Friday, 8 February 2008

I have found my perfect house.......

My house of dreams......
I have always loved the slow dusty decay of ancient textiles and furnishings. The softening of texture, and the gentle hues that are revealed, as rents and tears magically adjust a fabric to it's present form. Like the landscape in winter it's bare bones are exposed and there is a vulnerability to it, a delicacy.
These photo's are taken from the current 'World of Interiors' magazine, it is 'The House of Eliot' which is in Cornwall.
It is how I would like to imagine 'Manderley' might have looked, if it had never come under the flame.

If I am lucky I may dream I am walking its dusty floors in my dreams tonight..........
Wishing you my friends, many pleasant dreams of your own this week-end.
Lynn xxx


Gigibird said...

Shortly before Uppark burnt down (it wasn’t me honest) we visited it and it was extremely shabby. It really had that decaying feel about the place. I think you would have loved it! Of course it’s all ‘new’ now…..
The only thing I can’t take with very old textiles is any musty smell that very often accompanies it…. I can be very delicate sometimes….

Solange said...

nice pictures, I like them very much. I think I also love the 'old' feeling of a place or home, but not too much, since then I get creeped out! I know myself...
I wish you a lovely weekend, and hopefully some rays of sun, we had them here today, and it's amazing how much it can do for your mood ;-)


My little footprints said...

Hello My friend!
Lovely pictures! It had been lovely to have such a shabby chic house! My home will never look like that beacause i am to cleany ;) haha.. But it is very nice pictures!

I wonder if you have got my mail? It is a girl who has having troble with my e-mail, so i thouht maby you dont recive my e-mails?

I hope your week was nice, and I hope you are taking some breaks now and then to fill the body up with some energy! Thats very important you know ;)Well, I am also stopping bye to send you warm thouhts into the weekend! I wish you and your family all the best, and I hope everything is ok with you!

All the best wishes and a big, warm hug from Beth xx

Moderncountry said...

You are right, It is like a Dream!!
Oh, we have just the same vision..

Thank you so much for excellent Advice about my cabinet, thank you.

Enjoy a happy weekend!

Donna said...

I look at these pictures and can only imagine the people who lived in this room!! Who were they and what were their lives like! Thanks Lynn..truly, a walk in dreams..night sweetie!

Liz said...

ooooooh!! I want to live by you, so we can stitch together :)
I am finally back in the land of Blog, and have been catching up, your cushions are fantastic.
Hugs from N.Z.

Solstrimmor & Stjärnstrålar said...

It's so lovely! Very nice pictures i like them too! It look like my home, ;) but just in dreams :D

Marja Kristiina said...

That house is DREAMY, Lynn!!! And yes, you're right about the Mandalay image. Perfect!

I miss you a whole lot! Are you terribly busy still?


Leticia said...

Lovely! I just happened upon your site and it's so dreamy. I'll have to visit later with a cup of tea when I don't have so many things to do. Cheers.

Miss Maddie's said...

A girl after my own heart.
... half-past four at
Manderley, and the table
drawn before the library
fire... the silver tray, the
kettle, the snowy cloth.
Daphne Du Maurier
I have goosebumps.
xo Susan

Mamma Millan said...

Beautiful house...who dosent want a place like that!!!

Nice blogg you have...Lovely things you make!!!

JuliaRose said...

I love these pics.Thanks for putting them in..but I have an urge to hoover up the dust...and then put some beautiful fresh flowers among the decaying fabrics, and shout anyone here?...I often feel I have lived before whenever I visit really old houses..
xx Julia

Ragged Roses said...

Do you think we could share the house?!

The Devil Makes Work said...

Hi Lynn,

Ooooo, yummy! How amazing is that place! I haven't forgotten about you accessing my photo's I've just been super busy and haven't had time to sort out a link to my other photo area! I promise I will do it as soon as I can.

violette said...

Beautiful place !
You have a very good taste and I like your blog.
Hugs from France !

Mamma Millan said...

, Thank you for nice comment!!

Have a lovely time!!

Bridget said...

I discover your blog with great pleasure, I dare say I like very much your perfect house,a house with a soul!thank you for your visit , I will come back from France to see your treasures!

Henna said...

Hi Lynn!

We have the luck to be able to dream of beautiful houses, things and romantic scenarios..and that gift is worth a lot don´t you agree? :-)
Truthfully..I haven´t done much. My hands have been overstrained :-/
I wish the sun could shine or the birds would sing..but it´s foggy and moist outside.
I hope the sun still shines on you and your week is just getting better every minute from now on :-)

The warmest hug to you! / Anne


great week

vintage twist said...

Oh yes the perfect home indeed. Haven't been by for a while so I'm off to check out your previous posts.

Henna said...

Thank you for the sun Lynn! It´s been a glorious day :-)
I´ve been to the doctor today. I´m staying home for another week, my handproblems is workrelated.:-/
I hope your day has been a perfect!

Sunshiny Hugs! Anne

Ottilias Veranda said...

What a fantastic bed! And wonderful colors! I´m looking for inspiration for our bedroom. If we get it ready this summer I would want some kind of "baldakin" as we say over the bed.


Cowboys & Custard said...

This really is a dream that I share too Lynn..
Have you seen the film.. Under the Tuscan Sun?
The house in Tuscany IS my fantasy home... rustic, faded glory.... sublime!


Cathy Louise said...

These photos are just amazing. Thanks so much for sharing... I can truly understand why this would be your dream home. Take care Cathy

Christine said...

dear lynn,

a wonderful dream house...I love tattered elegance.
I would love it,too.
just beautiful.

kristinco said...

Alors nous sommes deux ... j'adore aussi !

Anonymous said...

This isn't "The House of Eliot". The House of Eliot was a BBC Fictional Drama series about a fashion house - not a bricks and mortar house.
This is Port Eliot House,ancestral home of the Earls of St Germans, currently occupied by the 10th Earl. It is however, in Cornwall.

Sea Angels said...

Dear Anonymous, I am sorry you have made the mistake in thinking, this was about a tv show. Thankfully know one else has made this mistake. I used the same delightfull title given to this divine house by 'The World of Interiors' page 128 March Issue. I hope I have bought it to the attention of many people who will race to it's open doors with gusto, as it looks to be so interesting and beautiful. Thankyou for all your extra information it was kind of you to let us all know.
Hugs for a weekend in Cornwall at Port Elliot.
Lynn xx