Sunday, 9 March 2008

The colours that spring brings......

I just adore the colours that spring brings fresh to my door.
All the subtleties of whites and creams are so beautiful............. but now and again I desire the full flood of eye aching colour to stun and satisfy my longing....have a peaceful and fun week.
I'm glad you have had the time to drop by.
Hugs Lynn xx


Moderncountry said...

And I am very glad that I dropped by! Your pictures always gives me such a joy. And today no exception. Wonderful pink colour against the white.(love the monogram by the way!) So fresh and inviting! I always get in mood to make some changes in the spring too, add a few more colours, buy some new plants. Happy moments :)

I hope your week will be filled with only positive days. And until next time, take good care!
Hugs Aina ♥

Marja Kristiina said...

Oh, there's something truly refreshing and summery in that delicate shade of bright pink. Lovelovelove it!!!!

Have a good week, dear friend!

Ragged Roses said...

Isn't it wonderful to see flashes of vibrant pinks and greens starting to appear, even on grey mornings like today it cheers you up. Love the swop from Katie below. Take care

Sanctuary said...

What a beautiful, inviting corner of your home! I love the cushion with the tea cup motive, can I ask where it's from or have you made it yourself, the clever&creative thing that you are?

Donna said...

Now you Know that pink would catch My eye! the colors sweetie!! Have a fun day!hughugs

Solstrimmor & Stjärnstrålar said...

Yes, wonderful mix of colours, and I think we all are waiting for the spring with its lights and colours :D Love the monogram.
Have a nice week

Henna said...

Your picture brightened up the last minutes of this day...thank you for the spring fresh pink!
Sweet dreams and a delightful week to You!

Hugz Anne

Little ol* Me said...

Gosh, what a beautiful blog .. I'm so glad that I dropped by! :)

I adore this lovely spring colored corner of your home, it looks so inviting!

Hope you have a wonderful week!

Tracy said...

Love this corner or your home...that bright pink & white make my eyes happy! Your place here in blogland is so beautiful...Happy Day ((HUGS))

Gigibird said...

pink splash looks lovely.

Love the new banner too:)


Solange said...

Your pictures is very fresh and ready for spring! The monogram is beautiful, very nice.
Enjoy your days, let the sun come in friend...


Saint-Ange said...

your new banner is very gorgeous !
and the pink is THE color of spring !
friendly from Provence !

My little footprints said...

Hello my friend ;)
How are you? I will send you an E-mail soon ;)
Such lovely colours you showing us today! I love pink, and I love the lovely colours the spring comes with! Green plants, with some beutifull colourfull flowers, the blue sky, the yellow sun, the blue ocean, the lovely smell in the air, kids take their bicycles out from the wintersleep, the birds, Oh.. I love everything with the spring my friend! It is so Wonderfull! Tomorrow I will bye some flowers to my home, I cant wait! ;)
Wish you all the best for this week!
Warm and big hugs from Beth

Regina said...

Hello Lynn
Beautiful! Ilove your pink flower
and that cushion with the superb
I wish you a wonderful evening

Katherines Dream said...

Hi Lynn,
That is the perfect little corner to curl up with a good book! I adore the monograme cushion, is it something that you made? it is beautiful. And a peaceful week is wished for you too.
Carol x

Miss Sandy said...

Your site is always so soothing!

I stopped in to invite you to a blog event I am hosting on Thursday, March 20, 2008, An Easter Parade, in celebration of the first official day of Spring and Easter. A give away is being held in conjunction to the event. For full details see my blog post. I hope to see you there!

Henna said...

I wish you a fabulous and a relaxing weekend! I´m off to work for a few hours before I´m able to enjoy this fresh weekend...
All the best to you Lynn!

Lots of hugs / Anne