Friday, 1 February 2008

Now I know spring is round the corner..

I know it must be coming because of the lovely card Marja has made herself for me, thankyou so much my dear friendxxxx and thankyou too for my gorgeous tags.

I have been embroidering some new cushions. The blue one is cashmere wool, that I have embroidered with vintage silks and silk netting, the birds and branches are made from very very soft leather that I have dyed in bronze and dove grey, I have backed it with bronze satin to show through the cut work.

Because it is so cold I have also made a snuggly fabric fur cushion, with padded velvet appliques in icy blues, so they look like snow flowers, the leaves are made from soft ruffles, it's lovely to touch and snuggle into.

Have a wonderful week-end, enjoy what you do, and have fun. Thankyou so much for dropping by.


Lynn xx


Marja Kristiina said...

Love the cushion - and generally everything that you do :-)

Have a good weekend! Miss ya!

Sanctuary said...

So beautiful - I have a weak spot for bird motives for some reason! The snow is thick here and I just have to imagine a spring feeling at the moment, but this was a great reminder :)

Donna said...

You are SO talented!!! These are just beautiful!! Stay warm sweetie!

Gigibird said...

I love both cushions but I think my favourite one is the fur and flowers.
When do you find the time?

The Nostalgia Fairy said...

Such a pretty pink gift and your cushions are stunning.
Enjoy your weekend.
Sandi x

Hannis said...

Oh, I just love your works. Such amazing those really are! Do you sell those somewhere? I would like so much buy some of your works with the bird :-) I just get the new vintage bird rubberstamps, have to do something with those right away.

Hugs, -Hannis

Solange said...

hi Lynn, Nice cushions. How long does it take you to make that? It looks very detailed. beautiful.
last night me and my hubby woke up of a hailstorm so I am I also focusing on spring to come soon again! :-)

have a good weekend!

Henna said...

Such beautiful artwork! Lovely! Hope you´ve got some winterish white now...It´s starting to brighten up a bit here, the landscape is all white now, we´ve got some 20cm of snow in the last hours..the temperature is just -0,5 so it might be raining later :-/

I´ve never heard of the "loved hearts"...sounds nice though..

I wish you a wonderful day and a peaceful Sunday!

Lots of hugs!

Lee W. said...

love the palette- always so serene and elegant. You do wonderful stuff!

My little footprints said...

Hello Lynn!
Well, i dont feel the spring right now, you should see what kind of weather we have here i Norway! It is snow as long my eye can reach! This night we had over 15 cm snow! But I also can say that it is very beutiful!! The card you got, was very lovely! And your emroidery is just fantastic! I got a lovely feeling of spring! Well done Lynn, If i had got half of your talent, it had been nice! ;)
I got to tell you, that yesterday, i went to the flea-marked again. I got a beutifull old chair, some silver plate, a frame and some fabrics. Today i am sitting and sewing a little bag for my kitchen, i will show you in my blog later! I also drop by to wish you a lovely weekend!
Take Care!
A warm hug from Beth

Sunflower said...

I found your sweet, delicate blog and was so thrilled. It is so rare to find people whose lives reflect the gentility of old and yet a youthful spirit. Thank you so much for brightening my day! I hope you'll visit my blog and website, too.....I think you'll like the pretty things I make!

Regina said...

Loveley cards from Marja
I love the cushion are so beautiful
You're very,very talented.
I wish you a wonderful weekend

Ragged Roses said...

Lynn your work is so delicate and beautiful I always look forward to seeing what you have been up to. Have a wonderful weekend

Cowboys & Custard said...

Beautiful work Lynn.. I showed your work to my friends at my craft club meeting the other evening and they all ooohed and aaaahed about your work..
You are an inspiration!

Happy days..

Miss Maddie's said...

The cushions are so dainty and delightful.I can almost feel a breath of spring air.Cashmere you say, I'd have to hide it from the cats.
Enjoy the remainder of your weekend.

SweetAnnee said...

Oh ..tis all lovely
I am anxiously awaiting
Spring's new beginnings..
and no ice so I may
walk in the Singing Woods
and feel the warmth on
my face.
deena who is

Henna said...

Congratulations sweet Lynn! My son had a good laugh when drawing the lot..*my hand is famous!*..*my hand is on the internet!*..ha ha...well, it was fun...maybe I´ll do it again sometimes in the future :-)
I hope you got my e-mail? And please be kind and send me your address so I can send you the heart of friendship!
The snow is melting once again..I did "try" not to skate with the car, but it was quite impossible..djiiz! It´s an experience I gladly skip!
A new week around the corner...I wish you lots of joy and new experiences!

Lots of hugs! Anne

Henna said...

I´ve been struggeling against the wish to sleep today with no good results..zz..z.Just as I had fallen asleep the first time I woke up by a big truck outside our we have 3,3 tons of pellet on the lawn. Well I know a couple of men who is going to have lots of work to do in the near future..the ground is so soft because of all the rain, it would have been impossible to drive the pellets into the woodshed.
Hopefully tomorrow is a more energetic day :-)

I hope you have srvived this monday with a smile on your face! And I don´t believe that you have any wrinkles at all...only the ones that´s shows you are having your everyday laughs :-)

Good night hugzz / Anne

Henna said...

survived...yes, I think I got all the letters right..:-)

Silly me...

Mamma Millan said...

hello...thank you for the beatiful words on my blog!!So happy you made me!!

Many nice things you lovely...youre really good to creating!!!

See yuo//HUGSfr Sweden

Mia said...

All these things are just beautiful! The card is exquisite as is the lovely cushion.

Bestemorhuset said...

You make such very nice crafts.I love to visit your site.

Vanilla dreams and humblebees said...

Soooo very beauthyful! Lovely! You are just amazing! Thank you for all inspiration!

Hugs from Jenny

P-lina said...

You have a lovely blog and make beautiful things!!!


Ottilias Veranda said...

Oh, You really make beautiful things! And I love the colors in Your new banner! So smooth and gentle!


Hannis said...

Hi! You got a mail :-)

Henna said...

Hello my friend!
How have you been? I hope your weekend is giving you all the rest you need and lots of energy!

Hugs from me to you!

Henna said...

You make med blush..dear! Yet I´m pleased that it seems that I´ve done something right :-)
Yep..the pellets have found its way to the woodshed with a little help from three men with lots of sisu as we Finns say..
Thank you Lynn for making me smile even more :-)

A bunch of roses to you!

Lisbeth said...

Hello! I do admire your work, so beatiful things ! Thank you so much for sharing.I wish you a lovely week and welcome to visit my blog!
Best Regards from Lisbeth

Naturegirl said...

Spring what a lovely thought and so is this post..lovely!