Sunday, 6 January 2008

Poorly girl playing...sniff...sniff....

Hello my friends, well I am fit to drop, two weeks Christmas holiday's off work and I catch a virus I feel ugh, I'm sort of pottering about, in bed out of bed. wanting to throw myself on the floor like some small child, and cry and sleep till it's all gone, Ive got tissue stuffed up my nose, and I can't stop my eyes from running, you can imagine I look really attractive!!! but hey guys.....I can still sew, if only to distract myself.
I have decided this year to be more frugal, and to not buy anything that I am not desperate for. Too often I make a purchase to satisfy my soul, not because I really need the item... but because the colour of it is so beautiful, or I find the shape or look of it calls to me. I know this is so wasteful and I have little enough money to waste. So instead I intend to look for soul satisfaction in other areas. So I have decided to perk up some older jumble sale items with a little embroidery, hopefully it will give them a new lease of life. Over the next few months I will really try to gather together a small stock of birthday presents and cards, to stop me having to rush purchase a present that isn't really appropriate for the intended person.
If you have any tips or ideas please let me know, cos there is a whole world out there of beautiful and inspiring stuff, that won't hurt our planet or our pockets.
Hoping you all feel better than me, have a wonderful week.
Hugs Lynn xx


Donna said...

I'm So sorry you're not feeling good!! Get plenty of chicken soup! And I'm doing the same thing, getting a stockpile of birthday & etc. presents put away. Makes it nice to Not have to rush aroung figuring out what to buy someone! Get to feeling better girl!! hugs

Marja Kristiina said...

Feel better soon, dear friend! Will get in touch with ideas for you, I promise.

Gigibird said...

I hope the worst has past.
I too am looking to be frugal this coming year so maybe we can share tips?
i think it has more to do with mindset than anything else.
As I often say it doesn't matter how many clothes you have you can only wear one thing at a time....and with us all having washing machines the old addage of one on, one in the wash couldn't be more current.

French Knots said...

The cardi is wonderful, you could wear it everday and get compliments everywhere you went!
I'm being frugal too, too much stuff already and little I really need. Some jeans and jumpers have already been recycled into something new, but still plenty to go at.
Hope you feel better soon.

Henna said... really have magic in your hands! Beautiful creations!
Get well soon...

Until next time...have a good week!

Hugs A.

The Nostalgia Fairy said...

I have just discovered your blog and it is beautiful. I agree with your sentiments in this post and look forward to visitng you again. Hope you feel better soon.
Sandi x

Naturegirl said...

What a beautiful creative blog you have! I adore the little embellishments on your clothing! You have a gift! I love the idea of reuse!
Thank you for stopping by my world of whiteness!
Sending an angel of healing your way!
flutter flutter.hugs NG

EVA AGNES said...

Good morning Lynn,
that is such a good idea what you say and show today.
Like you I purchase things beceause I like the colour or the materia or the shape. Then, when I put it on display it doesn't go with my other items.
Total waste of money... :-)
Thank you for the idea o make new things out of old and also stock a few things for presents.
Hugs Eva Agnes

My little footprints said...

Hi Lynn!
what a wonderfull idea you showing us today!! The idea was so inspiring, so when i read your words i try to imagine how some of my clothes could be if i could sew a little embroidery on it. it was a lovely dress with a lovely embroidery, the jacket was also very nice! Your sickness does`nt stop you getting lovely ideas ;)
I hope you are feeling a little better today! i should come over and take care of you if i could, i am a nurse you know *smile*
hugs from Beth

Miss Maddie's said...

Sure hope you're feeling better!
I think your recycle ideas are perfect.Each one will be a work of art and a one of a kind.The big plus is you're doing your part for Mother Earth!!!

Henna said...

That was my intention dear friend ;-) ...teasing you with these paintingprojects hoping it will pass on some inspiration to you! Seriously..I thought at first it would be easy this time...but the original colour gave me serious braindamage...Maybe I shouldn´t have polished it first? well anyhow...I had to use varnish a couple of times to reduce the red powder that blended with the white many many times...I didn´t want the chest to be pink. ! will have to try to remember it next time if I stumble into some furniture that has the slightest bit of red in it..I´ve used a varnishpaint? don´t know what it´s called for..the colour is Beckers antique white. I polished it a bit to get a more shabby look.

Are you feeling any better? I´m so tired, first day at work..woke up at 4 this morning *yawn*

Peaceful days...


Hem & Lyckas Mia said...

Oh my, such lovely creations! Hope you feel better soon, hugs Mia

Annabelle said...

I followed my heart to the angels and dreams and found you. Luv your blog and the banner is beautiful. Love coming for short visits to see your creations. Thanks.

Cowboys & Custard said...

Sending this with a big spoonful of TLC and hope you feel better with each passing day!

I love your latest wonderful work...inspired! I would be over the moon to receive one of your unique gifts..

Thank you also for your kind words Lynn.. as always.. they warm my heart.

Michele x

Sanctuary said...

These are so incredibly beautiful and unique - what a talent you have! I do hope you feel better really soon!

Regina said...

I hope you feel better.
Your knitting jacket is wonderful.
You are very talented.Thanks for the
inspiration.Great idea!!!
Hugs Regina

Ulla said...

I totally hear you! It's so easy to just 'charge it' when we are blue, and somehow the blues don't really go away. I adore your sweater, and the dress is lovely! As much as I wish you to get well, you sure are making great strides being sick - LOL! Bravo!!!

Miss Sandy said...

I adore that sweater with the bird on it! I hope you feel better soon!

kristinco said...

Superbe !