Saturday, 23 February 2008


I have been given this amazing award by my lovely friend Marja...thankyou you sweety. I should so love to pass this on to some other dear friends, who are also special.......
Gosh I have also been tagged by lovely Regina
I have to give you seven random facts about myself....
1. I am a magnet for water..if it is around I will find it, and get covered in it.
2.I love to walk through bone orchards, the older the better.
3.My father died when I was three, and I will meet him again.
4.I just adore reading Niall Williams, we are talking seriously good!!
5.I would so like to time travel.
6.I love crumbly dusty ancient houses with basements.
7.I sucked my thumb till I was 9...gosh I miss it.
I should like to tag the following lovely ladies,as I would love to know some secrets from them.


Mamma Millan said...


Have a picefull & lovely Sunday!!!
♥Kram Millan♥

Ottilias Veranda said...

Hi Lynn, congrats to Your awards! You are very much worth them! And thank You for passing one of them to me!I´m very honored!!


Donna said...

Thank you Sweetheart!! I feel loved and that makes me Extremely happy.....!!!hughugs

Solange said...

hey lynn, nice those awards, you deserve them, your blog is always a pleasure to see and read!

have a good sunday,


Henna said...

Dear friend of mine...You really are worthy of every single prize there is to get..but it still isn´t enough..I hope you feel the warmth from the all the cyberfriends you´ve learned to know :-)
Gosh! Thanx for the you have some reading to do..ha ha
I loved the posting from yesterday too! Simply astonishing, fragile beauty! You´ve catched the moment of life starting to bloom like the first early birdsinging in the morning...just lovely!

Have a fab evening!

Love / Anne

Henna said...

I forgot to say to you...I believe you will meet you Dad again!


Solstrimmor & Stjärnstrålar said...

Congratulations!! Because you worth it :D

My little footprints said...

My dear friend!
The award is realy ment for you my friend! Thank you so much!! You are so lovely, so I want to give it back to you ;) You are the first on my mind I want to give this award too ;) I wanted to send you a mail, but I have bin so busy this week! But I am going to send you a mail tomorrow, and tell you about what I have been up too! I Want to send you a warm and big hug with the wind, over too you, for that lovely person you are!

Henna said...

Sunny greetings to you Lynn! I ´ve managed to rest my hands a little but they still aren´t 100 %, I don´t think they´ll ever be..I´ve had to learn to sleep with my arms straight...not the easiest thing to do, usually I hug the pillow really tight ;-)..

Have a smashing week!

Many hugs...Anne

Regina said...

Dear Lynn
Congratulation to the award!!!
Really loveley random facts.I love
also to walk through bone orchards.
I have as little girl also suck one
thumb.I miss that even,it had such a thing reassuringly.
Many hugs

secretsofabutterfly said...

hi, i just found your blog through looking at Sanctuary tonight. i LOVE your work and your photographs,i adore vintage too especially lace. thanks for sharing your facts in this post,i was tagged and couldnt think of what to say that was interesting but different so yours are inspiring me to come up with more. i love the top of your blog too,so dreamy,drop by for a visit anytime,butterfly wishes kat in UK

les fifoles said...

Hello Lynn, I just discover your beautiful blog and it makes me dream. Do you mind if I add a link to "Sea Angels" in my list of favorite blogs? Have a wonderful day! Anne.

Donna said...

Just checking on you!! We heard England had a 5.3 earthquake last night!!! You OK?

Moderncountry said...

Congratulations Lynn, with your Awards, you really deserved i!. You have such a warm and wonderful personality. Love that :)

I would have loved to time travel as well!! And back to the old days would have been so great to experience :)then betweeen 1800-1900. Wouldn`t you agree?

I think your studio looks fantastic, you have such a lovely taste!

I hope your week was great and that your weekend gave you some extra energy.
Enjoy your Sunday!
Hug from Aina ♥