Saturday, 8 March 2008

The beautiful things that Katie makes.......

I am so thrilled!! with my new swop from my sweet friend Katie at Sparrows Cottage.....A Ladye Theatre, I just could not believe my eyes, when I saw how delicate and beautiful it is. In fact I have had it a week now, and I have had to wait to photograph it in the daylight, so that you would all be able to see the incredible detail in it. I am so thrilled!! Katie has even used original 18century paper in it, isn't that fantastic. THANKYOU SO MUCH, Katie for taking the time out to do this swop xxxx.

I have also ordered a wonderful stationary set from Katie for my mom for her birthday, you can put together all sorts of wondeful hand crafted stationary and decorative items that Katie makes in a compilation box, go have a peep at Sparrows Cottage, you will love it.

I hope you are all having a great weekend, quiet or busy or just dreaming..... but just how you would like it to be.
Thanks for popping by to see me, I love you visiting.
Hugs dear friends
Lynn xx


Solstrimmor & Stjärnstrålar said...

Hi Lynn!
I've not been so very busy as it looks like, it's all made during the period 1980-1981. Old things which I brushed off some dust :D
Nowadays I'm not so productive.

Donna said...

This is really delicate!!! So Pretty! Hope your weekend is wonderful sweetie!!hughugs

Liz said...

I am finally catching up, your paintings of Spring Flowers are simply beautiful.

Solange said...

Dear Lynn,

What a sweet and wonderful gift you received. and it looks very delicate indeed, with all those little details of paper, that must be hard to make.
Enjoy your weekend and enjoy your gift,


Henna said...

Good morning to you Lynn...I just love it...your new banner, your paintings and the gift you have received! Everything so delicate, fragile beauty into every little detail..You are so lucky posessing this talent..I just sit here looking at everything...admireing with my mouth open :-D
I hope you´ve had relaxing days and the inspiration is flowing...
At this moment it´s raining heavily, I don´t mind it at all..maybe I will do something creative today or just enjoying the day :-)

A lovely day to you!

Hugs Anne

My little footprints said...

Hello my friend;)
Thank you so much for your lovely mail:), I finnaly recived it! We have found our problems with my E-mail, it is the E-mail scann on my computer. I will have some help to fix it in the next week.
What a beautifull gift you have recived!! So wonderfull! She have a lovely talent!
I also want to say that your paintings is so lovely! You are a creative spirit! And I love to get some inspiration from you ;)
Today, I am going to sew a bit more. I have promised my mother in law to sew a pillow with some emroidery on. I want to finished it today. I will show you in my post next week. I wish you a lovely Sunday Lynn!
Sending you some warm hugs ;)

les fifoles said...

How beautiful! Have a wonderful week. Anne.

Marja Kristiina said...

Lucky you, that looks absolutely wonderful!!

Katie said...

Thank you for adding me in there sweetie! That was so wonderfully kind :) I have to say that your watercolors of flowers are THE prettiest I HAVE EVER SEEN. And I've seen a lot of watercolored flowers before. Yours have (to borrow a word from many of your admirers) a fragility - it seems to catch the essence of the fleeting-ness of a flower. Here today, wilted tomorrow.But such beauty when in full bloom...fragile beauty. You really are an artist, and I am so happy to see your soul revelead in your work. I can't tell you how happy it makes me!

The Nostalgia Fairy said...

How very beautiful!!!!!

Miss Maddie's said...

I love your little theatre! I have ordered a set from Katie as well. You know what they say, great minds think alike.
I hope everything is well across the sea, I've heard of terrible storms on the international news along your coast.Stay warm and safe.
xo Susan


How wonderful! I am new to this blogworld, just put a hesitant toe in the water with my blog. How lovely and inspiring your gentle blog - I will be back for more.
Blessed Be vicky