Sunday, 13 January 2008

Sharing my daydreams..........

Planning my colour charts one
Planning my colour charts two
I thought today you may like to see how I begin to plan a new project. I do this when I am trying to inspire myself to make something new, or to decorate, or to find new colours, its my little bit of research.
I always begin with a nice piece of card folded so that it can be opened and decorated on the inside, as well as the outside. I think it is so important that what you are being inspired by is as beautiful as you can make it. Select a theme that is either 'current' or 'close to your heart' and begin to collect images...from anywhere, but never use anything unless it is perfect !!! this is important, if you compromise now you will never achieve the best of things.
Make your collage of pictures, then fold it up and put it away for at least two or three days, it is important to look at it always with a fresh eye.
When you return to it, only select from it the colours, shapes and textures that give you a nice feeling, that make you excited, and happy. Then begin to add them using colour chips from paint charts, then gradually you add your fabrics.
From this chart you will accumulate new images and ideas for fresh projects, you can follow with your heart, and know they are truly from your dreams and are what you desire. We cannot be continually inspired from nothing, it would be too draining, or we would just end up making poor copies of other peoples work. Nothing is new ! but at least this way you will achieve something that is truly your own.
I hope this helps, I'm no great famous designer at the end of the day...Ha! but I have found these little methods work and inspire and help me through the tough days.
Have a great week my friends, thanks for visiting me, and I can't wait to visit all of you, you brighten my days and lift my heart always. xxx
PS Just click on the images with your mouse to enlarge them so you can see them properly.


Solstrimmor & Stjärnstrålar said...

Such lovely piqtures with a lot of inspiration! Nice work!

The Nostalgia Fairy said...

What a lovely way to find inspiration!
Thanks for sharing.
Sandi x

Donna said...

I ONLY wish I was as organised as you!! Hope your week is a happy one!!

Regina said...

Dear Lynn
What for great idea, all what liked
to an kind of packed card for inspirations together to carry.I gather always all in one file ,one for each season.I love your idea:
Have a nice weekend
hugs Regina xx

Miss Maddie's said...

Maybe that's it!You're so organized and my table top is a disaster!
I love the little herb sachet. Is it filled with lavender?
Enjoy your week and remember every day we add another minute of daylight!
xo Susan

Bestemorhuset said...

You have such a beautiful blogg,it give me pleasure every time Ivisit you. Because of that I want to give you a Award: you`re an Amazing Blogger.-You will find it on my blogg.

Marja Kristiina said...

That sounds super, what a fab way to be organized AND spontaneous at the same time! You've got it going on, girlfriend :-)

Solange said...

MMm....good idea Lynn, those inspirations cards. I think I will give it a try and see for myself one of these days on how to get my colours and patterns together. I love your blog and your words, very inspirational!


Sanctuary said...

Ooooh and aaah, your inspiration charts are divine! Thank you for sharing these excellent tips!

Henna said...

You are so well organized! That is a great idea you are sharing with us...think of all wonderful creations which are born from the colours, fabrics and pictures collected on a card that is the mother to the inspiration!

A hug from me to you...

My little footprints said...

Hi Lynn!
How was your weekwnd? I hope you have a lovely time! I have spend my weekend with my family.

What a inspiring idea you show us today! Its lovely to have a way to get much insiration from. I love your idea! often my idea to make something just comes to mye head, often when i have got to bed and i am going to sleep. I also got many ideas to look at all your lovely blogs. Its fantastic way to got some inspiration from! Yesteday i sew a new napkin-holder, and i think this was much better. I am going to show you in my next post!
I am looking forward to see more from you! I wisk you a lovely day!
A warm hug to you from Beth

Hannis said...


It´s been so dark and so rainy here in Vancouver.

I just should have something new and fresh and funny to start to do. But I really don't have strenght enough to do anything creative just now...

Anyhow I quess it's good to have sometimes coupele of "not creative weeks" so then you can start with the fresh table and hopefully have a lot of new ideas on your mind. Hope you know what I mean :-)

I love the jacket You have made. That white one with the bird! It's so wonderful. All the "bird things" are right now my favorites :-)

See You Again!!!

All the best,

Mia said...

What a lovely idea! And what a wonderful way to see things afresh and to get inspired. I am a great believer in selecting the colours and/or fabrics (whatever I am working on) and leaving them for a few days... and then looking at them with fresh eyes, just like you say. Also I believe it is important never to criticize an unfinished project/product...

Sanctuary said...

I tried to leave you another message earlier, but I can't see it now. Anyway, I came over again to let you know that I wanted to pass on a You Make my Day -award over at my blog! Thank you for all the inspiration, beauty and kind words that you bring!

Henna said...

As we moved into our house 2 yrs ago we had lots of snow for several months, I think it was april when it started to melt...I really loved the cold sunny weather
and the scent of birchwood in the fireplace that came from the chimney...mmm...just lovely. Some pictures are truly a happy memory from those is the banner, my view from the living room and the bedroom windows :-)

I know you´ve received a award from
Marja..but I as well want to give you the award..for you are a true inspire, a lovely talented woman whom I appreciate and adore in this world of bloggers!

Smiling wednesday to yuo dear friend!

Hugs Anne

My little footprints said...

Hi Lynn!
Thank you for your comment on my blog. i wanted to say something to you. If you want a copy of some of the monograms, you are velcome to send me a mail with your adress. Then i can send you a copy in the post. My e.mail adress is
Wishing you all the best for this day!
Hugs from Beth

Ulla said...

Lovely, lovely, lovely! It's wonderful to see your process, and how you generate inspiration! I keep similar 'books' with images, and like you, they must be 'exceptional' and beautiful, or I won't keep them! Makes looking at them later, that much more pleasant!!! Bravo! Now, of course, we are all eagerly waiting to see what you will create!

Sea Angels said...

Gosh Ulla, no pressure huh! and I thought by giving you inspiration, all I would have to do would be to visit your blogs in a couple of weeks, and be, as always, stunned and delighted by your new ideas......please xx

To All My Friends

Now I am getting better, I have decided this is the best January EVER, with the support and frienship you all bring to my blog. You don't know what utter joy, (big big smile) I feel reading all your thoughtful comments,I so love you being there.Thankyou
Love Lynn xxHugs too XX

Miia said...

Oh, lovely and so dreamy are your colour charts. I have tried something similar, and it really does help. I am just too lazy and the plan-part never gets done properly. Thanks for showing your methods!

Katie said...

These are beautiful! What a great idea. Thanks!!