Saturday, 22 March 2008



Thankyou to all my lovely friends for entering, it has been fun for me and I hope fun for you. Lots of Hugs, and hoping you enjoy the rest of the holidays. xxx


Mangoli said...

Lucky them! Bravo Ladies!
I'm sure your little ones will be very welcome and attended at their new homes.
Here the hares will probably stay in their "terrier" as it is pouring down. No chocolate hiding in the garden I'm afraid. But we'll make it fun
Happy Easter to you and your family
Sophie xxx

Vanilladreams and humblebees said...

THANK YOU LYNN!!!! I´m so HAPPY! I will give him the best place in my home and a lot of love! --<-@

Oh... happy lucky me!!!! Thank you!

Hugs to you!

Henna said...

Lycky Jenny! I´m happy for her :-)
Maybe you will arrange a new lottery in the future?! I hope my luck will turn ´til next time!
It´s a beautiful day, sun is shining and the ground is white. We had -17 celcius last night! ´s really cold to be this time of year..
Have a lovely Sunday my friend!

Eggstra hugs Anne

Tracy said...

Congrats to the winner! Wishing you & yours a very Happy Easter weekend! ((HUGS))

Sherry ~ Cherie ~ ms. herbes de provence said...

Lucky lady!!!

Ulla said...

Easter blessings to you! And congrats to the winners!!! You bring so much sunshine and inspiration to the blogging world!!!

Jennie said...

Congratulations to Vanilladreams and humblebees!!

Happy Easter!

twiggypeasticks said...

Congratulations and Happy Easter everyone
Twiggy x

Shirl said...

Congratulations Jenny!

The sun is out today after yesterday's snow - but it's sooooo cold.

Henna said...

I´m enjoying the morning silence, hubby is at work, teenagers are still´s just me and the computer, keeping each other some company ;-) it´s lovely to get the opportunity to have a peek in all the lovely homes in this blogworld don´t you think. So much inspiration...Your new banner is astonishing! I like it a lot..I´m curious of what you are up to?! Sitting here waiting eagerly ;-)

Not that cold anymore, yet more snow we´ve got blessed with. Beautiful indeed but I had serious plans to spring clean the garden this weekend..guess it will have to wait further on.
Dear friend..let us enjoy this day to the fullest! Tomorrow it´s back to reality...

Warm hugs Anne