papier said...

Beautiful and soothing nice alternative to pink! Beautiful blog too!

Henna said...

...I forgot to say :-/
Your new banner is..simply adorable! Is that you dreaming on the picture below? It is a truky inspirational room!

Lots of hugs!

vosgesparis said...

What a wonderful pictures you are showing us f a good weekend, i think you myaybe can afford the electricity but do you have the space for such a huge thinghie ;)

My little footprints said...

Hello my friend!
It seemes that you had some lovely days! So much nice things that you have recieved! Your candelabra is a very lovely treasure! I think it would be nice in bought colours, but I do think it also is nice who it looks now also!
I love your frame in the last picture, I have look after a beautiful frame that I could use like that too. I think it is a lovely way to show some little items or thing that you make. And you also can change the things that you put in the frame every day ;)) I look like a frame like yours, I found one yesterday, but it was damage, so I have to look a bit more ;)
Wish you a lovely new week my friend! Here the sun is gone again, and the rain is back ;) I hope it will be better next week ;)
Warm hugs from your friend Beth

Ragged Roses said...

Such beautiful things Lynn. Of course you must keep the candelabra! Wonderful pressies all round and a beautiful walk too, what a great weekend
Love the colours on your blog

Miss.Maddie's said...

Wonderful to hear you had a pleasant weekend even though it was dampened by rain.
As for the chandelier, pale almost translucent white like a wash. And no wiring needed, candles will be perfect.Beeswax candles will bring romance to the room, heavenly scent to the air and eco-friendly as well.
Enjoy the week ahead.
xo Susan

Kari & Kijsa said...

Your candelabra looks fabulous...can't wait to see it up!

Have a blessed and wonderful day!

smiles, kari & kijsa

me and alice said...

You have a beautiful blog! And you show us beautiful pictures...
Just love England!
Susanne from Sweden

Naturegirl said...

Lynn what a breath of fresh air to come by your blog and see all these delicious colors! I adore the magazine "Wohten Garden" I recieved one as a gift and never tire of the photos!!lovely post!hugs NG

Ziakoko said...

Such lovely pics- you could just have the candellabra as purely ornamental...

Solange said...

lovely candelabra!! I love it, and yes, I know your husband must have thought 'there she goes again' like I think all our husbands think, haha!!

your weekend sounded very enjoyable, good for you, I also really like the music on your blog, who is singing that? so relaxing...

have a good week, Solange

Lilith said...

Nice parcel you got! Always great finding a nice parcel in the mail! :)
What an amazing candelabra! It´ll be even more fantastic once painted I think!
I absolutely love the high street picture! Makes me long to go to England again sooo much!

Donna said...

Another beautiful header!! Wonderful pictures and it seems, a really nice hubby as well! Good luck with the fixture!!hughugs

Katie said...

Oh heaven!!! I would've bought the light, too. And I agree with the French Gray colour. Yes, that would be beautiful!
Your walk sounds like a Fairy land - our flowers are veeeery sparse and wild looking - it would be delicious to take a walk in a place where green is abundant.
Your friends make the sweetest things for you. Beautiful!!
thank you for sharing.

Sanctuary said...

Such lovely things and photos - what an incredible find! The view of the quaint street lined with all those beautiful shops looks so inviting, wish I could take a stroll there!

Di Overton said...

Why can't I find things like that in a skip? It is wonderful and yes paint it French Grey

Katherines Dream said...

What a wonderful weekend you had. But to find the candelabra was brilliant. Whatever colour you choose to paint it, I know it will be beautiful when finished.
Carol xx

AnnieElf said...

Your lovely display of gifts reminded me so much of the color of sea glass.

twiggypeasticks said...

Lovely post, what a great weekend and nice goodies too, I'd be tempted to stick candles in the candelabra - yes I know it's probably a fire hazard but would look fab

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Henna said...

Hello Lynn!

It´s incredible how time goes forward, it wasn´t that long time ago we had snow,rain and darkness. Now it is seriously starting to bloom out in the nature, the lawnmower had premier at our place today :-)
Milla the cat is feeling better, thank you for asking! She is running on the lawn almost without any problems, sometimes if the speed is too high she jumps with three legs..looks a bit funny :-)
Do you have extra days of at Walburgis/ 1st of May? I´ve got 4 days to do whatever I want :-)
Yesterday we had 21 celsius! I think summer it´s on the way...

I wish you a lovely start of the month of May and may the sun shine on you with a big smile!

Warm hugs Anne

P.s. I will write to you in the near future ;-)

Sunflower said...

so pretty. i always love visiting your blog. hope you are having a wonderful week. sounds like you have had some wonderful experiences lately. love your photos!!!

Moderncountry said...

Thank you so much sweet Lynne, for always giving me this feeling! A feeling of joy and happiness. Your words are like magic on me!!
A big warm hug for you dear blogfriend!

Oh what a weekend you had.It sounds like you had a few fantastic days! That`s just great.
I love travelling, and I love nature as well. I am a nature girl by heart and I would rather live in a little house in the middle of the forest, instead of looking out of my window To see nothing else than huge concrete buildings.

And what a lucky girl, you have received a few wonderful presents! There are so many good craftsers out there. And every day I get inspired.

I wish you a lovely weekend. Do enjoy the sun, the nature and wonderful friends!
Take care, Hugs from Aina

Moderncountry said...

Oh, I forgot to say. Love the new Banner that you made! Just beautiful..


Hem & Lyckas Mia said...

Oh, I just love your candelabre! I think I woold have painted it grey accually, it would suit it perfectly. Such lovely items you got from your swap-friend. It's always nice to receive presents by mail ;-) Hugs, Mia

My lovely cottage said...

What a lovely blog you have. I so enjoyed all your pictures and yes i think a bit of paint will make your candelabra even more beautiful.

Jema Rose said...

Thank you so much for your sweat comment about the images, I made them with Adobe illustrator, feel free to use them if you like : )

Love, Jenny


Shirl said...

Your weekend sounded lovely. The candelabra was obviously meant to be rehomed by you - what about a lovely shade of pale lilac?


magi said...

I have never seen anything so beautiful! Your blog is extremely beautiful! I will visit you soon again.